April 13th E-Blast

From: Mary C. Gormley
To: Parents/Guardians and Staff
Re: E-blast Update
Date:  Thursday, April 13th, 2017



Last night, we hosted a very moving reception in the lobby of the Charles C. Winchester Auditorium at Milton High School. We gathered to honor outgoing School Committee member Kristan Bagley Jones and School Committee Chairman Leroy Walker. Both of these long-time School Committee members are stepping down from their positions, which made last night their last official meeting as members. Members of the School Committee, along with representatives from the Board of Selectmen, Milton Police Department, State Senator Walter Timilty, along with friends, family and Milton Public School faculty and staff, came to honor Ms. Bagley Jones and Mr. Walker.

Ms. Bagley Jones has been a strong advocate on behalf of social-emotional curriculum; created the Health & Wellness Subcommittee; supported the visual arts programs and chaired both the MHS Sports & Clubs Walkathon and the MFE Celebration for Education.

Mr. Walker was an early and vocal proponent of enhanced building security and chaired the Security Committee; worked to developed the district’s Advancement Initiatives; advocated for programs to close the Achievement Gap; chaired the Finance Subcommittee, helped to develop a Strategic Plan for the district; and supported inclusion programs for Special Education students.

Both Ms. Bagley Jones and Mr. Walker are exemplary School Committee members who have given of their personal time and unique talents to make the Milton Public Schools what they are today.

Please join me in thanking and recognizing these two outstanding individuals.


There has been one School Committee meetings since my last E-blast, held last night, summarized below:

April 12th: The meeting began with the recognition of the Future Problem Solving Program’s success at the recent State Bowl. Teams from Cunningham and Glover Schools competed and performed very well at this competition. Coach Lori Henry and members of both schools’ teams were commended.

Next, the BoomWriter Program was recognized. Elementary Math & Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator Amy Gale and the elementary students who had participated in the “BoomWriter Bee” were recognized for their hard work. The Milton High School Debate Team was given approval for an out-of-state Field Trip.

The School Committee received an Athletic Update from AD Eric Karjel, MHS Principal James Jette and Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Cat DesRoches. The chair reported out on recent Executive Sessions and the committee voted to approve a vendor warrant and Policy JLCCA-R regarding Administering Medicines to Students. Five sets of minutes were approved before the committee adjourned to Executive Session. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 26th at 7 pm in the Milton TV Access studio, Room 245, Milton High School.


The following item was sent to us by Christie Chiappetta, Middle School Science Coordinator and Rachel Clancy:

Students in 7th grade science wrapped up the Chemical Interactions unit with an exciting experiment called Elephant’s Toothpaste.  This lab was an extension of our curriculum and is given its name because of the shape the foam looks after the reaction is similar toothpaste coming out of a tube.  Throughout the unit students used atom molecules and chemical formulas to demonstrate how reactants rearrange during chemical reactions to form new substances, and in this case they were able to observe an exciting exothermic reaction (a reaction that feels hot!)  As we our focus to ecology, we are excited for the arrival of living things in our classrooms.  Students will be raising milkweed bugs and constructing aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

* * *

The following item was sent to us by Robin Lee and Karen Hughes:

Two weekends ago, we spent two days at Curry College with a very unique group of students from MHS who devoted their entire weekend to making a difference in researching the role that social media play in teen lives when it comes time to substance abuse. They worked extremely hard all Saturday to come up with facts and ideas and then put it all together on Sunday in what we think is masterful… Below are links to their creations with the help of Jeff Lemberg, Associate Professor of Media/Communication the mastermind behind the Messa Project. Please read Professor Lemberg’s comments below:

The videos from the MESSA Project weekend workshop at Curry College are now up on the program’s website, www.messaproject.com. This was a wonderful community-based partnership that brought together Curry students and Milton High School students, professors and teachers, administrators and coordinators to foster civic engagement and youth empowerment through media.

It is my sincere hope that the MESSA Project continues to grow and evolve. Thanks to the work and contributions of so many of you, there is now a solid foundation from which it can. 

Lastly, I want to offer a special thank you to Todd Bard, who traveled to Curry this past Sunday to share the story of his amazing daughter Evan with our weekend workshop participants. Todd’s speech about the real-world costs of drinking and driving, negative social pressure, and social responsibility clearly resonated deeply with those in attendance, as a large number of Milton High and Curry students sought him out afterward to talk further. 

To my new friends at Milton High, please extend my thanks to your students, and please, please share their incredibly creative public service videos with the wider MHS community. Ultimately, they are the audience we seek to reach. 

* * *

The following item was submitted by Technology Director Angela Burke:

Kindles at the Elementary Schools — Kindles have become very popular at the elementary level. They are a resourceful addition to the ELA block, providing a fun, alternative option during independent reading. Kindles allow access to a variety of literature at a fairly low cost. Our scholars enjoy cuddling up with a Kindle and exploring the plethora of grade level appropriate texts. Teachers across the district have been fortunate in receiving many of these devices through Donors Choose, and other generous donations. We continue to look for ways to put more devices in our scholars’ hands to provide them with a variety of tools and resources to enhance their learning.

kindlepic2 kindlepic1


The following item was submitted by MHS Fine & Applied Arts Director Dawn Sykes:

This week, The Tri-M Music Honor Society inducted 28 new members into the Milton Chapter.  Tri-M is a national honor society for student musicians, which focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. With the new inductees, membership at Milton High School has reached 41 students!  The current members are listed below:

Ryan Au, Annabel Botsford, Julia Butler, Eva Chow, Colleen Conley, Mariah Conway, Julia DeFilippo, Isabella DeFilippo, Kyle Dempsey, James DiSandro, Nailah Dore-Tyrell, Jamie Eder, Jada Farrar, Sawyer Flanagan, Lucy Hainline, Sarah Hancock, Tony Hancock, Penelope Holland, Dominik Hyppolite, Timothy Karoff, Lauren Kelly, James Le, Claire Mandel, Nethania Marc, Nick Marinilli, Henry McKay, Griffin McLaughlin, Julia Nerenberg, Hue-Ninh Nguyen, Laura O’Hanlon, Kaleigh Pentland, Emily Possi, Gwyneth Sauter, Arielle Solomon, Hannah Solomon, Stephen Tan, Alice Truong, Grace Varela, Maya Watanabe, Liezel Werner and Annie Wong.

MHS Tri-M Inductees 2017

* * *

Also last weekend, the Milton Music Department traveled to New York City for the annual Music Department Cultural Trip.  A total of 130 participants visited several musical performances and venues, including Carnegie Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the Winter Garden Theatre for the Broadway performance of SCHOOL OF ROCK.  This trip is organized to cultivate interest and engagement in the performing arts through the attendance of high quality performances, and tours of world class, historic performance venues; to provide students with a clearer perspective about their own practice in the performing arts; and to impart greater appreciation and understanding for differing points of view as can be demonstrated through the performing arts.  Following are a few student accounts of the trip:

  • “It was an amazing experience to spend three days in such a wonderful city that has so much culture to offer.  Probably my favorite thing was School of Rock because I love musicals and, as sad as it was, the 9/11 Memorial was another special part of the trip and truly impactful. I won’t forget that experience.”  -Paula Hogan
  • “Jazz at Lincoln Center was a transformative experience for me.  Seeing such incredible musicians do their ‘thing’ at such proximity immersed me entirely in the music.  I don’t think I’ve ever listened so intently.” -Jamie Eder
  • “Seeing Jazz at Lincoln Center was a very inspiring experience.  It makes me want to continue playing and listening to jazz, because I had been doubting myself for a while.  I would love for opportunities like these to continue for young players so they can feel as motivate as I am now.”  -Liezel Werner

NYC Music Trip 2017

* * *

Finally, the Visual Arts Department recently wrapped up an overwhelmingly successful PASSPORT to the ARTS!  In case you missed a stop on the tour, please enjoy this video highlighting a few of the thousands of pieces of art presented in this district-wide art show: Congratulations to all for this outstanding collaborative event:

Visual Art: Kassandra Aloe, Star Baylon, Laurel Bernini, Jess Gillooly, Karen Hughes, Stephanie Sherman, Angela Trumbower, and Robyn Thompson-Duong . MHS Pre-K & Child Studies: Kristin Donovan and Kelly Griffith. MHS Fashion Design teacher: Joyce White.

* * *

The following item was sent to us by World Language Director Martine Fisher:

La Joie de Vivre: An International Language

Thanks to the generosity of the Pierce PTO, the World Language Department hosted international artist Brice Kapel on April 7th. Close to 500 students, all 6th graders and some 8th graders, attended the one-hour concert. The atmosphere of the Charles Winchester auditorium was electric from the start.

Brice Kapel is a charismatic and energetic performer who made immediate contact with all our students. As noted by Karen Girondel, the artist’s agent, “The energy and enthusiasm of the students at Pierce was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. From my vantage point at the back of the auditorium, every student was totally engaged, whether they understood the words or not”. The fact that Brice sang in French and his native Mina (one of the dialects of Togo) did not prevent the participation of all thanks to the highly engaging and interactive nature of the show. “I didn’t understand a word he said, but I got the vibe that he had the right message for Pierce at the right time. I don’t think I’ve seen so much uninhibited happiness in MPS students since Rene Castro hit the shot in 2009”, wrote Nick Fitzgerald, Dean of Students, right after the show.

Brice Kapel’s message is about love, joy, diversity, and his African roots. “The richness of our differences comes from the way in which we are alike”, are the introductory words of his show. Brice’s concert, carefully tailored to each new audience, blends the flavors of Africa and reflects the realities of today’s global society. His songs tackle themes dear to children as well as adults, such as education, childhood, love, friendship, family, and the beauty of nature.

Sixth graders had worked on Brice’s songs for months in Ms. Knobloch and Mr. Fender‘s immersion classes. Most students knew his French songs by heart and sang all along. The show had been also discussed and highly anticipated in Latin and Spanish sixth grade classes. The fact that the artist took the time to autograph dozens of posters (and improvised notebook pages) and to high-five hundreds of students as they were leaving the auditorium was the perfect manifestation of his message of joy and friendship.

* * *

The following item was sent in by Marti O’Keefe McKenna, Family Outreach Liaison:

The Future Problem Solving State Bowl was held this past Saturday at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Four teams, two from Cunningham Elementary School including Cormac Burke, Meghan Mylod, Lucy Asanza, Tucker Korman, Daschel Koh, Mary O’Keefe,

Rachel Booker-Jones, Kyla Miller and two teams from Glover Elementary School including Soraya Darvish, Ella Forgues-Gilbert, Amaad Tahir, Roman Padera, Camden Carr, Rory Martin, Ankien Nguyen, Gabriella Hernandez were invited to compete after receiving high scores at the Qualifying Bowl held at Canton High School on February 4, 2017.  In addition Collicot students Cora Redmond and Christopher Cherry and Tucker students Lucy Hays and Gabe Veal competed as individuals in the junior division and Anderson Korman, Pierce Middle School student, competed as an individual in the middle division.

Staff members, Marti O’Keefe McKenna, Jaclyn Germano, Kelly Murtagh and Nicole Lauria were on hand for the day. A giant thank you to parents Mrs. Burke for assisting with bus supervision, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Carr for creating prop kits for each team, Ms. Forgues for providing props to keep the students travelling by bus entertained and calm while a new bus was sent to replace the stalled bus at MHS, Piel Hollingsworth who assisted the individual entries and all the parents who came to cheer on their children during the skit and awards ceremony. The students were delighted to see their principals Karen McDavitt and Jon Redden arrive to cheer them on as well.

This year’s topic was Identity Theft and students were given two hours to work diligently and complete the packet. This included reading the future scene, identifying 8-16 challenges, select one underlying problem.  After reviewing the underlying problem they were given the task to identify 8-16 solutions and as a team develop criteria to select the best solution and then design an action plan.

After lunch the students gathered to turn their action plans into skits. Their assignment was to create a skit based on their final action plan.  The skit could not exceed 5 minutes and only specific props could be used.  The students also needed to include the quote by Dr. Seuss, “Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who do mind don’t matter. The performances were amazing and the Cunningham team took home 2nd place and the Glover team placed 3rd.

Congrats to all who participated and thank you to all the parents who assisted.

* * *

We recently invited a Milton resident and Holocaust survivor Judy Jablon to speak to students at the Pierce Middle School about her experiences. Please read the following reaction from Pierce Guidance Counselor Lisa Veldran:

I had the honor of listening to Judy Jablon, a Holocaust survivor speak to the 8th graders at Pierce today.  She is an amazing speaker and to watch our 8th grade students and the rest of the audience connect with her was truly inspiring.  After the presentation, the students were given an opportunity to ask Mrs. Jablon questions. They formed a long line, waited patiently and then spoke to her one by one. Many hugged her or shook her hand and asked her so many amazing questions.  Mrs. Jablon answered each one with grace, poise, and an amazing sense of humor.

This important presentation was so very powerful because Mrs. Jablon’s message is that everyone is welcome, everyone is important and that we need to be accepting and kind to everyone and make the most out of opportunities presented to us.

Nancy Warn and Karen Spaulding are truly amazing educators who worked hard to bring Mrs. Jablon and her important message to our school community. They listened to a few 8th graders who presented this wonderful idea and had the vision to make it happen. I feel so lucky to work with both of them.


From left: PMS students Marvin Garvin, Nick Saraf, Aidan Welch, Milton resident Judy Jablon, Shane Queally, Pierce Principal Dr. Karen Spaulding and Sam Shwarz


* * *

The following item was submitted by Linda Stefanick, MHS Chemistry teacher and Pre-Med Club advisor:

Thirty two Milton high school students travelled to Norwood Hospital as part of a Schools to Careers partnership, Health care field, career exploration field trip. The students broke into 8 groups and each group was led on a tour/exploration of different departments in the hospital. Afterward they were brought back together and each group shared with the entire group what they had seen, learned and discovered during their sessions. Then they had a moving presentation from the Norwood Hospital President. The students represented Milton High extremely well. I would personally like to thank Norwood Hospital as they allowed our students to take part in this amazing opportunity even though Milton is technically outside of their geographical population base of patients. Many students were intrigued by Norwood Hospital’s volunteer opportunities afforded to high school students. It seems like a great place for students to collect some community service hours and really explore possible future career fields. Please read the comments below from the group who helps to organize these experiences.

The following item was sent by Katherine Touafek, Director of the School to Careers Partnership:

I wanted to share some photos of the 32 Milton High School students taken during their visit to Steward-Norwood Hospital for the “Health & Medical Futures” seminar. Each set of students was given the opportunity to shadow in two of these key clinical areas:

  • Laboratory
  • Imaging (catscan/xray/MRI)
  • Emergency Department
  • Sterile Processing
  • PACU/Endoscopy
  • Nursing
  • Sleep Lab
  • Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapies

After the shadowing portion, students presented what they learned to the other students, and listened to a quick talk by the President of the Hospital.  Our employees relayed how polite, interested and prepared the MHS students were.  In fact, we will be highlighting them as the STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on our Facebook Page tomorrow. If you have not already, please find us on social media:

Like School to Careers on FB here

Follow School to Careers on Twitter here

* * *

The following item was sent in by Bernadette Butler, Elementary Science Coordinator:

First and Second Grade English Innovation Pathway classrooms at Glover Elementary School recently were visited by iRobot for lessons about engineering and robotics!  The lessons began with a presentation about how robots work and how they can do things that we don’t want to do (ie. vacuum and mop)!  Students reviewed the Engineering Design Process with the iRobot presenters and discussed how the different types of engineers work together to invent and create robots.  Children then had the opportunity to divide into groups to explore and interact with the robot that iRobot produces.  This was a fun, educational and interactive experience for all involved that built upon the knowledge and skills students have developed through the STEM component of the English Innovation Pathway.  Visits to the other elementary schools are being planned for the upcoming months!

The following item was sent in by Karen McDavitt, Glover Elementary School Principal:

On Sunday, April 9, Glover 5th grade students, Imaad Tahir, Moses Mann, Alex Files, Jocelyn Vrettas, Aidan McNulty, Owen Quirion, Ani Phung, and Sundy Zimmermann, along with homeroom teacher, Maura Middleton, had a splendid afternoon at Unquity House. The students played Bingo, Uno, Sorry, and other card games with the residents. The students also served and shared home baked snacks. It was a wonderful afternoon: please enjoy these pictures!



The following item was submitted by Laurie Stillman, SEL Facilitator:

Literature Can Instill Important Values We all know that reading books helps children and youth to build their intelligence, communicate effectively, and learn about the world around them. Literature is also an important way that parents can instill desirable character traits in their children. Books are an important way that kids absorb lessons and values that are important to embrace as members of their family, their communities, and as contributors to a civil society.  Being trustworthy, respectful, courageous, empathetic and involved in the greater good are themes that can be taught and reinforced through literature.   Children’s and Teen’s books are filled with important lessons that can inspire kids to take on values and behaviors that we cherish.  So the next time you go to the library or bookstore looking for kids’ books, don’t only take into account their literary value.  Also take into account the lessons they teach—both good and bad. Feel free to read them too and have a family discussion about their meaning. This will serve you well as a parent in supporting the social and emotional competencies of your children.     Here are links for books that develop healthy social and emotional competencies in children of various grade levels:


The following item was submitted by Pierce Science Coordinator Christie Chiapietta:

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) awarded Pierce Middle School an $8,000 grant to host a Clean Energy Day for selected students. The event, taking place on April 26th from 2:30-6:30 pm will feature hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities for the students. Through the program, local clean energy businesses were invited to partner with six schools across Massachusetts to host the events.

MassCEC is a state economic development agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies, and projects in the Commonwealth—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton chairs MassCEC’s board of directors. MassCEC helps clean energy companies grow, connects students with clean energy careers, supports municipal clean energy projects, and invests in residential and commercial renewable energy installations, creating an innovative and robust marketplace for the clean energy industry. This funding program builds upon the Baker-Polito Administration’s ongoing efforts to support the Commonwealth’s vibrant clean energy innovation sector with MassCEC’s ongoing investments in workforce training for high school students and internships for college age students. Clean Energy Day awards were also made in Auburn, Brockton, Fitchburg, and two schools in Boston.

For more information on this event, please contact Christie Chiappetta, Pierce Middle School Science Coordinator, at cchiappetta@miltonps.org.


The following letter was sent to us by Aprile Burnes, Nichole Gimbrone, Elizabeth Thomas Laura O’Melia and Jessica Gillooly:

Caitlin Clavette was a dedicated art teacher who inspired our children through her teaching and artwork. Sadly, a tragic accident took her life in February of 2016. As a community, we would like to honor her dedication and inspiration to her students.

Ms. Clavette was always so proud and excited to showcase her students’ artwork. However, our elementary schools do not have art display boards to feature students’ creativity.

We intend to honor Ms. Clavette by purchasing art display boards for each of the four Milton elementary schools. Our amazing PTOs at each elementary school are supporting this project. The art display boards cost approximately $1,000 each. Our goal is to purchase one per school for use in our schools’ lobbies, libraries and at future annual “Passport to the Arts” and other events.If you would like to join us in contributing, please send your donation by April 28, made payable to Glover PTO, who has agreed to coordinate collections for all schools.

Please note on your check: Honoring Caitlin Clavette and the name of your child’s elementary school. Each elementary school’s administrative assistant in the main office will accept contributions. While your contributions will go toward the purchase of art display boards, any remaining proceeds will be donated to the Caitlin Clavette Foundation (www.caitlinclavettefoundation.org)

* * *

Attention golfers!! Our upcoming fundraiser for Science from Scientists is need of more golfers. Please come out to support a fantastic cause on Monday, May 1st at 11am. To register, click on this link: www.chipinforescience.org

* * *

The following information was submitted by MHS Principal James Jette:

There are two important fundraisers underway. First, we have the MHS Debate Team – Domenic Jancaterino (Grade 11) and Aislinn O’Brien (Grade 12) are preparing to compete at the National Tournament held in Louisville, Kentucky this May (Memorial Day Weekend). They qualified for this tournament by coming in first place at a tournament in Shrewsbury this past February. Both Domenic and Aislinn will have access to their debate materials on April 15th followed by the instructions to begin researching as soon as the topic is released. With that said, they still have some fundraising to do to see this opportunity come to fruition. The hotel rooms for the two students and the Debate Coach have been funded by a Donors Choose project that was set up and overwhelmingly supported by friends. Special thanks to those who made a contribution. With that said, we still have to raise $2,000 to cover airfare and activity fees. We hope to raise this money through a Gillette Concert Raffle ticket sales. Click here for the link and scroll down to the bottom for more Concert Ticket Raffle info. If you would like to sponsor a portion of the trip by simply making a donation, that too will be greatly appreciated.

* * *

Secondly, we are hoping to support the MHS Future Business Leaders of America – Earlier this month, 23  Milton High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended the FBLA State Leadership Conference at Bentley University.  The students gained valuable insight and tips from industry leading executives, participated in leadership activities, networked with future business leaders from across the state and competed in business events.  The day culminated with an awards ceremony honoring the top finishers in the state.  The following students earned top honors: State Champion in Hospitality Management: Nuasheen Chowdhury, Ornella Ebongue and Domenic Jancaterino, second place Economics: Domenic Jancaterino, third place Economics: Peyton Carvalho, fourth place Economics: Nuasheen Chowdhury; fourth place Advertising: Lilli Cormack,  second place Job Interview: Ornella Ebongue, fourth place Job Interview: Suvan Shukla;  fourth place Public Speaking: Karisa Lasoff, third place Publication Design: Linda Do and Vincent Luong; fourth place Sports & Entertainment Management: Chris Caputo, Peyton Carvalho and Will Jrolf.  These students, along with Massachusetts FBLA State Secretary, Tim Walsh have qualified to compete at the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California June 29th – July 2nd. FBLA students have been working hard to raise money for this expensive trip to Anaheim, CA.  They still have 23 Miltonopoly games ($25), 25 Milton ties ($25), and color changing water bottles ($5).  If you would like to purchase any of these products please stop by the Booster Concession stand, or contact AJ Melanson at amelanson@miltonps.org.  Cash donations are also greatly appreciated!

* * *

The MHS Junior Class Student Government is holding a Savers Drive on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 10 to noon at Milton High School.  Please drop off all donations at the front entrance of Milton High School. All proceeds from this Fundraiser will go to the Junior Class to defray costs of class activities.

Visit our Savers Fundrive website here:  https://fundrive.savers.com/e/miltonhsclassof2018

The Junior Class will earn 20 cents for every pound of soft goods donated and 5 cents for every pound of hard goods donated. This is a great way to declutter your house and help raise money for Milton High School’s Prom. Below is a list of all the items Savers will accept.

  • Accessories: Hats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags
  • Clothing & shoes: Men’s, women’s, children’s
  • Electrical: Small electrical toasters, radios, power tools, irons, blenders, mixers, stereos, CD players, speakers, DVD and VCR players, table lamps, floor lamps, humidifiers
  • Exercise & outdoor:Bicycles, golf accessories, garden tools, sports equipment, exercise equipment, skis
  • Kids: Toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals
  • Kitchen: Pots, pans, utensils, china cups, vases, dishes, cutlery, glassware, silverware
  • Knick-knacks: Jewelry, crafts, mugs, candles, pictures/frames, baskets, ornaments, hand tools
  • Media: Hardback and paperback books, magazines, records, tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs, computer software
  • Small furniture: All chairs, tables (dining, kitchen, coffee, end, computer, night stand, patio), dressers, hutch, armoire, bookcase, cabinets, entertainment centers
  • Other textiles: Bed/bath towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths


The following was sent in by Jerry Vitti, Becky Padera and JP Plunkett of the Challenger League:

Dear Challenger Community — Can you feel baseball in the air today?  We can. We are happy to report that registrations are going well and everyone is looking forward to the season.  Remember the opening parade is on April 22nd and our first game the following weekend.

A link to registration is below.  I’ve spoken to folks how have signed up and there is excitement in the air, so let’s build on our momentum. For those of you who haven’t signed up yet, (and you know who you are),   please sign up today.  Looks like we are going to have our veteran players reporting in as well as some new additions. So psyched. Also, please check out and like our FB page @ Milton Challenger Team. Please pass this information along to all the potential Challenger players out there.



Please read the two articles below on “what makes a great teacher.”

  1. http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/104138/chapters/The-Qualities-of-Great-Teachers.aspx
  2. http://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/what-makes-a-great-teacher/


Fresh off the heels of the very successful Celebration for Education, the MFE is now preparing for its annual Teacher of the Year ceremony. Please nominate a deserving teacher or staff member for this honor. Forms can be found by clicking here.


Dare Camp is a week-long camp run by the Milton Police Department. The camp is open to Milton residents entering grades 6 – 8. This camp is run by officers of the Milton Police Dept. The focus of the week is on enhancing relationships between youth and police and we will discuss substance abuse prevention. Sign ups will be on April 25th at 9am. The link below is how you would go about registering.


* * *  

Please see the item below send in from Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition:

Meeting Rescheduled! Because of a scheduling change, the MSAPC is not meeting as planned on Thursday, April 13th. Instead, we will be meeting on Wednesday, May 10th at 7pm (location TBA). The topic remains the same: Opioid Crisis: Our Community We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It was brought to our attention that the meeting was accidentally scheduled on Maundy Thursday, the Holy Thursday before Easter. We immediately cancelled it when we realized the mistake. We are deeply sorry for the mix-up and appreciate the folks who brought it to our attention. Rescheduling proved to be a bit tricky given school April vacation, the town elections and then Town Meeting so we chose the first available date following this busy time of year for Milton. As always, the meeting is open to the public and all are welcome and encouraged to attend. For further details on the agenda, see our original meeting announcement below. We hope you can join us! The topic will be Opioid Crisis: Our Community

* * *

Bring your Family and Friends, Arbor Day 2017, Earth Celebration on Friday, April 21 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. (drop in). Mary M.B. Wakefield Estate, 1465 Brush Hill Road, Milton, MA  02186

Milton’s Shade Tree Advisory Committee, Department of Public Works, Public Library, and Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust and are teaming up to offer a family-friendly Arbor Day Earth Celebration on Friday, April 21 from 11am to 2pm at the Wakefield Estate in Milton. The event will highlight the importance of trees in our local environment and will include a fun array of Spring activities for all ages ranging from a display devoted to Tree books at Milton Public Library , a tree phenology table, a bare-root tree seedling give-away for home planting, BYO-picnic opportunities, to other hands-on learning adventures and demonstrations. There will be face-painting, “make your own worm compost mini-bin,” and a “mud and worm sundae” station. This event is rain-or-shine and FREE.  Parking will be available at Thacher Montessori School (Route 138) and onsite. Celebrate Trees and the last day of April School Vacation Week with us!  For more information contact: 617-333-0924; 617-698-5757. Read more: http://www.townofmilton.org/node/15873


The Girls Cross Country and Track teams traveled to Fenway on Tuesday and the State House on Thursday.  See below for a great picture!

girls xcpic

The Boys and Girls Track team both recorded wins over Framingham and Norwood.  They are both 2-0 to start the season.

The Softball Team fell to Walpole on Monday but bounced back with an 11-5 win over Wellesley on Wednesday behind a great outing from freshman pitcher Jillian Rundlett.

The Baseball Team also beat Wellesley after suffering a defeat to Walpole.  After a scoreless 7 innings behind Andrew Steele and another four from Driscoll, the Wildcats won 3-2 in 12 innings to improve to 1-1.

The Rugby team has also started 2-0 thanks to victories over Hanover and Malden Catholic.  Take a peak at the great recap from Coach Dolan here.

Boys and Girls Tennis are 3-0 and 0-2 respectively.  Boys Tennis has beaten Randolph, Norwood and Walpole to start the season strong.  See the writes up on our website.

Boys Lacrosse has had a difficult start but will look to build on some gutsy performances next week as they travel to Oliver Ames.

Girls Lacrosse started the season off with a win over Hanover, before falling to Walpole in a great game, where the Wildcats fell just short of a comeback.

Be sure to visit miltonwildcats.com for game recaps, rosters, schedules, all-stars, scores, and more!


As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Students: Congratulations to the following MHS students, who were chosen for recognition in the final Student of the Quarter ceremony for this year. Art: Alexis Higgins and Joseph Pezzini. Business Education: Alex Dhima and Dilruba Manavoglu. English: Stephanie Che and Usama Shakeel. Family & Consumer Science: Julia Biagotti and Nicolas Marinilli. History: Isabelle Richer and Ashley Thermidor-Payne. Humanities: Sean Bentley. Math: Finn Doherty and Chrisma Jackson. Music: James Eder and Aidan Guilderson. PE & Health: Faith Agudosi and William Jrolf. Science: Aidan Braithwaite and Katherine Fahy. Technology Education: Patrick Davoren and Lashmi Dowds. World Languages: Ameilia Ferreria and Joshua Kackley.

Staff: I would like to thank and recognize our World Language Director, Dr. Martine Fisher for her hard work and dedication. This time of year is especially busy for Dr. Fisher, with World Languages Advanced Placement Exam around the corner, the recent administration of the DELF exam. The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) is an official qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education certifying a level of fluency in French. In addition, our Latin students participate  in the National Latin Exam, the Medusa Mythology Exam and the National Classical Etymology Exam at the High School and Middle School levels; and our Spanish students take the National Spanish Exam. This is all in addition to all the end-of-the-year plays, concerts and events at the elementary, middle and high school level. We are very grateful for Dr. Fisher and all her hard work.

Volunteers/Donors: I would like to thank BID-Milton for their generous donation of an upright piano to our music department. The hospital reached out to us to see if we could use a piano, and of course, we said yes!  Just another example of the wonderful partnership with the BID-Milton.

The Milton Public School system does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, gender identity, transgender status, gender transitioning, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, pregnancy/parenting status, marital status, sexual orientation, homelessness, or military status, in any of its programs, activities or operations. These include, but are not limited to, admissions, equal access to programs and activities, hiring and firing of staff, provision of and access to programs and services, as well as selection of volunteers, vendors and employers recruiting at the Milton Public Schools.  We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, students, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Human Resources, 617-696-4812




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