August 17th E-Blast

From: Mary C. Gormley
To: Parents/Guardians and Staff
Re: E-blast Update
Date:  Thursday, August 17th, 2017


From time to time, one of my colleagues, Henry Bolter, sends poems to a group of his fellow educators. They are usually related to the seasons, or to current events. Mr. Bolter is the director of Teachers As Scholars, a non-profit group which offers Professional Development seminars for K-12 teachers, as well as overseas study trips. I’d like to share one of Mr. Bolter’s latest offerings, as it relates to this time of year:

Remembering Summer (W. S. Merwin)

Being too warm the old lady said to me
is better than being too cold I think now
in between is the best because you never
give it a thought but it goes by too fast
I remember the winter how cold it got
I could never get warm wherever I was
but I don’t remember the summer heat like that
only the long days the breathing of the trees
the evenings with the hens still talking in the lane
and the light getting longer in the valley
the sound of a bell from down there somewhere
I can sit here now still listening to it


There have been no School Committee meetings since my last E-blast. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, August 23rd at 7 pm in the Milton TV Access studio, Room 245, Milton High School.


We are very proud!! Milton Public Schools were recently ranked #19 of all public school districts in Massachusetts – AND earned an A+ rating — from the website Click below to view more details:

* * *

 The following item was submitted by K-12 Mathematics Director, Michelle Kreuzer:

 The Calculus Project (TCP) at Milton Public Schools is just about to wrap-up another successful mathematics enrichment session this week.  This summer, we had over 65 students participate in three weeks of mathematics preview work.  Our four cohorts of students participating in TCP include 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  The very first cohort started in the summer of 2014; these students will be entering their senior year at Milton High School in 2018-2019.

The Calculus Project’s vision is to dramatically increase the number of low income, African American, and Hispanic American students who enroll in and successfully complete Calculus Honors or Advanced Placement Calculus during their senior year at Milton High School.  The program was designed in response to the fact that students who are capable of advanced mathematical thinking have more post-secondary educational opportunities available to them.  Students generally start TCP in the summer preceding 8th grade. The program supports students in two ways.  The first is through a free tutoring center which is open to TCP students Tuesday through Thursday after school during the school year.  The second support is through our summer mathematics enrichment program.  Students who participate in the summer enrichment program preview important mathematical topics for the upcoming school year as well as reinforce strategies for being successful mathematics students. Over the years, we have had many Milton teachers participate in the either the summer- or school-year portions of the program, including Ms. Losi, Ms. Meunier, Mr. Moonan, Ms. Capasso, Ms. Ritten and Mr. Moray.   The teachers have become mentors to the TCP students and have developed a support network to help our students achieve their goals.

Here is what our students have to say about The Calculus Project:

  • “The Calculus Project has helped me grow as a math student and helped me be a strong and confident mathematician.” – Milan Smith
  • “I feel more comfortable in my Calculus Project class than I do in my classes at school. I’ve been coming to the Calculus Project since 7th grade and I love it each year!” – Maya Whigham
  • “The Calculus Project is a safe space.” – Jasmine Opara
  • “It’s helped me gain confidence in my math abilities.” – William Craig
  • “We are mathematically proven to have fun!” – Rachael Lefevre
  • “The Calculus Project has helped me grow and I managed to move up from CP to Honors in math. It’s a lot of fun and is a great learning environment outside of school.” – Lauren Kelly

* * *

Please read this letter from Jeff Wulfson, Acting Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Summer has come and gone, and it is time for another exciting school year to begin. I am confident that the 2017-2018 school year will be a great one as Massachusetts continues its tremendous educational success. Due primarily to Massachusetts’ strong public schools, U.S. News & World Report recognized Massachusetts as the best state in the nation this year. It was one of many recognitions for the Commonwealth’s schools in recent months, and it is the strength and character of our state’s educators and students that have made that success possible. I sincerely appreciate all that you and your faculty and staff do every day to help students.  To prepare you for the new school year and to help you keep your school committee, teachers, and parents informed and engaged, we have attached the following resources:

  1. The New ESE Website: The new site has been designed to allow families and educators to more easily find information and resources, including a page to subscribe to ESE newsletters;
  2. The Year Ahead: Major developments from ESE that will impact your 2017-2018 school year;
  3. Back-to-School Basics: A brief overview for parents on how the state and districts work together to support teaching and learning [Accessible version];
  4. MCAS Parent Guide*: An interactive guide for parents on understanding the next-generation MCAS; and
  5. Leading the Nation Poster: An 11”x17” high-resolution .pdf file schools can print and display to promote Massachusetts’ upcoming celebration of student success in 2018. A low-resolution version of the poster is also available for sharing via email and social media.

The upcoming school year is a milestone: In 2018, Massachusetts will celebrate 25 years of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act and student success. Massachusetts’ implementation of a standards-based education system and more equitable school funding programs in 1993 helped make the Commonwealth a national leader in education. Students and educators should be aware and proud of their incredible accomplishments, and ESE is developing a “Leading the Nation” campaign for 2018 to raise awareness of Massachusetts’ success. I look forward to celebrating with you!

* * *

 The following item was sent to us by MHS Music Teacher Rebecca Damiani:

Instrumental Lesson Registration for Beginners in Grades 4 and above
Applied Lesson Program – Beginner Registration Night
Monday, September 11, 2017
7:00-8:30 Milton High School

The Milton Public Schools Music Department offers instrumental lessons through the Applied Lesson Program (ALP). Students in grades 4 and above may take lessons on flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone horn, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar.   The 30 minute lessons are given once a week at Milton High School and are scheduled Monday-Thursday from 3:30-9:00 p.m. Lessons are taught by professional musicians who are specialists on these instruments.

If your child is in grade 4 or above and is interested in this program, you need to attend the ALP Beginner Registration Night on Monday, September 11, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at Milton High School. You can register for lessons with the ALP teachers and rent an instrument (if you do not already have one) from one of the music vendors available that night, or you can buy/rent an instrument from any other company you choose.

Please follow the link to the Pre-Registration form. Milton ALP Pre-Registration. Pre-Registration is to help with the facilitation of distributing free instruments and ensuring adequate staffing.

Payment: Bring 2 checks—one for the ALP lesson teacher and one for the rental company.  No lessons will be scheduled without payment. SESSION I (15 lessons) must be made at registration night.  Private lessons (1 student) are $390 and Semi-private lessons (2 students) are $262.50.  Payment is made directly to the lesson teacher.  Semi-private lessons are offered ONLY if there are two students who take the same instrument at the same time.  It is easiest to schedule semi-private lessons if you pre-arrange the partners because you need to register together.  No semi-private lessons will be scheduled if there is only one student registering.

Rental fees: Vary depending on the instrument and the payment plan you choose.  You can buy/rent your instrument from any company you choose and you should go online to research prices.  Johnson String (, Spencer Brook Strings (, Needham Music ( and Leonard’s Music (  will be present at the registration.

Availability:  There are only a limited number of available slots for lessons, so it is very important to attend this registration night.  If you cannot attend, email Gary Good ( and Rebecca Damiani ( on Tuesday, September 12, to find out if there are any spots left.


Please refer to the following info for each school:

Telephone: 617-980-7343

Start: 8:20am
Dismissal: 2:49pm
Address: 80 Edge Hill Rd
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4282 or (f) 617-698-3577
Principal Contact Info: Ms. Holly Concannon, Principal x2003
Ms. Amy Gale, Assistant Principal x 2010

Start: 8:20am
Dismissal: 2:49pm
Address: 44 Edge Hill Rd
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4285 or (f) 617-698-3473
Principal Contact Info:  Mr. Jonathan Redden, Principal x2013
Ms. Bernadette Butler, Assistant Principal x2010

Start: 8:50am
Dismissal: 3:19pm Address: 255 Canton Ave
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4288 or (f) 617-698-2346
Principal Contact Info:  Ms. Karen McDavitt, Principal, x 4100
Sara MacNeil, Assistant Principal x4102

Start: 8:50am
Dismissal: 3:19pm
Address: 187 Blue Hills Parkway
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4291 or (f) 617-698-3374
Principal Contact Info: Dr. Elaine McNeil-Girmai, Principal x6123
Katherine DesRoche, Assistant Principal x6121

Start: 7:57am
Dismissal: 2:26pm
Address: 451 Central Ave
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4568 or (f) 617-698-2238
Principal Contact Info: Dr. Karen Spaulding, Principal x3600
Ms. Anna McReynolds, Assistant Principal x3603
Dr. Nicholas Fitzgerald, Assistant Principal x3604

Start: 7:50am
Dismissal: 2:19pm
Address: 25 Gile Road
Telephone: (p) 617-696-4470/4478 or (f) 617-696-5038
Principal Contact Info:   Mr. James Jette, Principal
Mr. Ben Kelly, Vice-Principal
Mr. Brian Mackinaw, Vice-Principal



August 27th through September 2nd, 2017

The Milton Early Childhood Alliance is offering two terrific activities for Milton’s newest Kindergarten children to celebrate their entering Kindergarten this fall!

First, in cooperation with some Milton area businesses who want to let children know how important their education is to all of us, they are participating in Kindergarten Days from August 27th through September 2nd. During this week, the sponsors listed here will offer free gifts or discounts to children who are entering kindergarten this fall when they visit wearing their bright yellow “I’m Going To Kindergarten!” t-shirt. Participating businesses will display a special sign in their window to remind you to visit them. You don’t need to turn anything in to take advantage of the offers – but your child must be present and wearing his or her yellow Kindergarten t-shirt. As you visit our sponsors, please join us in thanking each of them for their support of Milton’s youngest school children!

Kindergarten Days Sponsors:

Sponsor Address Offer
Bent’s Café 7 Pleasant Street 2 free sugar cookies
Mackie’s Barber Shop 20 Central Avenue Receive a $1.00 bill
Mr. Chan’s 534 Adams Street Free 4 pc. chicken finger
Ichiro Sushi 538 Adams Street Free item of your choice from 7 specific food items
Starbucks 552 Adams Street Free kiddie size drink of your choice
The Fruit Center Marketplace 10 Bassett Street Free tumbler and a piece of fruit (while supplies last)
The Nutshell 10 Bassett Street Free goodie bag with pencil, eraser, and stickers (while supplies last)
Citizen’s Bank 420 Granite Avenue Free bank coloring book and crayons (while supplies last)
Milton Public Library 476 Canton Avenue Free temporary tattoo (while supplies last)
Historic New England’s Eustis Estate Museum 1424 Canton Avenue Free family pass to tour any Historic New England property


For parents who are looking for bus information, please be aware that applications are being processed, routes are being set up and bus passes will be mailed in the next few days. For more information, please call Jane Barrett, Director of Transportation/Registration at 617-696-5040 x 5510 or


 The Milton School Committee passed a Residency Policy that states “students who are enrolled in the Milton Public Schools shall be required to re-establish residency prior to entering grades six and nine as well as Milton Public School students who attend school out-of-town*.” Click for

*This includes all students who attend Blue Hills Regional Technical School, Norfolk County Agricultural High School and Special Education out-of-district placements for students entering Grades 6 and 9.

Families who have students in these categories are required to fill out the form that has been mailed to their homes or go to the following link and provide all necessary documentation.

With only a few weeks remaining until the start of the school year, more than half of families who are required to re-register have done so. Please take a moment to complete the paperwork if you have not already done so.


The following item was sent to us by School Committee Member Ada Rosmarin:

Strategic Planning Process for Schools Underway. The School Committee’s Strategic Planning Subcommittee is moving forward with the next steps in its development of a strategic planning process for the schools.

In 2016-17, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee identified key agenda items for its work and convened teams to address key questions. In the fall of 2016, three teams reviewed topics such as: School system description and data initiatives; core beliefs and goals and three current initiatives; environment and technology.

In the summer of 2017, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee was reconvened and has developed a process for moving forward. First, they plan to revise the Milton Public Schools Vision Statement.  A draft list of descriptors for the Vision Statement has been developed.  These descriptors will be vetted and prioritized by district staff, parents and guardians in the month of September. Participants in this vetting process will be asked to consider “What kind of district do you imagine?” and “What do you hope our students will become?”  Once broad input has been gathered, a revised Vision Statement will be developed, and reviewed and approved by the School Committee in November.

Also, in the fall of 2017, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee plans to develop an Initiative Map, which will focus efforts on key initiatives and related goals and benchmarks. Stay tuned for more on that later.


 The following item was submitted by Tracy Grandeau, Administrator of Special Education:

Inclusion Task Force: Thank you to the members of the Inclusion Task Force who worked hard to make recommendations regarding increasing inclusive opportunities for our students. Members include representatives from the School Committee, Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC), parents, community, and school staff. During the 2016-17 school year, the following members were part of the Inclusion Task Force:  Margaret Eberhardt, Leroy Walker, Michelle Connolly, Kathy Fagan, Norah Ferry, Kevin Lenane, Jennie Mulqueen, Bob Reetz, Sara Truog, Dr. Angela Burke, Daniel Jarboe, Tracy Grandeau, Kelly Herbert, Kelly Losi, Caroline Mannion, Lindsey McMahon, and Jonathan Redden.

The purpose of the Inclusion Task Force is to increase awareness of/and opportunities for students with disabilities in the general education environment throughout the district as well as in community settings.   This year, the members of the Inclusion Task Force created and administered a survey to determine the professional development needs of the district. Members of the group also conducted professional development at the elementary and secondary levels in the spring of 2017. The Inclusion Task Force also developed action plans which included activities designed to further promote inclusive practices.

As needs changed, the Inclusion Task Force reorganized in to three subcommittees to conduct further research: (1) Policies and Practices, (2) Culture, and (3) Skill Development and Staffing. The Inclusion Task Force is currently looking for volunteers to serve on one of the three groups.  For the 2017-18 school year, the Inclusion Task Force will meet every other month at Milton High School. The next meeting is planned for September 18, 2017 from 4:00pm-6:00pm. If you are interested in joining the Inclusion Task Force, please contact the Administrator of Pupil Personnel Services, Tracy Grandeau, at


The following item was submitted by Marti O’Keefe McKenna, MPS Family Outreach Liaison:

NEW FAMILIES AND STUDENTS: WELCOME TO MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!  Below please find a list of new family/student events.  We hope to see you there!

MHS – Monday, August 28, 2017
New Student Orientation for all incoming freshman and students new to the district
Time: Registration will be begin at 3:30 and program will take place from 4:00-6:00pm
Where: Milton High School Auditorium

New students to the high school will have an opportunity tour the building, receive important information, review schedules and have a bite to eat. They will also have an opportunity to see what exciting opportunities the high school has to offer.

PMS – Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Pierce Middle School Library

Newly registered middle school students and their families will have an opportunity to listen to a presentation by the principal outlining the team approach at Pierce as well as learn about afterschool opportunities followed by a tour of the building.

Collicot – Tuesday, August 29, 2017
New family tour at 2:00-3:00
Whole School popsicles with the principal at 3:00pm

Cunningham- August 29, 2017
New family tour and pizza at 5:00-6:00
Whole School popsicles with the principal at 6:00

Glover – August 23, 2017 and August 21, 2017
Kindergarten Play Date – Monday, August 21, 2017 at 6:00pm and Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 10:00am
New Students Grade 1-5 – Tours at 5:30pm and Popsicles with the principal at 6:00pm, Monday, August 21, 2017

Tucker – August 16, 2017 at 6:00pm
New student event including Pre-K through Grade 5.

Office of the Family Outreach Liaison -The office of the Family Outreach Liaison will be open during the summer months. If you are new to the district and have any questions or need additional information to help make your child’s transition to school a smooth one please do not hesitate to contact Marti O’Keefe McKenna in the Family Outreach Liaison office at 617-980-7343 or via email

Summer Reading: 1500 Milton children have registered for the Milton Public Library Summer Reading Program. The goal for this summer’s program was to collectively read 500,000 minutes.  As of Monday, August 14, 2017 486,120 minutes have been logged in.  Keep on logging in those minutes and be ready to share with your new teacher the first full week of school.

Summertime Stories: If you haven’t had a chance to join in the fun, please join us for the final story time to be held at the Cunningham Park on Thursday, August 24, 2017. The session will begin at 10:00am. Bring a blanket and an imagination.  Sessions will be held rain or shine!


 The following item was submitted by Pam Dorsey, Director of Milton Community Schools:

 Our department, Milton Community Schools, offers out-of-school-time activities for elementary students throughout the year. Each elementary school has on-site programs that run from 7:00am until school start and from school dismissal until 6:00pm.  We also offer school vacation and summer camps covering the same time periods. Information for all of our programs can be found on our website: I have attached the Collicot and Glover ASE program schedules, Special Classes information, and Early School Arrival (ESAP) information sheet.  Online registration was open during July and is open throughout the school year, and we will hold a final In-Person Registration on August 16th, from 2:00-6:00pm at the rear of the Glover School.  If you need your children to start ASE on the first day of school, please attend the registration on the 16th; if not, you can wait until school starts and register online by any Wednesday to begin the following week. Once again, welcome to Milton Public Schools.  Please contact me if you have questions about the ASE or ESAP programs at

ASE FLYER ASE flyer Glover
Fall 2017 ASE Special Classes

Unless otherwise noted, register for these classes at your ASE program, Sept. 18-29 from 4:00-6:00pm. Special Classes begin the first week of October. Enrollment in ASE during these class times is required (register online by the Wednesday before the class begins)


Experienced, professional instructors teach students routines involved in Vaulting, Tumbling, on Bars and on the Balance Beam. They will also practice locomotive skills for the development and improvement of general coordination. Mastering physical skills helps develop self-confidence and independence. Classes will have an 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio. Co/Cu Mon, Glover Tues, Tucker Fri 10-week session Grades K-2 $150 additional fee Min 12 Max 16

Mass. Audubon’s Nature Explorers

Students enjoy interacting with live animals and artifacts while investigating and learning about ecology and habitats. Taught by Trailside Museum educators, this class features hands on exploration, active learning, creative play and citizen science projects. Includes a 2-hr field trip to the Trailside Museum at session end. 10-week session Co/Cu Tues, Glover Wed, Tucker Thur Grades K-5 $150 additional fee. Min 12 Max 20

Chess Club

International Chess Master (IM) David Vigorito, the 2016 Massachusetts State Champion and one of the top chess teachers and players in the country, offers classes for students of all levels. 10-week session Co/Cu/Tucker Mon, Glover Thur Grades 1-5 $150 additional fee. Min 12 Max 20

StagePlay and ShowTime

Picture a super-imaginative program of outside-the-box theatre games, cool music, and lots of role-play. Jim Moonan, musician, children’s music songwriter/storyteller, and owner of NorthWind Education teaches this unique class. He also works in Needham and Newton public schools and performing arts centers in Greater Boston. The session concludes with a family & friends performance including makeup, props and scenery.

Children learn the true meaning of “all for one and one for all” as they plan, practice, and perform their own show where all talent is worthy of a standing ovation. Collicot/Cunningham  14-week session Grades 1-5 ShowTime $100 additional fee Min 12 Max 16. Grade K StagePlay $100 additional fee


Students prepare ingredients, mix, and cook a variety of foods. Please confirm that instructors are aware of any food allergies your child may have when you register. Grades K-5 $2/class fee (#classes vary) Max 12

The following classes begin the first week of September. See below for registration details.

 Ja Shin Do Karate

Miss Camille, holder of multiple black-belts, has taught karate in MPS for over 20 years. Students develop the 5 Ss of Ja Shin Do: Self-Discipline, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, Self-Control and Self-Confidence to progress through belt levels. Enrollment at ASE include a Saturday am class at Glover. Co/Cu Wed, Glover Thur, Tucker Tues Ongoing classes throughout year Grades K-5 $35/mo additional fee. Register for Karate during online ASE registration; check the box marked “Karate” and include +$35 in mo tuition

Piano Playtime

This unique experience uses peer group motivation and a playful approach to learning piano. One-hour lessons are semi-private, with 3 students in each class. Lessons cost $25 each, and session fees vary depending on the day selected. Parents must purchase an instruction book through Piano Playtime for $12. Ongoing classes Register: contact Piano Playtime’s Molly Howard at during the month of July


 The following item was submitted by Laurie Stillman, District SEL Facilitator:

Know the Risks of E-Cigarettes: E-cigarettes are very popular with young people. Their use has grown dramatically in the last five years. Today, more high school students use e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes is higher among high school students than adults.

E-cigarettes are devices that heat a liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales. The liquid usually has nicotine and flavoring in it. E-cigarettes are considered tobacco products because most of them contain nicotine, which comes from tobacco. Nicotine exposure during adolescence and young adulthood can affect the developing brain and lead to addiction. Besides nicotine, e-cigarettes can contain potentially harmful ingredients, including:

  • Ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs
  • Flavorants such as diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease
  • Volatile organic compounds, which can be carcinogenic
  • Heavy metals, such as nickel, tin, and lead which can affect brain development

You can influence your children’s decision about whether to use e-cigarettes. Even if you have used tobacco yourself, your children will listen if you discuss your struggles with nicotine addiction. Be clear that you don’t approve of them smoking or using e-cigarettes, and that you expect them to live tobacco-free.

*A message from the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office


 The following item was sent to us by Food Service Director Jackie Morgan:

Milton Food Service is looking for substitute part-time positions that could lead to permanent employment. These are perfect hours for working parents/guardians, while your children are in school. Interested parties can either email or call Ms. Morgan’s direct line at 617-898-1051.

* * *

The Milton School Lunch and Breakfast Programs is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools. They provide nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free breakfasts and lunches to children each school day. School lunch must meet meal pattern and nutrition standards based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The current meal pattern increases the availability of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in the school menu.

Any child at a participating school may purchase a meal through the National School Lunch Program. Children from families with incomes at or below 130 percent of the poverty level are eligible for free meals. Those with incomes between 130 percent and 185 percent of the poverty level are eligible for reduced‐price meals, for which students can be charged no more than 40 cents.

We offer breakfast every school day in all of our schools.  Breakfast is free for all REDUCED and FREE students and it is a great way to start the day. Breakfast is $1.25 for all paid students. These funds can come right out of your students Nutrikids account. Students who qualify for the reduced program pay $.40 for a complete lunch.

All children come through a computerized Point of Sale system which keeps student information private.  All students state their name in elementary school or use a four /five digit PIN number in both middle and high school. Below is the federal income chart to help you understand if your family may qualify for meals assistance.

free lunch chart

Households will be notified of their children’s eligibility for free meals if they are members of households receiving assistance from: SNAP, FDPIR, TANF.  No application is required for free meal benefits as these programs now communicate with schools directly. If any child was not listed on the eligibility notice the household should contact the School Food Service Program and have benefits extended to that child.

Applications are available on the Milton Schools Website at, in your child’s school’s main office and at the Food Service Departments office located at Milton High School, 25 Gile Road, Milton, MA 0286.Contact Jackie Morgan with any questions or concerns at


The following item was submitted by Bill Ritchie, Director of Consolidated Facilities Department and Robert Mayhew, Operations Manager:

During the summer months, there is a long list of facilities and cleaning projects that are accomplished at each school location. All of the school classrooms, offices and common hallways are impeccably cleaned and waxed by the district custodians. The town facilities, custodial and seasonal staff works tirelessly all summer long to make sure the schools are in great shape for opening day.

Specialized facilities inspections and equipment is tested during the summer months such as, HVAC systems, life safety equipment is tested, emergency generators, elevators, drinking fountains and Integrated Pest Management inspections are completed. All of the school playgrounds are inspected and receive new wood chip surfacing for added safety.

A few of the major projects completed this summer involved the entire resurfacing of Brooks Field Track, replacement of the Pierce Middle School science wing roof, major roadway paving at the High School and Pierce Middle School. At the Collicot School, the entire gym floor was resurfaced inhouse by our custodial staff.  At the Cunningham School, the front portico is being freshly painted and repaired. The front of Collicot and Cunningham playground has new drainage work and a new retaining wall installed to minimize the future drainage issues.  In the next few months, energy upgrades will be installed at the schools from a Green Communities grant that we received in the amount of $246,645.

Phase four of the security system upgrades was installed at the Tucker, Glover, Pierce and Collicot/Cunningham Schools.


 The following item was submitted by Milton Persists:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Charlottesville, Virginia. We all need to take a stand against such hatred and bigotry! Milton Persists has organized a Vigil for Charlottesville TONIGHT, ( August 17th ) at 6:30pm at the Milton Town Hall Gazebo . Event co-sponsors include the Milton Interfaith Clergy and the Milton Board of Selectmen. Please join us with signs and candles at the Milton Town Hall Gazebo to stand with our community against hate tonight, Thursday , August 17th at 6:30pm.

* * *

The following item was sent to us by the Milton Police Chief John King:

The Milton Police Department will host a community event at the police station on Thursday evening, August 24th from 5pm to 8pm.  This event is free and open to the public. Join us at the Milton Police Station for a Community Cookout, hamburgers, hotdogs and ice-cream! Meet our officers, tour our station, get up close to our equipment /emergency vehicles and watch a K-9 demonstration. Don’t miss out! We will also have gaming trucks, balloon and tattoo artists along with music and a chance to dunk one of our officers!

* * *

Picture this: a safe place to try new things, find a sense of belonging, take on challenges and inspire others! That’s Girl Scouts. A place where a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) can transform her ideas into action, turn her questions into adventure, and grow her confidence through practice. Girl Scout troops are organized by school grade (K-12), meet regularly during the year, and are led by a team of volunteers. Annual membership is $40 per girl. Join a troop today at

* * *

The following item was sent to us by Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition:

7th Annual Candlelight Vigil in Quincy Aug. 31

The Town of Milton has been invited to formally join Quincy’s Vigil to remember those who have died from an opioid overdose.  (See flier below.) To have your loved one’s name remembered at the vigil, please email Laura Martin, Quincy’s Substance Use Coordinator, at Send her their name, age, and indicate town of Milton. MSAPC hopes to see Milton residents join the vigil to show your concern and support.

* * *

The following item was sent to us by the Neponset Rowing Club:

Parents and students from all Milton-area high schools and middle schools are invited to an information night to learn more about our fall youth rowing program. Information Nights will be held on August 10th and August 17th from 7 to 7:30 at the Milton Yacht Club, 25 Wharf Street, Milton.

Novice Rowing

The Novice Program prepares athletes for the Varsity Program the following year. Novice athletes train together five days per week, working toward individual and team goals. They build on the skills developed in Learn to Row and gain racing experience at fall and spring regattas. Athletes interested in becoming coxswains, who steer the boat and learn to motivate the rowers, are also encouraged to sign up. The Novice program runs in the fall and spring, with an opportunity to train with the Varsity during the winter.  Prerequisite: none

Varsity Rowing

Our state-ranked, award-winning Varsity team is an ideal fit for athletes who have completed the Novice Rowing program and are dedicated to improving their rowing skills and competing at a high level. Within a strong team environment, rowers will challenge themselves physically and mentally. Rowers practice six times per week and attend several weekend regattas each season. Prerequisite: Novice program

Crew is often called “the ultimate team sport” because of its contribution to helping young athletes develop personal character, an ethic of cooperation, and physical fitness.

* * *

Eclipse News:   I wanted to share our Boston Museum of Science eclipse page for younger children:


The following item was submitted by Sara Truog, Assistant Director, MPL:

Summer is winding down, but there’s still lots of fun to be had in the Children’s Room at the Milton Public Library! Cool family activities including books, programs, coloring, games, puppets and more are available every day for you to check out.

Summer also means that it’s time to participate in the Library’s Summer Reading Challenge. It’s an on-your-own, do-it-anywhere, totally FREE reading program for kids entering kindergarten through entering grade 6 in September. Participants read any books they want, track how many minutes they read, and enter their minutes read on our website. By reading and logging, you become eligible to win prizes, attend programs, and more. This year’s theme is Build a Better World, and you can log minutes on our website at through August 31.

In addition to our regular storytimes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we have these exciting programs for the young people in your life happening during the week of August 20 – 26:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Pop-Up Art School, Ages 7-11

Pop-Up Art School combines art history and hands-on learning to teach a variety of art techniques to kids. These creative, informative and fun workshops focus on famous artists. In this workshop, artists will be learning about Antoni Gaudi, an architect whose innovative and unique buildings are found in Barcelona, Spain. His organic style is unique and was inspired by natural forms. Create a mosaic cityscape, in Gaudi’s style, with opaque and translucent papers. With a battery operated candle (included) we will transform the mosaic into a glowing luminaria! For ages 7-11. Registration is required. Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Thursday, August 23, 2017 from 10:00 – 10:30 am
Summertime Stories @ Cunningham Hall, Ages 0-6 with caregiver

The Milton Public Schools, the Milton Public Library, and the Milton Early Childhood Alliance invite you to Summertime Stories: outdoor storytimes at Milton community locations! Miss Sara from the Milton Public Library will read stories, sing songs, and engage children at this, the last of four sessions around town this summer. If the weather is nice, bring a blanket because we’ll be outside. If it is rainy, we’ll meet indoors. Parents/caregivers must remain with and look after their child – these are not drop-off events. Registration is not required, however, you will need to sign in upon arrival. RAIN OR SHINE! For families with their children ages birth to six years old.

Thursday, August 23, 2017 from 4:00 – 4:30 pm
Storytime @ the Farmer’s Market, All Ages

Come find us for storytime at the Milton Farmers’ Market! Miss Sara and Miss Elaine, Children’s Librarians at the Milton Public Library will read stories, sing songs, and engage children at four farmers’ market sessions this fall. Rain or shine! Parents/caregivers must remain with and look after their child – these are not drop-off events. No registration is required.

Friday, August 24, 2017 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Free Play Friday, Ages 0-5 with caregiver

Drop by and enjoy puzzles, games and activities in the Story Hour room. The room will be open for two hours in the morning for you to enjoy with your little ones (ages 0-5). In partnership with the Milton Early Childhood Alliance.

Don’t forget to check the library web calendar for a listing of the many programs we offer year-round. Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar at, or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Also, like the Milton Public Library Children’s Room on Facebook and get updates right in your news feed! Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.

To see a complete listing of library events, please click here:


 Please note the following about the changes in Athletics User Fees for the Academic Year 2017-18. With the passing of the override, user fees have decreased in all school-funded sports by 50%.   Please see below for the new fees:

$150  All Sports (listed below, except swim/crew)

B/G Soccer
Field Hockey
Cheerleading (Fall/Winter)
B/G Cross Country
B/G Basketball
B/G Ice Hockey
B/G Indoor/Outdoor Track
B/G Lacrosse
B/G Tennis

$400  Swim

$650  Crew

Please note the Family Cap is now $750, (or $900 if Ice Hockey is one of the sports.) All Checks should be made out to Milton Public Schools.

* * *

Milton High School Fall Sports Registration opened on Tuesday, August 1st.  You must register on Family ID prior to receiving clearance to participate in tryouts. Please follow this link – www. – for step-by-step instructions on how to register.   Football Tryouts begin TOMORROW, Friday, August 18th.  All other fall sports begin Thursday, August 24th.  Please keep in mind that Swim is now a fall sport at Milton High School.  All information regarding Milton High School Athletics can be found at – You will find office hours to receive clearance cards.  As a reminder, please be sure to have an updated physical prior to the start of tryouts.  The student-athletes physical must be within the past 13 months.  If you played a spring sport and handed one in, you MUST STILL bring a copy in this fall.

Also, more information on Middle School Athletics (Boys and Girls Cross Country, Basketball and Outdoor Track) will be provided to Pierce Middle School students in mid-September.


As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Students: I would like to thank and recognize Milton High School students Frances Collins, Paul Goodman, Sarah Hancock, Jenny Ly, Claire Mandel and Thanh Nguyen for their volunteer work as summer tour guides with the Forbes House Museum. Heidi Vaughan, Executive Director of the Forbes House Museum, contacted me to let me know how much she appreciated these students’ help. Ms. Vaughan said that this group immersed themselves in Forbes family history, which includes the American China trade, maritime history, the Gilded Age, as well as Civil War memorabilia.  We are so grateful for our students’ enthusiastic help with this Milton historical treasure.

 Staff – Nicole Young, a third-grade teacher at Cunningham Elementary School, left this morning for a service project in Guatemala. This is her second year volunteering with a project called Worthy Village. Ms. Young will travel to the village of Panajachel on Lake Atitlan, and work in the surrounding impoverished villages. One focus of the trip is to teach health care and hygiene to women and children in the villages. She and her colleagues will teach oral hygiene and daily hygiene, hand washing, healthy living and eating, disease transmission prevention, and other crucial, life-saving topics. They teach and run seminars in schools, orphanages, and local community centers. Hygiene products and Healthcare Books are provided to each individual. Another focus of the trip is to deliver clean water filtration systems to families and schools in need, and to teach the families the importance of clean drinking water and make sure they are properly trained in using the filters. “Last year, my third graders learned all about my trip,” said Ms. Young. “We studied an entire unit on Guatemala, and the clean water initiative. My students learned all about how life is similar and different as a child in Guatemala and wrote a story about the day in a life of a Guatemalan child. They also collected donations for me to bring on my trip.”


Volunteers – I cannot say enough about the amazing work of our PTO presidents. These volunteers work year-round on dozens, if not hundreds of issues that affect our students and staff. As we start a new school year, I would like to thank and recognize this year’s PTO presidents. :

Preschool PTO: Mandy Gaughn Susi (, Sharon Neale ( and Colleen Driscoll (

Glover Elementary: Christine Sullivan ( and Sarahkate Sullivan Feloney (

Collicot Elementary: Rebecca Stover ( and Christine Morrow (

Tucker Elementary: Michelle Schweitzer ( and Tracy Troiano (

Cunningham Elementary: Suzanne Fitzsimons (, Abigail Callahan (, Robyn Quinn (, Karin Roethke-Kahn ( and Erin Burke, Treasurer (

Pierce Middle School: Christine Paxhia (, Kristen LaCasse (, Stephanie O’Keefe (, Michelle Cardoza ( and Trish Heelen, Treasurer (

Milton High School: Tricia Sullivan ( and Annellen Lydon (,

The Milton Public School system does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, gender identity, transgender status, gender transitioning, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its programs, activities or operations. These include, but are not limited to, admissions, equal access to programs and activities, employment, provision of and access to programs and services, as well as selection of volunteers, vendors and employers recruiting at the Milton Public Schools.  We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, students, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Human Resources, 617-696-4812.



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