Milton Public Schools

July 31, 2013 Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Jul• 31•13


 From the Desk of the Superintendent:

Greetings to all our Milton Public School families! I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I wanted to send out a brief “mid-summer” update to keep everyone informed on what has been happening in our district since the end of school.  I am also sharing some research on the importance of summer reading and the value of both independent reading and modeling reading by parents and guardians.  During my teaching career, I could easily identify the students who read at home independently.  These children usually showed the following characteristics:

Their vocabulary was superior
Their oral and independent comprehension skills were outstanding
Their “love of reading” was evident
They were familiar with the local library and visited often

The lifelong habit of reading for pleasure is developed at a young age. By providing children with time and opportunities to read for pleasure, and by allowing children to see their parents/guardians reading at home, a true love of reading can be instilled. The following research is from a Hanover Research study released in June of 2013. I find it to be an excellent synopsis of the benefits of summer learning:

Best Practices in Summer Literacy Programs: There is growing concern among K‐12 educators about the effects of “summer learning loss,” or “summer slide”— terms that refer to students’ decline in academic ability during summer months when they are away from school. Research shows that during summer vacation, students lose “too much of what they learned during the school year” and “typically score lower on standardized tests after the summer break than they did before it.”

All students are susceptible to summer learning loss, but low‐income students are at greater risk, especially in reading. Findings from a 1996 meta‐analysis of 13 studies on summer learning loss indicate that low‐income students lose two to three months of reading ability during the summer, while their middle‐class peers usually make slight gains. Research also suggests that achievement loss is greatest during elementary grades.  National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) reports that “more than half of the achievement gap between lower‐ and higher‐income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities.”  Different rates of summer loss, when repeated annually, contribute to widening achievement gaps as students enter middle and high school.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has described summer learning loss as “devastating,” and advises that summer learning gaps be addressed through the development of new summer programs. Research suggests that “high quality academic enrichment programs can decrease and perhaps eliminate summer learning loss for low income children.”  Providing learning opportunities to children is typically viewed as the responsibility of school districts, but summer programs offered by traditionally non‐ academic organizations also appear poised to meet the challenge. The American Camp Association (ACA), for instance, explains that summer camps are “assuming a greater role in year‐round education and youth development, recognizing that the same ‘fun’ activities and programs they have traditionally offered can be packaged as highly effective alternative learning models.”


*Independent reading, often the centerpiece of effective summer literacy programs, has been shown to improve student achievement. Research indicates that increasing students’ reading time is crucial to improving literacy ability. In addition to allowing students ample time for independent reading, effective elementary literacy program educators:

  • Ensure students read appropriately complex materials
  • Read aloud to children
  • Model effective reading techniques
  • Tutor children one‐on‐one
  • Consider children’s reading preferences
  • Integrate reading into other camp activities

* Speaking and writing activities are vital to improving students’ literacy achievement. Though literacy programs typically emphasize reading, highly effective programs also facilitate meaningful discussion on relevant topics and ask students to write creatively.

* Research suggests that a typical, 12‐week summer program should provide students with at least four hours per week of literacy activities. Scientific evidence indicates that out‐of‐school time (OST) learning programs must devote a total of at least 44 hours to literacy activities in order to improve student achievement. Researchers note that programs lasting fewer than 44 hours may not be long enough to fully engage students and affect learning outcomes.

* Effective summer reading programs offer students a wide variety of high‐quality reading materials. Research suggests that offering varied reading materials to children increases their motivation to read. Furthermore, a range of materials is necessary to ensuring students read appropriately challenging texts. Many programs have addressed the need for reading materials by creating an on‐site library and/or visiting community libraries.

* Effective camp‐based summer learning programs often seek collaboration with local schools to facilitate staff development, align learning activities with school‐ year curricula, and attract more participants to the program. Experts encourage summer learning programs to access educational expertise by cooperating with local schools. Teachers can provide opportunities for staff development and help make learning activities engaging and relevant. Youth organizations should approach partnerships with schools strategically by evaluating prospective partners, anticipating school personnel concerns, and marketing their summer learning program.

* Program evaluation is an essential component of effective summer learning programs that strengthens program quality when conducted properly. The suggested guidelines for a comprehensive assessment of summer literacy programming include quantitative data analyses and qualitative surveys or focus groups.

* Summer literacy programs can obtain easy‐to‐use guides and other useful materials from web‐based resources. ReadWriteThink, Reading Rockets, and Reading is Fundamental (RIF) offer free, evidence‐based resources that can help program staff improve student achievement.

I hope that you have found this information helpful. We are looking forward to seeing everyone return, safe and healthy at the end of August. Please enjoy the remainder of the summer season.


There have been two School Committee meetings since my last E-blast. The first meeting was held on June 19th.  The meeting was called to order to move into executive session. No official business took place during the public portion of the meeting.  The second meeting was held on July 10th and this was the School Committee’s annual Retreat.


The following update was provided by Cunningham Principal Jonathan Redden, who served as the director of Milton Summer Enrichment this year:

With only one week left, I am pleased to write this letter celebrating the great summer we had at MSE.  MSE has been a great experience for 445 Pre – K through grade 5 students and over 50 middle school students.

At MSE, students were able to select from over 20 courses, many of which were taught by current Milton educators. Teachers brought the same enthusiasm and energy that is expected of them during the school year to the summer program. Since many of the teachers were returning, they were able to build off their past success and implement stronger more engaging activities for campers.

Many of these activities require students to work, learn, and compete with their peers. This has created a level of excitement that was evident and led to many additional campers signing up after the initial enrollment was closed.

This environment could not have been created without the hard work of our teachers and Blue Shirts.  Safety was a priority, and we worked hard to make sure we had adequate adults available in the classrooms and at the exits.  I would also like to recognize the administrative team and the custodial staff at the high school for checking in daily and being flexible to accommodate the program.

Whether it was strengthening teamwork, completing an art project, learning in French, creating a dance routine, experimenting with science concepts, or working with computers, every student will take something positive/enriching away from MSE 2013.  Thank you for all you support in ensuring a successful program.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

* * *

The update below was provided by Deborah Fidrocki, who ran the Title 1 Summer Scholars Program at Tucker Elementary School this summer:

This summer, 85 students participated in the Tucker Scholars Program. Students in entering Kindergarten through Grade Five worked with their teachers to solidify reading, math and writing skills.  Students also engaged in enrichment activities focused on scientific inquiry, art and literature, and poetry and puppetry.  In addition, the students participated in physical education, arts and crafts and Lego activities.  The students entering grade 5 produced a talent show and children entering grade 4 piloted the Liftoff:  Engineering Rockets and Rovers unit for the Museum of Science.  It has been a very productive summer for all of our Tucker Scholars!

* * *

The following update was sent by Karen Clasby, Director of Pupil Personnel Services:

Milton’s  Extended School Year (ESY) program is winding down.  Moving most summer services to the Milton High site, facilitated students ability to participate in a variety of Milton Summer Enrichment activities.  Throughout the building, MHS has been buzzing with positive activity! At Cunningham, during this very hot July, after completing their work in the mornings, twice a week, students enjoyed a nice cool swim at the pool, which was much appreciated by all! ESY will finish up August 8-9 (depending on the students program) and parents will receive Progress Reports soon thereafter.

* * *

Please note, the first day of school for Grades 1 – 12 is on August 28th. To see the complete 2013-2014 school calendar, click here:

* * *

“Meet the Artists” is a parent-run volunteer art history program for grades K-3 in the Milton schools (Tucker, Cunningham, Collicot and Glover). The program will be expanding into 4th grade this fall. This program is supported in part by a grant from the Milton Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact your PTO or Jessica Gillooly at

 * * *

There is an exciting project taking place in Milton that some of our Pierce students have already been connected with. The project is called “Sky Over Milton.” A pair of performance artists by the name of “PearlDamour” are visiting five towns named “Milton” in the United States, interviewing lots of different kinds of people and making a theater performance that they will will bring back to each of the Miltons.

They just launched the first version of “,” a website where you can track the project, see photos of other Miltons and connect with other Miltons by answering shared questions and posting pictures of your own.

The project organizers have asked our Milton students to take a moment, answer one of the questions or send them a photo of the sky over our hometown. They have some exciting plans for the website over the next few months– so check back often to discover new ways to interact, share your stories, and more.

They are asking for Milton residents to send the link to friends and family in Milton who would enjoy participating — the more the merrier.  Some of our teachers and classrooms will also be participating.

Last year, our Pierce Drama teacher Bill Deschenes and his seventh-graders did amazing work with this group and they are featured on the website. If you click on Milton, MA, there is a photo gallery that includes some of these students.


Milton High School’s website lists all the different assignments by grade level and course. Please click here to view:

* * *

Parents and guardians of Pierce students are asked to remind their students about the summer reading and summer math for students entering grades 6-8. Specific requirements for each grade level can be found at the Pierce Middle School Edline Site:

* * *

Elementary School students also have summer/math requirements along with Study Island requirements. All these lists are available on each of the four elementary schools’ websites:


Cunningham: (look under “News” for math; and under “Elementary Language Arts Coordinator” for reading)




We are pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Human Resource Specialist for the Milton Public Schools.  Laurie Dunn has joined Central Office after having worked in Community Schools for the past nine years and as the Facilities Rental Coordinator for the past two years.  Laurie and her husband Scott are the proud parents of three Milton Public School students, Matthew, Courtney and Lindsey.  We are thrilled to have Laurie join our Central Office team!  According to Assistant Superintendent John Phelan, “Laurie has hit the ground running!  I feel she will be a wonderful addition to the Central Office.”

 * * *

We also would like to announce that we have appointed a new Athletic Director and Physical Education/Health/Wellness Director. Lawrence Rooney will be taking over responsibilities for this job. Mr. Rooney has been a teacher, coach, advisor and Admissions Officer during his tenure at Thayer Academy.   He is also a  trainer/coach for Dale Carnegie Training at Bentley University.  He earned his bachelors degree from Providence College and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Professional Studies in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University.  “I am excited to have Mr. Rooney join the Milton High School family,” said Suzanne Johnson, a member of the screening committee. “I truly feel he will be a great addition.”

I would like to thank the members of the screening committee who helped to make this selection.  In addition to myself and Assistant Superintendent John Phelan, the screening committee included Milton High School Principal James Jette; Milton High School Vice Principal Michelle Kreuzer; Milton High School Teacher Representatives Dave Mazzuli and Sean LoPresti; and Parent Representatives Suzanne Johnson, Margaret Carels and Charles Sidoti.  The Milton School Committee was represented by Kristan Bagley Jones and Mike Zullas.  I would like to express my gratitude to all members of this committee for their time and dedication to this process.

* * *

We also recently learned that Milton High School Vice Principal Yolanda Beech will be leaving the Milton Public Schools. Ms. Beech is resigning from her position at Milton High to launch her own business.  The focus of the company will to provide initiatives that empower teenagers and educators.  Ms. Beech has been an incredible asset to the students, families and staff of Milton High School and she will be genuinely missed. We will be forming a search committee to begin screening candidates for this position. Principal James Jette will be emailing Milton High School parents and guardians to see who may be interested in serving on this committee.


The Milton High School Pre-K Program is holding an Open House on September 5th.

 * * *

 Pierce Middle School is hosting the following events:

August 20th at 6 pm: Information Night for Families of Students in Grades 6-8 Who Are New to the Milton Public Schools

August 27th at 6 pm: Information Night for Families of Incoming 6th Grade Students

August 19-August 23rd:  Welcome to Middle School for students entering grade 6.  There are still slots available.  Interested families can download the application from the Pierce Middle School Edline Site and return it with payment to the Pierce Middle School main office, which is open 8 am to 2 pm Monday- Friday.

Milton Foundation for Education 

The following item on the Spring Grants was submitted by the Milton Foundation for Education: 

Garden beds and easels and pedometers, oh my! Teacher Grants in full bloom this spring. We are so lucky in Milton that each of our six schools is bursting with talented teachers. Their dedication and ingenuity goes above and beyond. That’s why, when they come to us with grant requests for equipment or materials that will help them reach and teach our children even more effectively, we’re honored that, with your support, we’re able to help out.

This spring’s proposals were as exciting as they were unique. With your help we were able to purchase raised garden beds for Pierce Middle School’s outdoor classroom. Glover students will now have new manipulatives to help learn complex math concepts and build electrical circuits. Tucker has received CDs, books and fun programs to help children become excellent social thinkers.

The 5th grade Growth & Development program across all four elementary schools now has updated, more contemporary DVDs, so they will no longer be getting the talk from a Vinnie Barbarino look-alike. And Glover Elementary received 36 pedometers with which they plan to take math to the streets (or the paths) and even start a mathematical walking club.

These are important elements that our teachers need to keep doing their job at such a high level. Again, we thank you for your generous support that keeps Teacher Grants, and so many other great initiatives, funded.

Milton Public Library

There are many programs and exciting events for students taking place at the Milton Public Library this summer. Please visit for a complete listing of children’s and teens’ events.


The following item was written by Pam Dorsey, our Transportation Director.

Hello Parents:  We hope you are enjoying your summer. Due to some staff restructuring, I will continue as the Transportation Director through December 31, 2013.  I will be happy to help you with any issues surrounding the big yellow school buses at the new email address:   Please send all bus inquiries to that email.

Bus passes will be mailed out in early August.  If you registered for the bus but have not yet paid, please do so immediately; bus passes cannot be mailed out if there is a fee due. Please note that the following routes are now full:

PMS/MHS:  1A, 6A, 7A, 8A

Collicot/Cunningham/St.A:  6B

Seats remain available on all other routes until August 15; the Transportation Office is closed from August 15 – September 15. For a complete list of routes, please click here:


Update on Brooks Field: The final installation stages of replacing the synthetic turf on Brooks Field are nearly complete. This project started in June when the field was stripped of its original 10-year-old synthetic turf. William Ritchie, Consolidated Facilities Director believes that the entire project went very smoothly over the hot summer months. He hopes to turn over the field for use by our athletes by the second week of August.  The project was on time and within budget. The final field painting should be completed this week and final punch list items to be completed shortly thereafter. The synthetic turf replacement project was made possible due to the generosity of the Copeland Foundation, capital funding from the town budget and rental fees from the School Department to make up the estimated $450,000 project cost. This new turf should last another ten years with routine and preventative maintenance measures.

“As Consolidated Facilities Director, this project was one of my summer highlights,” said Mr. Ritchie. “I was involved from the very  beginning in assisting with preparing bid specifications, field design/selection and acting as project manager.  This is a such great gift that many students and visiting teams will enjoy for many, many years.”

* * *

Milton High School students who are planning to participate in a fall sport should visit the following link:

This page will list all the forms for student-athletes to sign up for the fall, along with parental obligations. Payments for sports fees can be made to:

PAYMENT: After making the user fee payment, parents/guardians will need to print out their receipt.  Athletic fees will be reimbursed if the student does not make the team.

PHYSICAL: Your child’s physical must be current and within thirteen (13) months in order to be eligible to participate.

PARENT PERMISSION FORM: The “Parental Permission” must be downloaded and completed.

PRE-PARTICIPATION CONCUSSION FORM: The “Pre-Participation Concussion” forms must be downloaded and completed.

CONCUSSION COURSE CERTIFICATE: Parents must complete this on-line course. It  can be found at:

Please complete one and print a hard copy of your certificate.

DATES TO SIGN UP FOR SPORTS: The dates and times to register will be announced via email and phone alert over the summer however, parents can pay NOW

SIGN UP @ MHS: Signups will take place at the Athletic Director’s Office located next to entrance to MHS Field House.


* * *


June 20th Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Jun• 20•13

As we close in on our final days of school, I would like to be sure that all of our students are aware of their Summer Learning requirements. While we all agree that summer vacation should be a time of rest and relaxation for both students and teachers, we also must stress that the benefits of Summer Learning are enormous. Many of our teachers undergo some type of professional development during the summer months, and there is an expectation that our students also continue to learn.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 21st is Summer Learning Day — a national advocacy day recognized to spread awareness about the importance of summer learning for all students. Sponsored by the National Summer Learning Association, the organizers have put together some excellent resources for parents and guardians. Please click this link to view the brochure:

Also, we have listed the Milton Public Schools’ Summer Reading requirements for each grade level below, as well as links to more specific information from each school.

I wish you all a safe, fun and healthy summer and look forward to seeing everyone back at the end of vacation.   School will resume for grades 1-12 on August 28th and for our Kindergarten class on September 3rd.



 All students in the Milton Public Schools will engage in a reading program this summer as part of the school system’s ongoing effort to challenge our students.  Summer academic requirements for each school level are below:

Milton High School: Students entering grades 9-12 must do required reading and may also take part in voluntary summer reading. During the last week of school, English teachers will be discussing book titles that may interest students. We hope that everyone — parents, students, teachers — will participate in making this a successful and rewarding program that will “keep their minds alive” over the summer.

Required Summer Reading:  All Milton students entering grades 9-11 must read one book for English, one book for Social Studies, and one free choice book. Students who are in honors classes may be required to read more than three. Seniors who are not electing Social Studies will read two books, one for English and one free choice.  For the titles you will be required to read, please refer to the grade-appropriate information provided.  PLEASE NOTE:  Additional summer reading requirements for students taking AP courses will be given out at mandatory spring meetings for these classes.

Voluntary Summer Reading: In addition to the required reading, students may read additional books for extra credit.  Students who read more books than required will be given an opportunity to receive extra credit in their English class.

If Milton High School students have any questions about their Summer Assignments, check this link:

Pierce Middle School: The philosophy of the Pierce Middle School in regards to Summer Reading is to guide students to read for pleasure and enjoyment. We feel continuous reading not only fosters an important life skill, but ensures and enhances the academic transition to the next school year. At Pierce we hope to create a learning community where all students develop the skills to work productively as a group of learners, supporting one another, recognizing and celebrating our unique differences. As part of our proactive stance to create productive citizens, we would like to utilize our summer reading program as a teaching opportunity to promote discussion and awareness around social conflicts that can occur during adolescence. The English Department has selected book titles that showcase issues around teasing, bullying, acceptance and the hard choices that students are faced with in the middle school years and beyond.  

Middle School Requirements: Students must read a total of four books; three free choice books and one required text.

Grade 6 
Hoot, Hiaasen

Grade 7 (choose 1)

  • When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Holt
  • Misfits, Howe
  • The Revealers, Wilhelm
  • Anything But Typical, Raleigh Baskin

Grade 8 (choose 1)

  • Inventing Elliot, Gardner
  • Buddha Boy, Koja
  • Stargirl, Spinelli
  • Mockingbird, Erskine

Important forms, suggested reading and MPL flyer can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking here:  Click this link and you will find a book reflection sheet for the required text and a reading log to record total number of books read:

Also, Pierce students can win prizes! For every book read beyond our four book expectation, students will be entered into a raffle for some fantastic prizes. The more books read, the better the chances of winning!

Elementary: Summer reading is important for everyone! It helps foster a life long love of reading and helps students maintain the gains in reading comprehension they have made during the school year. We know from research that sometimes students do not spend a lot of time in the summer reading because they are busy with other activities. Lack of reading can contribute to “summer reading slide.” Children who have limited access to books experience a slide in their literacy skills over the summer. Numerous studies indicate that an achievement gap in reading develops and widens during summer vacation.  Access to books and voluntary reading each play a critical role in promoting reading achievement outside of school, especially during the summer months.

In the past we have provided an exhaustive list of books and required a book project of some kind. This year we are trying something new. Book lists will be available online at the Milton Public Schools website under Summer Reading Ideas. Hard copies of the list will also be available in the Children’s Room at the library. Once again the library will offer a Summer Reading club. Check it out and sign up online!

This year across the district we have done a lot of work in classrooms to help students learn how to choose “just right” books. With this in mind, please encourage your child to make good book choices. Please take into consideration your child’s interests and level of maturity.

In addition, students this year do not need to complete any kind of written assignment about their books during the summer months. Instead, we are asking that students be prepared to discuss, illustrate, or write about one of the books they read during the first weeks of school. This represents a more authentic response to reading. We will ask that you fill a child/parent/guardian book log (on the back of this letter), which will be collected by your child’s teacher in September. We hope that each child will read every day. That means reading independently, reading with a grown-up or sibling, listening to books or any combination of these. What we know is that the more children read and keep their eyes on print over the summer the less apt they are to loose the ground they have gained over the course of the school year.

Here are some specific ways you can support summer reading habits with your child:

• ask your child to reread the texts they are reading to increase their fluency
• talk with your child about what they’re thinking when they are reading
• take time to read together- you read a page—-they read a page
• visit the library on a regular basis and participate in the activities they offer including the Summer Reading Club
• encourage your child to choose books they want and are motivated to read
• talk about what you are reading and engage in conversations about what characters are doing, saying and thinking
• consider the ways that a character changes throughout the book

In short, READ, READ, READ!!!!!

Here are a couple of websites to peruse if you are looking for book suggestions.

A Book and a Hug:
Hennepin County Library (Very current book database grouped by genre.)
Bookwink The latest video booktalks for ages 8-14.

To print a fun reading log, click here:

Thank you in advance for your help and support in what we hope will be an exciting summer reading experience for your children. If you have any questions, pleas contact Martha Heller-Winokur, English Language Arts Coordinator at


I am proud to report than nearly 1,000 students will be participating in some type of Milton Public School-sponsored program this summer. Between our Milton Summer Enrichment program taking place at Milton High School, our Title I Summer Scholars program taking place at Tucker Elementary School, and the Extended Year Services program taking place at both Milton High School and Cunningham Elementary school, we will be reaching a large number of our students during the summer months.

For more information about these programs, please contact their directors:

Milton Summer Enrichment
Director: Jonathan Redden
Location: Milton High School

Extended School Year – Special Education Services
Director: Karen Clasby
Location: Milton High School & Cunningham Elementary School
617-696-5040 x5572


Title I Summer Scholars
Director: Deb Fidrocki
Location: Tucker Elementary School


We are pleased to present our Continental Math Scores for our Elementary School students.


Collicot Elementary School: First Place: Alex Dhima, Second Place: Clarissa Waldmann, Shea Flanagan, Viviann Nguyen, Philip Synnott, Third Place: Mary-Kate Fox, Molly Murtagh, Coleman Rose. Perfect Scores were earned by: Alex Dhima, Mary Mitchell, Katherine Delaney, Mary-Kate Fox, Jackson Humphreys, Molly Murtagh, Giselle Neville, Zachary Vaughan, Clarissa Waldmann, Simone Elfer, Maria Koudounas, Andrew Viola, Shea Flanagan, Viviann Nguyen, Anthony Golden, Keith Savage, Olivia Dimanno, Mayu Joiner, Philip Synnott and Katherine Biagiotti.

Cunningham Elementary School: First Place: Thomas Hamblet. Second Place: Ian Leissner. Third Place: Jason Flanagan and Alexander Foster. Perfect Scores were earned by: Emily Steelman, Maeve DiSandro, Joshua Riggs, Macie Capplis, Alexander Foster and Thomas Hamblet.

Glover Elementary School: First Place: Ryan Mazzotta. Second Place: Allison Deegan. Kelly Mackenzie, Christina Gioioso, Taylor Vrettas and Matthew Creamer. Perfect Scores were earned by: Aine Buchau, Mary Howley, Alex Malmstrom, Taylor Vrettas, Matthew Creamer, Catherine Le, Sarah Ward, Elizabeth Toomey, Christina Gioioso, Molly Theobald, Kelly Mackenzie, Edward Freking, Caroline Ducharme, Michale Daly, Ryan Mazzotta, Allison Deegan, Philip Ng Pack, Nessan O’Donnell Matthew Creamer, David Cichello and Caroline Robinson.

Tucker Elementary School: First Place: Alisa Lorden and Brendan Scott. Second Place: Emily Dobrindt. Third Place: Madigan Cooper and Grace Quijano. Perfect Scores were earned by: Emily Dobrindt, Alisa Lorden, Kami Nguyen, Emilia Wieczorek, Andre Leclerc, Madigan Cooper, Brendan Scott, Earl Tucker Jr. and Vanessa Lorden.


Collicot Elementary School. First Place: Jack Lally. Second Place: Michael Swanton. Third Place: Ryan Fitzmaurice, Megan Farley and Arlo Stoodt. Perfect Scores were earned by: Ryan Fitzmaurice, Jack Lally, Lillian Goodeand Saoirse Killion.

Cunningham Elementary School: First Place: Eris McCubbin. Second Place: Sophie Boucher. Third Place: Jami Milliken and Emma Scapicchio. Perfect Scores were earned by: George Laing, Jami Milliken, Gwyneth LeLacheur, Sophie Boucher, Emma Scappichio, Louis Timmins, Philip Phan and Eris McCubbin.

Glover Elementary School: First Place: Ella O’Hanlon. Second Place: Zoe Malouf. Third Place: Luca Mostofi and Andrew Shenoudah. Perfect Scores were earned by: Luke Baltay, Andrew Shenoudah, Oliver McKay, Ella O’Hanlon, Zoe Malouf and Robert Weisenhahn.

Tucker Elementary School: First Place: Daniel Truo. Second Place: Henry Schwarz. Third Place: Blake Strong. A Perfect Score was earned by Adam Young and Daniel Truo.


Collicot Elementary School. First Place: Rachel Steinberg. Second Place: Samuel Disandro. Third Place: Benjamin Malisheski.

Cunningham Elementary School: First Place: Brianna DiMaggio and Dimitri Sophinos. Second Place: Simon Nguyen, Kiley Fitzgerald and Chloe Zhong. Third Place: Kaitlyn Paiva, Caroline Gannon and Anna Hamblet. A Perfect Score was earned by Simon Nguyen.

Glover Elementary School: First Place: Jake Lippert. Second Place: Rohan Meier. Third Place: Lauren Cox, Madison Ford, Nate McNulty, Richard Robinson, Johanne Lydon, Kevin McManus and Ian Lundeen. A Perfect Score was earned by Jake Lippert.

Tucker Elementary School: First Place: Maxwell Mitchell. Second Place: Declan O’Connor. Third Place: Maxwell Hollingsworth-Hays.  A Perfect Score was earned by Luke Shields.


Collicot Elementary School: First Place: Connor Naughton. Second Place: Lok Ye Young. Third Place: Oisin Allen, Bridget Miskell and Connor Griffin. Perfect Scores were earned by Bridget Miskell and Connor Naughton.

Cunningham Elementary School: First Place: Hokulani Panerio-Langer (10) Rauna Sohur (10) Dexter Gordon and Kiera Glazer. Second Place: Benjamin Waterman and Sophie Kosiba. Third Place: Owen Rogers.

Glover Elementary School: First Place: Jonah Renz. Second Place: Harrison Dolgoff. Third Place: Michael Duffy and KJ Becket.

Tucker Elementary School: First Place: Nicholas Reason. Second Place: Claudia O’Neill. Third Place: Ellis Wallace.

* * *

 The following is a list of the students who had the highest cumulative scores for the WordMasters Challenge  for the 2012-2013 Blue Division. 

 Cunningham School:

Grade Five: Paul Goodman, Thomas Hamblet, Macie Capplis, Joshua Riggs, Shaylen VanGestel, Nate Dickens, Emily Steelman, Ejiro Egodogbare, Giana Spring, Luke Botsford, Anne Rull and Ata Yalcindag. Grade Four: Eris McCubbin, Eliza Callahan, Jami Milliken, Elizabeth Viveriros, Sophie Boucher, Olga Kazarov, Mahina Panerio, Louis Timmins, Matthew Gill,  Veronika Lin, Gwenyth LeLacheur. Grade Three: Anne Hamblett, Dimitri Sophino, Brendan Butler, Brianna DiMaggio, Caroline Gannon, Madison Crummey, Tucker Moriarty, Somachi Amadi, Claire MacDonald Lucia Dwyer, Anderson Korman and Chloe Zhong.

Tucker School: 

Grade Five: William Reason,  Alisa Lorden, Brenda Scott, Grace Quijano, Emily Dobrindt, Max Winkler, Cooper Madigan, Andre Leclerc, Isabelle Richer and Taija Franklyn. Grade Four: Claire Walko, Daniel Truog, Walker Harris, Oskar Peloguin, Dominique Thomas, Sebastien Yunger, Julia Wright, Franklin Ollivierre III, Olivia Ketler and Gabriel Estevez. Grade Three: Max Hollingworth-Hays, Stella Yuan, Peter Rhee, Grace Kelly, Darioush Ghazian, Michael McHugh, Maxwell Mitchell, Declan O’Connor, Camden Levreault, Sofika Demas and Luke Shields.

Glover School: 

Grade Five: Wyatt Sullivan, Aine Buchau, Jackson MacMillan, Ella Zimmermann, Guinevere Ferreira, Michael Daly, Christina Gioioso, Hannah Pauly, Teddy Freking, James McNulty, Margaret Haley and Margaret Theobald. Grade Four: Yaeger Ferreira, Laura Braithwaite, Aidan Greene, Megan Kream, June Padera, Ella Schiffman, Zoe Malouf, Alessandra Masso, Kayla Mathiew, Oliver McKay, Abigail O’Donnell and Anna Fahey. Grade Three: Jake Lippert, Nate McNulty, Nina Zimmermann, Carolina deOliveira, Henry Synnott, Veronica deOliveira, Jack Kaster, Anabella deOliveira, Gabrielle Slate, Jack Theobald, Christopher Barrett and Michael Freking.

Collicot School:

Grade Five: Kate Delaney, Jonathan Truong, Jackson Humphreys, Clarissa Waldmann, Alex Dhima, Shea Flanagan, Mary Kate Fox, Mary Mitchell, Giselle Neville, Owen Cantillon, Ted Hanifin, Nora Kleiman and Alexander Malisheski. Grade Four: Kate McDonald, Benjamin Mills, Preston Luie, Aislinn Mershon, Crystal Dai, Sam Dunnington, Saoirse Killion, Kevin Radley, Arlo Stoodt, Megan Farley, Grace Muir, Michael Swanton, Amanda Arcieri and Katherine McDevitt. Grade Three: Rachel Steinberg, William Riley, Gustave Greene, Benjamin Malisheski, Josie Mastandrea, Ciara Fitzgerald, Ronan O’Flaherty, Gabriella Brown, Lila Glenn, Samuel Disandro and Maeve McDonough

* * *

Congratulations to Pierce student Chiara Ferrante for winning a honorable mention in the  MWRA Writing Contest Entry.  This year’s theme was Tap vs. Bottle. Chiara is a student in Bernadette McEvoy’s science class. Great work!


I have some wonderful news to share. I have appointed Dr. Sheila Kukstis as the new Principal of the Glover Elementary School.  Dr. Kukstis has served since 2011 with the Archdiocese of Boston and is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Academics.  Her responsibilities included strengthening academic performance and implementing new programs for more than 41,000 students in 121 schools throughout the Archdiocese. Dr. Kukstis also served as Principal of the St. Jerome School in Weymouth (pre-K – 8); a Principal in the Taunton Public Schools (K-4); and the Principal of the St. Andrew the Apostle School in Jamaica Plain. She has also served as a classroom teacher at the St. Matthew School in Dorchester, the South Shore Educational Collaborative in Hingham and St. Andrew the Apostle in Jamaica Plain. Dr. Kukstis earned her Bachelor’s degree and her Master’s degree from Bridgewater State College and her Doctoral degree from UMass/Boston.

I would like to thank those who served with me on the Glover Principal Screening Committee. I am grateful to School Committee member Becky Padera, Assistant Superintendent John Phelan, Collicot Principal Janet Sheehan, Glover Principal Holly Concannon,  Parent Representatives Jerry Vitti, Rachel Schewe and Adrienne Sullivan; Teacher Representatives Maureen McClain, Carolyn Brandi and Pierce Middle School Assistant Principal/Humanities Curriculum Coordinator Amy Gale.

* * *

 I am pleased to announce we have also hired a new Director of Guidance for Milton High School. Karen Cahill will begin this position effective July 1, 2013. Ms. Cahill has been with the Milton Public Schools since 1993. She began her career at the Pierce Middle School where she served as both a math teacher and later a guidance counselor. She then moved to Milton High School where she has served as a guidance counselor since 2009.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College, a Master of Counseling degree from UMass/Boston; and a Master of School Administration from Framingham State College.

I would like to thank the following people who served on the Guidance Director Screening Committee: Milton High School Principal James Jette, Vice Principal Yolanda Beech, Mathematics Department Head Courtney Walsh; and counselor/teacher representatives Leonice Bernard, Karen Hughes, and Larry Jordan.

We are all confident in Ms. Cahill’s abilities and are looking forward to her leading and expanding Milton High School’s Guidance Department.

* * *

The Screening Committee for the new Athletic Director is still being formed. Interested parents/guardians should email MHS Boosters President Gary Kelly at

* * *

Since my last Eblast, two additional people have announced their retirement.  Please join me in congratulating Mary Beaulieu, who is retiring from the Milton High School’s Food Services after 28 years in the Milton Public Schools and Anne Marie Laine, a French teacher at Milton High School.


I am very happy to announce that Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton just notified us that they have approved a grant written by School Committee member Kristan Bagley Jones. The hospital will fully fund the application for a “Good Decision Making and Healthy Choices” program in the Milton Public Schools. As part of this grant, Student Peers Leaders from Milton High School will facilitate workshops with the incoming freshmen class on making healthy decisions.  Issues related to substance use, depression and bullying will be the focus of these workshops.” The hospital will provide $1,500 in funding to support this program. Fantastic news!


The Milton Foundation for Education is pleased to announce that wireless internet access has been installed in all six Milton Public Schools. A special thank you to the Copeland Foundation for their support, and to Bob Pattison, MPS Information Technology Director and the Milton Public Schools; Dennis Thibeault, Bob O’Connell and Curry College; Jean Fernandez and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton; Bryan Price, Mike McKenna and Milton Academy; Brian Maher and Boston College High School;  and John Lemansky and Apple for sharing their wisdom and experience as we took this important step.

As the school year ends, the Milton Foundation for Education would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to the entire Milton Community. The was an incredible year of opportunity for the MFE and the Milton Public Schools. As we continued to support teachers with our teacher grant program and enhanced elementary science with money raised from our annual Monster Dash, we ventured into new territory, partnering with the Copeland Family Foundation to provide the funding for wireless infrastructure in all six schools. Our 2013 Celebration for Education “Live Wire” raised $215,000 that will fund teacher grants and material and support for the wireless initiative. Plans are underway for our 14th annual Monster Dash on Sunday, October 27, 2013 and we are gearing up for another great Celebration for Education on Saturday, April 12, 2014 with our chairs Sheila Leddy, Rachel Schewe and Courtney Affanato.

Our work is only possible because of your continued generosity and support. We thank you and wish you a peaceful, joyful and healthy summer! We look forward to seeing you in the fall. Please visit our website at to learn more about the MFE.


The 20th Annual Ed Baker Fishing Tournament has been rescheduled and will be held Saturday, June 22nd from 7 to 11 am at Turner’s Pond. Admission is $3 for youth and $5 for adults.

* * *

Please visit the Parks and Rec link to see what programs are being offered this summer:


The following item was sent by Sara Truog, Assistant Children’s Librarian at the Milton Public Library. 

For summer fun, the place to be is the Children’s Room at Milton Public Library!  Kids aged 3 and up are already signing up for the Summer Reading Club by visiting our website at  or by visiting us in the Children’s Room.  But that isn’t all that we have going on at the library during the week of July 4.  In addition to our regular storytimes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Monday is on hiatus this week), we also have these other exciting programs for the young people in your life:

Monday, July 1st from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Magic You’ll Dig, Ages 9-13 Magician Steve Rudolph brings his ever-popular show back to Milton.  This time around you’ll see him grow carrots by magic, find a pirate’s buried treasure and much more.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Library.

Tuesday, July 2nd from 2:00 – 3:00 pm Crafternoon, Ages 9-13 Kids aged 9-13 are invited to join Miss Sara (Children’s Librarian) and Ms. Emily (Teen Librarian) for crafting fun.  Each week we’ll be making something different, using such materials as duct tape, recycled materials, hardware, and more!  Registration is required.

Don’t forget to check the library web calendar for a listing of the many programs we are offering this summer.  Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar at, or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.


You’re invited to come and see what’s blooming at The Milton Art Center  - it’s our first annual “Garden Party” Fundraising Event on Friday, June 21st from 7 to 10 pm. Put down the clippers, grab a few friends, and stroll down to join us for a fun-filled Friday evening to enjoy wonderful artwork, relax to the music, and cool-off with some summertime refreshments.  Music, refreshments, a silent auction and artwork will on be on hand. This is a wonderful way to support the arts in your community and learn what the Milton Art Center has to offer as we celebrate our first year and our new non-profit status. Please join us for a wonderful night and the chance to kick-off the summer season with your friends at The Milton Art Center, 334 Edge Hill Road.


Madelyn Driscoll, a sophomore at Milton High School, passed the United States Figure Skating Senior Free Skating test at the end of May. This is the highest possible testing achievement in United States Figure Skating. Passing the Gold test means that Madelyn has achieved the most elite accomplishment in testing, and she has now earned the title “U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist.”  Approximately 300 members of U.S. Figure Skating pass the Senior Free Skating test each year, representing less than 1% of  full membership. Congratulations to Madelyn for her impressive accomplishment.


 As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Student: I would like to welcome our incoming class of 2026 Graduates from Milton High School! They haven’t quite begun their journey with the Milton Public Schools, but I know that every one of our incoming Kindergarteners will be enthusiastically received this September. Our registration, screening and “Kindergarten Strolls” at each of our elementary schools were a huge success. We can’t wait to have our newest students join us this fall.

Staff: While our students are away from our schools vacationing, our custodians will be busy this summer scrubbing, painting and making repairs to our buildings. Please join me in recognizing the hard work of the following custodians: Milton High School: Jason Scherer (senior custodian), Charlie Tacey, Judy Whalen, Bill Connors, William Parsloe, Robert Willett, John Studley and Kay Walsh. Pierce Middle School: Mike Buzzell (senior custodian), Steve Barry, Rick Walker, John Riley, Glenn Costa and Nelson Taylor. Collicot/Cunningham: Tom Malloy (senior custodian), Brian Mearn, Ann McGonagle and Mark Goonan. Glover Elementary School: Patrick Crow (senior custodian), Scott Williams and Janice Wilson. Tucker Elementary School: Steve Scherer (senior custodian) and Mark Bacon. I’d also like to thank our maintenance workers — Jim Egan and Filipe DePina.

Volunteer: As this school year comes to a close, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to recognize  a group of volunteers whose time, effort and expertise is absolutely critical to the success of the Milton Public Schools. They have collectively served thousands of hours as a board (some have served thousands of hours as individuals), and I hope you will join me in thanking the Milton School Committee. I am grateful to Lynda-Lee Sheridan, Leroy Walker, Mary Kelly, Kristan Bagley Jones, Becky Padera and Mike Zullas. The commitment these individuals have to the students of Milton is unbelievable, and I am proud to work with each of them.

The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.

June 14th Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Jun• 14•13

On Wednesday evening the Milton School Committee hosted one of my favorite events of the year. In the Milton High School courtyard, more than 100 volunteers from nearly every facet of the Milton Public School community were recognized for their efforts. This is an annual event where we get a chance to say thank you to those parents, guardians, grandparents and community members who generously give their time to improve the lives of our students.  From artists to gardeners to mathematicians, our volunteers have stepped up day after day and week after week to offer their talents to our schools. As a token of our appreciation, this year we gave each of the volunteers an original poem written by one of our students, Philippe Janvier, Class of 2014. I would like to share this with all of you:

“Shining Stars”

Look beyond the deep blue sky and the ubiquitous cotton white cloud
Beyond the moon made of lovely green cheese
And you’ll see the star that covers the earth with a bright shroud
A star that uses all its energy and time to support life without receiving a simple please

A star that supports nature by giving plants the energy to grow
And provides light to guide life throughout the day
That protects all living things with a warm comforting glow
Did you know you’re that star in every way?

Your selfless acts to use your energy and time
Allows the generations after you to live, laugh and love
And be assured as the children grow and climb
To reach their goals and dreams above

You’ll be that forever shining star
That has helped them and many to go so far

Thank you.


Photo Credit: Carter Fahy


There have been three School Committee meetings since my last E-blast, on May 30th, June 5th and June 12th. They are summarized below:

May 30th: School Committee members began the meeting by agreeing to keep the warrant at MHS during the week for signatures and move it to the Milton Police station on the weekends. They also had a discussion about the Assistant Superintendent for Business position. Superintendent Gormley notified the Committee that Glenn Pavlicek had interviewed for the position of Assistant Superintendent for Business. The Committee then moved into Executive Session for the purpose of negotiation strategy for Collective Bargaining.

June 5th: This School Committee meeting began with a reception for those staff members who will retiring at the end of this school year (see item below under Faculty Changes).  This event was held in the Milton High School library and was followed by the regular School Committee meeting.  As part of the Superintendent’s Report, members heard from Margaret Eberhardt, President of the Milton Foundation of Education.     She was joined by Anacristina Kenny and Anne Gatnik, Co-Chairs of this year’s Celebration for Education Livewire event. The group reported that this year’s event was a huge success, and they outlined some of the uses for the more than $215,000 raised. Next, Assistant Coach Debbie Higgins from the high school Girls Tennis team came with team members to discuss the successful spring season. Coaches Milos Nikolic and Michael McVeigh of the Boys and Girls Crew Team also came before the School Committee to talk about the incredible growth of their sport and their successful season. The boys team recently earned a bronze medal at the high school championships. Next, Rugby coaches Joe Dolan and Ned Corcoran spoke about their team’s win at the Division II Mass. State Rugby Championship. The Rugby team has grown from 18 players in the first season to 60 players this year.

Milton Public Schools’ Elementary Librarian Lori Henry appeared with her colleague, Sara Truog, of the Milton Public Library. These two talented librarians recently collaborated on a grant, “Community Partners for Student Success,” which aimed to encourage the use of the public library by Milton Public School students. So far, they have helped 400 elementary grade students get their library cards and have also taught them how to use the library’s resources.

The Finance Subcommittee reported that representatives from the Mass. Department of Revenue are in the process of conducting a financial review of the town. This is a voluntary process that town officials requested in order to help find improvements, efficiencies, etc. The review is on-going and should be concluded within three months.

June 12th: As part of the Superintendent’s Report, Assistant Superintendent Phelan gave members an update on the work of the Proficiency Gap Task Force; the Educational Technology Committee; and the Science/STEM Committee.  He also presented Kindergarten and First Grade Enrollment & Projections for 2013-14. He credited the early registration deadlines as being helpful towards the assignment process. As part of the Chairman’s Report, Committee members interviewed Dr. Glenn Pavlicek as the finalist for the Assistant Superintendent for Business position. After some deliberations, the School Committee voted to appoint Dr. Pavlicek to this position, contingent on a written response from the Ethics Commission and successful contract negotiations. There was a brief update from the Finance Subcommittee before the meeting was adjourned to Executive Session.


** Please note: Monday, June 24th is the last day of school.  It is a half day for students and no lunch is served. ** 

* * *

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) occupations are a high growth sector of the Massachusetts economy. In the fall of 2013, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will have completed the review of the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards emphasize important science and engineering practices such as:

  • Asking questions and defining problems
  • Developing and using models
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Using mathematics and computational thinking
  • Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering)
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

The Milton Public Schools will be reviewing and implementing these standards and adopting new instructional materials next school year. To better prepare all students to meet the challenges of increasingly demanding science and engineering curricula and the Grade Five Science MCAS exam, science instruction will be delivered in English in all Grade Five classes beginning in the fall of 2013. French Immersion students will receive Social Studies instruction in French which will also better prepare them for the Middle School Social Studies Massachusetts curriculum.

* * *

Meet the Artist: “Meet the Artists” is a parent-run volunteer art history program at the Milton schools (Tucker, Cunningham, Collicot and Glover). If you are a parent with a child in any of these schools and you have just a little free time and would like to become involved next year, please contact Jessica Gillooly at

 * * *

On Thursday, June 13, the Milton Public Schools were extremely proud of one its finest teachers, Mrs. Tanya Walsh, Grade 3 teacher at the Cunningham Elementary School, who was honored by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for being the mathematics finalist for the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Mrs. Walsh is one of a group of excellent educators, who are recipients of the Commonwealth’s top honors for educators.  Governor Deval Patrick, Secretary of Education Matthew Malone, Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester, Chair of the Joint Committee on Education, Alice Peisch, and other state and local education officials attended the ceremony to honor these teachers.

“I thank these honorees for their deep commitment to preparing our students for success as responsible, productive citizens and as leaders within their communities,” said Governor Patrick. “Their dedication to teaching is an inspiration to us all. They understand the stake we have in the next generation and are the reason our students lead the nation.”

The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) are the highest honors bestowed by the United States government specifically for K-12 mathematics and science teaching.  Established by Congress in 1983, the PAEMST program recognizes those teachers who develop and implement a high-quality instructional program that is informed by content knowledge and enhances learning.  Mrs. Walsh is one of three finalists for the Commonwealth.  An announcement of the winner is expected soon from the National Science Foundation, who administers the PAEMST on behalf of The White House Office of Science Technology Policy.

“The best teaching in the country is happening in Massachusetts, and today’s ceremony allows us to extend our appreciation to all educators for their exceptional service,” said Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester. “The individual educators we are honoring today bring a passion and commitment to their craft and to improving results for all students that I see in classrooms across the Commonwealth.”

Also participating in the ceremony yesterday were Mrs. Holly Concannon, K-5 Math and K-8 Technology Coordinator and Glover Co-Principal, and Dr. Karen Spaulding, Pierce Middle School Principal.  Mrs. Concannon was on hand, as the 2004 Miliken Family Foundation Award Recipient, to present this year’s recipient with his award.  Dr. Spaulding attended as well, as the 2001 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, to present awards to the 2012 PAEMST science teaching finalists.


I am pleased to announce that the Milton School Committee voted at the June 12th School Committee meeting to offer the position of Assistant Superintendent of Business to Dr. Glenn Pavlicek (see item above under “School Committee Update”).  Dr. Pavlicek comes to this role with a great deal of experience. He has served the town in various capacities for more than 15 years — as Chair of the School Committee; Chair of the Warrant Committee; member of the School Building Committee and the Master Planning Committee. Dr. Glenn Pavlicek earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Brown University and both his master’s and doctoral degrees in Mathematics from Northeastern University. He has been employed by Bridgewater State University as a professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science since 1984. Dr. Pavlicek serves as Treasurer of the Massachusetts State College Association and as a trustee of the Department of Higher Education/MTA Health & Welfare Trust Fund. I am certain that Dr. Pavlicek will “hit the ground running” and will prove to be a exemplary Assistant Superintendent for Business.

* * *

The Glover Principal Screening Committee is continuing its search for a new principal. We will inform the Milton Public School community as soon as an appointment is made.

* * *

Our Director of Athletics & PE/Health K-12 , Steve Traister, has announced that he accepted a position with the Dedham Public School district. He will be stepping down at the end of this school year. We wish Mr. Traister all the best in his new position. A screening committee will be formed to find a candidate for the position of Athletic Director. Staff members should email Margaret Gibbons at if they are interested in serving on this committee.  Parents/guardians who are interested in serving on this committee  should contact Gary Kelly at  Volunteers must be available for meetings on June 25th, 1-3pm; June 27th, 1-3pm’ July 1st, 9am-2pm; and July 2nd, 9am-2pm.

* * *

The following staff members will have retired as of the end of the 2012-13 school year: Mary Colleary, Loretta Swanton, Sheila Gallagher, Marion Hernandez, Jane Alcarez, Paul Arenburg, Vernon Nelson, Simone Rogan, Anne McIntyre, Patricia Ostrem, Dale Snyder and Ken Aubert.    I am sure that you join me in thanking them for their years of service to the students of the Milton Public Schools and wish them health and happiness in their well-deserved retirements.


We are so pleased that Milton parent and BoomWriter founder, Chris Twyman suggested trying BoomWriter in our schools. With Mr. Tywman’s support, as well as that of his highly knowledgeable staff, we were able to provide training, on-going technical support, and published books for many teachers and students throughout the district. The result has been a heightened interest in creative writing and storytelling and improved performance in the classroom.

BoomWriter is an engaging creative writing website that encourages young people to read, write, and assess what their peers write. One chapter at a time the students write, read, and then vote on which of the submissions they like the most. The winning chapter is then added to the story and the process continues. The end result is a complete story that was written collaboratively. Teachers Sara Willis, Erin Power, Dave Querzoli, Jessica Royster, Liz Tahaney, John Radosta and Nick Fitzgerald all worked with their students to write, revise, edit and publish an original story. These stories will be unveiled at a Community Publishing Party on Monday, June 17th at 6pm at the Milton Public Library.  I want to especially recognize and thank Amy Gale for coordinating this outstanding writing experience for our students.

 * * *

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton will be holding its annual Community Health Walk on  Saturday, June 15th at 10 a.m. for a picturesque 5k through Milton.  Lace up your sneakers to raise money for community health programs in your neighborhood! Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital- Milton’s Community Health Walk will generate much-needed funds for a variety of organizations that provide public health programs. Starting and ending at BID-Milton, enjoy a 3.1 mile (5k) walk through Milton’s most beautiful streets, or if you’re a beginner, just follow our half-mile course around the hospital campus! Every dollar raised will be given back to the community to help fund vital public health programs.

After the walk, walkers and other guests may visit BID-Milton’s Annual Health Fair. A variety of exhibitors including Milton Farmer’s Market, Rock Spot Climbing Gym, several hospital services and many others will take part in the fair. It costs just $5 to participate, and the event includes a free lunch and t-shirt… what a bargain! All proceeds from the walk are distributed in the form of mini-grants to local organizations.

For more information, please visit


The Milton Parent Advisory Council recently held their elections for the PAC Board for the 2013-2014 school year. Congratulations to the following Board members: Jerry Vitti – Chairperson, Michelle Connolly- Vice Chairperson, Ann Finnegan – Treasurer, Kathy Fagan – Member at Large, Kevin Lenane – Member at Large, Terri James Solomon – Member at Large.

The Milton PAC would like to wish everyone a safe and fun filled summer break. We hope to see everyone at our PAC meetings next year.

* * *

Reminder to parents/guardians of students receiving Extended Year Services to please return Acceptance & Medical Forms to Janet Potts at the the Special Education Office as soon as possible so that scheduling can be completed.


The Town of Milton’s Parks and Rec Department has plenty of events going on. Please click on this link to see the latest offerings:


Artspace Milton will offer their 4th annual Summer Art Camp @ Milton High School this July. Weeks will include Altered Books, Book It, (the Sequel,) Green Art, an experimental painting camp, “Drip, Drop, Splatter, Splash” and more. Take one week or all four!  Go to for more information.

* * *

Milton Art Center is also offering summer classes for children. Registration is now open for weeks in July and early August. See the schedule at:


The following item was submitted by Emily Calkins, Young Adult Librarian.

All Summer Long: Teen Summer Reading. Starting June 10, students entering grades 6-12  in the fall can sign up for teen summer reading at the library or online at Teens will keep track of the number of pages they read, earning prizes at four levels. Those who read 1000 pages or more will also be entered into a grand prize drawing for a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Saturday, June 15th, 10:30 am: Teen Book Club Meets to Discuss: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend (RESCHEDULED from June 10)  Our pick for June’s book is A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner. When Cass’s best friend Julia dies in a car accident, she leaves behind plans for a musical called “Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad.” Julia’s friends in the drama club are determined to put on the show, but Cass, who’s much happier behind the scenes, is conflicted. She feels even worse when Heather, who bullied Cass during middle school, is chosen as the lead. Cass decides to mourn Julia in her own way, by biking across the country with Julia’s ashes. The story alternates between Cass’s ride and the production of “Totally Sweet Ninja Death Sqaud” as Cass learns about grief, love, and most importantly, herself.

Tuesday, June 18th, 6:30-8:30 pm: Summer Reading Kick-off Picnic. School’s winding down, and summer at the Milton Public Library is just getting started! Milton teens and pre-teens (grades 6-12) are invited to our kick-off picnic. Join us for pizza, ice cream, and games; pick up a registration form for summer reading and a summer reading packet; and meet fellow summer readers! We will meet on the front lawn of the library. Our rain location is the Keys Community Room. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Tuesday, June 25th, 6:30-8:00 pm: Bleach t-shirts. Bring an old colored shirt and use bleach and freezer paper to transform it into something new! We’ll provide the supplies; you bring an old shirt (not white) and your creativity. Space is limited to 20 teens; please register at the library’s website. This program is open to students entering grades 6-12 (Fall 2013) and is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

The following information was submitted by Sara Truog, Assistant Children’s Librarian.

School is almost out, which means that it is time to sign up for the Summer Reading Club at the Milton Public Library.  Kids aged 3 and up are welcome to join; you can register by visiting our website at  or by visiting us in the Children’s Room.  But that isn’t all that we have going on at the library this week.  In addition to our regular story times on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, we  have these other exciting programs for the young people in your life:

Thursday, June 20th from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Happy Birthday, Author!, Ages 3 and up

Each month, Miss Sara invites friends aged 3 and up to join her for a party where we celebrate the birthday of a children’s author with crafts, games and stories.  In June, we will be celebrating Cynthia Rylant, the author of such great easy reader series as Brownie and Pearl, Henry and Mudge, The High-Rise Private Eyes, and Mr. Putter and Tabby, among other titles.  Registration for this program is required.  Kids 6 and under should be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.  Note: a small snack is served at this program.

Don’t forget to check the library web calendar for a listing of the many programs we are offering this summer.  Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar at, or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.


The Pierce Middle School Track Team wrapped up its inaugural season with a Pierce-only track meet at Brooks Field on Tuesday, June 4th.  Overall, the season was a great success. We are pleased to report that 21 Pierce athletes competed in the Massachusetts Middle School Track & Field Championships in Fitchburg last weekend against nearly 150 teams from around the state and did a fantastic job of representing Pierce Middle School and the town of Milton.

* * *

The boys and girls Crew Teams did an outstanding job at Massachusetts State Championships. The teams raced hard in the grand finals culminating with the bronze medal  in the Boys varsity 4+ and the 4th place in the Girls varsity 4+. Our crews have shown a great improvement since last year. They all raced hard and with confidence this season. Our rowers demonstrated what Milton Crew is about: determination and dedication! Milton Crew  is more competitive than ever before. Registration is now open for Summer Rowing with the Neponset Rowing Club. There will be summer programs for juniors and adults. For more information, visit or email Dave LeFebvre at

 * * *


As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition. Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Students: The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for members of our Class of 2013. Awards Nights, the Booster Banquet, Prom and Graduation all took place recently and were all great successes. I would like to recognize and thank each member of the Class of 2013 for their accomplishments, and I would like to wish them all the best in the future. They are the true “Ambassadors” of the Milton Public Schools and we are very proud of their achievements.

Teacher/Staff: I would like to take this chance to thank all of our Lunch & Recess Aides who have done a wonderful job this year helping to keep our  elementary students safe in the cafeterias and on the playgrounds. Please join me in thanking the following:  Collicot: Betty Carrigan, Teresa Cunningham and Mary Laporte. Cunningham: Wendy Drysdale, Joan Analetto, Moira Downes, Felisha Francis and Debra Hayes. Glover: Shawna Steuterman, Jarad Gray, Eileen Sullivan, Geta Fletcher and John Cochran. Tucker: Rose Russell, Abner Jean-Baptiste and Zachariah Brown.

Volunteer: I have worked with thousands of very dedicated and talented parent volunteers during my career in public education, but there is one person who has risen to the top in dedication, energy, leadership, talent and selflessness. That person is Mr. Gary Kelly.   Mr. Kelly has been the President of the Milton High School Boosters for the past few years. He also served for many years as a Board Member of the Milton Foundation for Education and has been involved in many other organizations in the Town of Milton.

His leadership of the Milton High School Boosters has been exemplary. The Boosters are a unique group of parent/guardians who support Milton High School’s student/athletes. Because of budget constraints, Milton High School’s athletic program heavily relies on the Boosters to supplement our athletic budget. These volunteers fund raise to pay for and/or supplement the cost of uniforms, buses to and from games, equipment and more.

Over the past few years of difficult budgets, Milton High School’s athletic program has been able to survive because of the support of the Milton High School’s Boosters under the very talented and skilled leadership of Gary Kelly. On behalf of Milton High School’s athletic program and each and everyone of our coaches and student/athletes,  I want to thank Gary Kelly for taking on the very important role of Boosters President.

For more information on the Boosters — how to join, or how to contribute, please check our their link:

 The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.




May 22 Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - May• 22•13

Like many of you, I spent some time during the past few days watching the video footage from the tragedy in Oklahoma.  I have heard over and over about the heroism of the school teachers in the midst of what must have been a terrifying ordeal.  From playing musical games with students to drown out the noise of the tornado, to herding students into the bathrooms for protection, the stories of teachers’ heroics affected me deeply.

During this school year, we have seen news accounts of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, the Boston Marathon bombing and now these images from Oklahoma.  The common theme is heroism of ordinary people, and in two of those cases, heroism of teachers in particular.

We recently celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week in our schools, and news events such as the Oklahoma tornadoes reinforce to me — and I’m sure to many of you — what a very important role school teachers have in our lives and the lives of our children.  I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to those affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes and I would also like to thank each and every teacher in the Milton Public Schools for what they do every day.


Retirement celebrations are bittersweet. Each spring, we honor our staff members who are ending their careers with the Milton Public Schools. These employees are about to end a rich and fulfilling chapter of their lives and turn the page into the next chapter entitled Retirement.

When I meet with teachers and staff who are retiring, I tell them that for a teacher to retire healthy after having worked and taught in a career they have enjoyed and been successful at is the greatest gift of all. It is a reason to celebrate. On the other hand, to leave a career that has brought so much enjoyment and satisfaction can be heart wrenching.

I always tell my friends and relatives that for a student to have a teacher in their first or last year of their career is a unique and special experience and opportunity.  A first-year teacher brings a joy and contagious enthusiasm to their teaching and classroom.  A teacher in the final year of his or her career has developed an amazing repertoire of skills and expertise. There is a special chemistry in both of these classrooms.

On behalf of the Milton Public School family, I want to thank this year’s retirees from the bottom of my heart for their years of service and dedication to the students of Milton.  I want to congratulate and thank them and wish health and happiness to each of these individuals. I hope they know that their Superintendent and the Milton Public School system appreciates all they given to our students.  Please join me in congratulating this year’s retirees:

Jane Alcarez
Paul Arenburg
Ken Aubert
Mary Colleary
Sheila Gallagher
Marion Hernandez
Anne McIntyre
Vernon Nelson
Patricia Ostrem
Simone Rogan
Dale Snyder
Loretta Swanton


There has been one School Committee meeting since my last Eblast, on May 15th. It is summarized below:

May 15th:  This was the first meeting of the School Committee with the newly-elected members Mike Zullas and Becky Padera, with the exception of a brief reorganizational meeting on May 1st. This meeting began with a presentation by the LifeSmarts team from Milton High. Coaches Paul Arenburg and Nancy Mikels, along with members of the LifeSmarts team described their recent trip to Atlanta to compete in the Nationals. School Committee members congratulated the team, especially the three students who were cited for having placed at the National Competition, Jack Caljouw,  Mona Yuan and  Nick Juzyca.

Next, the Debate Team was invited to the meeting along with coach Nick Fitzgerald. Coach Nancy Warn was unable to attend. The team reported on their successful season which culminated with the team hosting their first debate tournament at Milton High School.

Winners of the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition were also invited to School Committee. Art teachers Karen Hughes and Kassandra Derby, Principals Dr. Karen Spaulding and James Jette, accompanied Milton High School and Pierce Middle School winners.  Artwork was proudly displayed and student awards were announced.

Food Service Director Jacqueline Morgan reported to the School Committee about the past year. Her report included information on the new on-line payment system, the Free/Reduced Lunch program, the new breakfast cart at Milton High School and a summary of recent grants the Food Service Department has received.

School Committee members voted to approve the revised 2013-14 calendar, which can be viewed here:  The next School Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 5th at 7 pm.


Please note, Milton High School’s Class of 2013 Graduation will take place on Sunday, June 2nd in the Copeland Field House.

 * * *

The Milton Public Schools were recently honored with a visit from Mitchell D. Chester, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, who came to visit the Milton Public Schools in order to observe the Full-Day Kindergarten program at Glover Elementary School and visit Milton High School. The day went very smoothly thanks to the efforts of faculty, staff and students. Thank you to Dr. Vanessa Calderon-Rosado, a Milton Public School parent and  member of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, who helped to arrange this visit.


DESE Commissioner Mitchell Chester, along with Board Member Vanessa Calderon-Rosado, visited Milton recently to observe classes at MHS and Glover school.


Commissioner Chester enjoyed meeting students from the co-taught classroom at Glover Elementary School.









* * *

During this school year we introduced a new exam/diploma at the end of our French immersion Program (after AP) for High School students wishing to claim an internationally recognized French proficiency certificate. Students registered in French Connection VII took this exam, and we are happy to report that the 23 students who took the DELF exam all earned passing grades.

The DELF Exam (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) is an official qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education certifying a level of fluency in French. This certification is officially recognized by the European Consortium for Foreign Languages, and constitutes the equivalent of the American TOEFL. Such certification is useful for school records, as well as college and job applications in French-speaking countries. Scores are valid for life.

The DELF is designed to assess the communicative skills of a candidate in a real situation using authentic documents, and evaluate  her or his linguistic know-how (writing a letter, asking for information, exchanging opinions).  The exam assesses the four language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking skills and writing) and has two levels (B1/B2). The oral test has been administered by trained instructors from the French Cultural Center of Boston (Alliance Française)

Thank you to Anne-Marie Lainé, our DELF teacher, who attended a training session in Boston to help better prepare our students. Congratulations to the following students:

Milton High School students who passed the B2 exam (more advanced)

Camille Carpenter, Yvonne Corbett, Abigail Greenwood, Ines Kagubare, Morgan Kelly, Amanda Liberty, Anton Libsch, Isabelle Smith

Milton High School students who passed the B1 exam (advanced)

Emily Berman, Marissa delMonte, Molly Dempsey, Kay Green, Nicholas Juzuca, Lily Kasuba, Bethany Knight, Arielle Lasoff, Megan Mc Isaac, Deanna Maher, Christine Murphy, Sinead O’Conor, Madison Perlick, Devon Stanley,  Stephanie Ward

* * *

I am pleased to report that one of our innovative programs that started this year, Boomwriter, is gearing up for their “publishing party,” on Monday, June 17th from 6 – 7 at the Milton Public Library.

When Milton High and Glover parent and BoomWriter founder, Chris Twyman approached us about using BoomWriter in our schools, we had no idea of how academically engaging this program would be. With Mr. Tywman’s support, as well as that of his highly knowledgeable staff, we were able to provide training, ongoing technical support, and published books for many teachers and students throughout the district. The result has been a heightened interest in creative writing and storytelling and improved performance in the classroom.  Sara Willis, Erin Power, Dave Querzoli, Jessica Royster, Liz Tahaney, John Radosta and Nick Fitzgerald all worked with students to write, revise, edit and publish an original story.

BoomWriter is an engaging creative writing website that encourages young people to read, write, and assess what their peers write. One chapter at a time, the students write, read, and then vote on which of the submissions they like the most. The winning chapter is then added to the story and the process continues. The end result is a complete story that was written collaboratively. For more information visit the Boomwriter website by clicking here.

 * * *

 The 2013 Milton Summer Enrichment brochure is now available. The brochure can be viewed by clicking here:


The Pierce Players will perform Hello Dolly at the Pierce Auditorium on Thursday, May 30th & Friday, May 31st at 7 pm and Saturday, June 1st at 2 pm. Tickets are on sale for $10/adults and $8/children and can be purchased at the door or by calling 617-696-4570.


* * *

 We are in need of volunteers for a very important event for our high school and our community. This is the 20th year for the Milton High School All Night Graduation Party.  This party will be held on Sunday June 2nd. Details are below, or visit this link:

Why an All Night Party?  Graduation is a time of celebration. Energy and excitement runs high and students feel invincible. Drinking and drugs are often a part of the rite of passage and the results can be tragic. The All Night Party has become part of the Milton High School culture with close to 100% participation. It is a community supported way for all seniors, and only seniors, to get together one last time in a safe, alcohol free, drug free environment to party until dawn with rocking music, plenty of food and great entertainment.

Parents of Graduates: Please encourage your student to attend. This party is for every graduating senior.  Grads have been given brochures, information has been emailed home and information is always available at  Keep your child safe. This is event is run by parents and we want your help.

Why should I help?  If you don’t do it, who will? As parents of high school students, we have the most vested interests in making sure these students have a place to celebrate the smart and safe way this year and for years to come. Take this opportunity to show your son or daughter that you support their choice for a drug free, alcohol free, yet outrageously fun all night party.

 What will I do? There are jobs for everyone. Light lifting, lots of sitting, interacting with the kids, never seeing the kids, moving fast, never moving at all, staying out late, getting up early. Give us a reason why you can’t help and we’ll find a way that you can. We need you!

What will the kids do? The kids will arrive at 10:30PM. The doors are locked at 11:00PM and do not open again until 5:00AM. The night is jam packed with activities including music, dancing, games, plenty of food, a hypnotist show, airbrush tattoo artists, tarot card readers and enough memories to last a lifetime.

 I don’t have a graduating senior. Maybe not this year, but someday you will. And when they graduate, you will want them safely locked down at the all night party. Help now to ensure this party continues.

My senior does not want me there. Sign up for the PACK UP shift at 5:00AM (Monday), the SET UP shift at 5:30PM Sunday or a shift in the foyer (vs. the main party room). FYI, these same seniors that do not want you there are usually running around looking for Mom or Dad.

I can’t do it. It’s too late for me. It’s too late for all of us. Remind yourself that you would not be getting a good night’s sleep if your senior was out on graduation night going from party to party.  You certainly would not get a good night’s sleep if you were awakened by a phone call from the Milton Police, Milton Hospital or a crying neighbor.

I have to work the next day. Like many of us, you might consider taking Monday off. Let your student know that you support their commitment to a drug free, alcohol free graduation.

Still not convinced? When was the last time you partied until dawn? Enjoy the food, music and energy of 250 teenagers. This is a great night for the kids and a fun night for volunteer parents. We’ve raised good kids. You’ve known some of them since grade school. You will be proud of them. Come on out and help give them a good send off. We can’t do it without you.

For more information, visit this blog   or Email if you would like to volunteer.

 * * *

Internet Safety Night will be held on Thursday, June 6th at the Milton High School Library.  Join the Milton Public Schools Administration & Internet Safety Specialists Lynette Owens and Patricia A. Snell for a night of information and discussion regarding Internet Safety and Cyber-bullying. This event is geared for parents and guardians of children in grades K-12. Internet Safety Night Provided to the Milton Community by the Milton Public Schools, the Norfolk County District Attorney, and Trend Micro. This event is sponsored by: Collicot, Cunningham, Glover, Tucker, Pierce, & Milton High School Parent & Teacher Organizations and the district Bullying Prevention Advisory Committee (BPAC).

* * *

MHS Boosters Varsity Athletes Banquet: On Wednesday, May 29th at 6:00 pm, Milton varsity letter winners will be honored at the 35th annual Varsity Awards banquet sponsored by the Milton High School Boosters. Tickets for parents, siblings and friends can be purchased online at the Boosters website. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children. Bring your paid receipt to the banquet – no tickets will be sold at the door. Seating starts at 5:30 p.m.

* * *

Boosters Seeking ‘Cans for Cats’:  The next Milton High School Boosters Wildcats can & bottle fundraising drive will be held on Saturday, June 1st, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Milton High School. The ski team will be at the front entrance of the high school, 25 Gile Road, to collect your 5 cent cans and bottles to redeem them for cash. All funds earned will support their team. Please stop by and support your Wildcats with your can donations.

* * *

The Milton Foundation for Education’s Outstanding Teacher of the Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 22nd in the Charles C. Winchester Auditorium at Milton High School. Please join us in congratulating the following teachers:

Milton High School: Dan Jarboe, Math
Pierce Middle School: John O’Leary & Colleen Queally , PE/Health
Tucker Elementary School: Mary Duggan, ELL
Collicot Elementary School: Zeina Hamada, Grade 2 French Immersion
Cunningham Elementary School: Helene Olken, Grade 2 French Immersion
Glover Elementary School:  Sara Willis, Grade 5 Co-Taught
Mary Grassa O’Neill Leadership Award: Tom Shaw, Science


Helene Olken, Cunningham teacher, was surprised to learn she was one of the 2013 “MFE Teacher of the Year” winners.


The PAC will hold their elections this Thursday, May 23rd at the Pierce Middle School from 7:00 to 8:30 am.


The MFE recently announced the spring recipients of its Competitive Grants Program. This program awarded a total of eight grants worth more than $4,000 to Milton Public Schools applicants, among them a set of DVDs for elementary school nurses to help teach Growth & Development; a set of pedometers for use in math, science and health class; and materials to build a garden in the Outdoor Classroom. Below is the full list of awards:

  • SmartBoard Math Tools & Software (Mr. LeGeros), Pierce Middle School. “We will purchase permanent licenses for SmartBoard Math Tools for all math classrooms at Pierce.” — $1,089
  • Gardening in the Outdoor Classroom (Mr. Stoodt), Pierce Middle School. “We will purchase planters and raised garden beds to be used with the Outdoor Classroom.” $1,041
  • Grade Five Growth & Development (Nurse LeBlanc), Elementary Schools. “We will purchase updated DVDs of the Growth & Development program that is presented to all 5th graders each year.
  • America’s National Parks (Mr. Eschauzier) Glover Elementary School. “We will purchase classroom resources to be used by the 5th graders for their research projects.” $490.
  • Common Core Math Kit & Easel (Ms. Craven & Ms. Willis), Glover Elementary School. “We will purchase manipulatives for complex math concepts and a white board easel for use in small groups.” $400.Math and Science Manipulatives. (J. Alcarez,  E. Coates, M. Flanagan,  A. LeFort,  A. O’Donnell & K. Sinton), Glover Elementary School. “We will purchase manipulatives for complex math concepts and building complex electrical circuits.” $267.
  • Becoming & Understanding Social Thinkers (Ms. Wagner) Tucker Elementary School. “We will purchase materials to assist students to improve their social skills or to understand those with differing social skills.” $183.
  • Walking with Math, (Ms. McClain) Glover Elementary School, “We will purchase 36 pedometers which can be used in math, science, and health.” $165.

* * *

In other MFE news, the final fundraising amount from this year’s “Live Wire” event at the Boston Marriott in Quincy was announced. The 2013 Celebration for Education raised $215,000 — the largest amount ever! Thank you to all who participated in this fundraiser.


Save the Date for the Milton Music Fest and Fireworks! Milton residents are encouraged to save the date of Friday, June 7th (rain date of June 8th) for a spectacular evening of musical entertainment on Hutchinson Field on Adams Street from 6 to 10 pm, organized by We Are Milton!

A large stage and sound system will be placed on the field and beginning at 6 PM you will be entertained by a variety of performers and groups including Pierce Middle School Treble Chorus, Milton High School Jazz Band with Alums, Milton High School Symphony Orchestra with Alums, Pauline Wells and Devri, Mixed Emotions from Riverside Theatre Works, Clifdon Academy of Irish Dance, and Didn’t Planet.

The grand finale of the evening will be Milton’s largest fireworks display, which will be synchronized to music and set off at the base of Hutchinson Field from a barge on the Neponset River!  This Milton Music Fest and Fireworks is being brought to you exclusively by the generous financial support of the Copeland Family Foundation. For more information please visit the We Are Milton website.

* * *

 Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton will seek input from Milton, Randolph and Braintree residents about community health needs at two upcoming forums on May 23 and May 30th. Forums are part of a community health needs assessment that BID-Milton is conducting in order to help guide decisions about the hospital’s future community outreach programs.  The May 23rd forum will be held at the Turner Free Library, 2 North Main Street, Randolph, from 6:30-8:30pm.  For those who cannot attend on May 23rd, the hospital will host a second forum on May 30th in its Nangeroni Education Center, located at BID-Milton, 199 Reedsdale Road, Milton, from 6:30-8:30pm.

Participants will be encouraged to share their opinions about the most critical health needs of their community, and discuss possible ways to improve community health.  In addition, the hospital will present preliminary key findings of its recent review of public health data for Milton, Randolph and Braintree.

Each participant in the forum will receive a $20 grocery store gift card, and complimentary refreshments will be served.  Space is limited, and participants MUST register in advance to be eligible for the gift card. For more information or to register, please call 617-313-1557.

 * * *

Milton’s longest running youth football program, the Milton Mustangs, is accepting registrations for contact football, flag football and cheerleading.  Past players have gone on to Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Hamilton, Harvard and Union College to play football.  For more information about any of the programs offered by the Milton Mustangs and for registering to participate in any of the lowest cost programs in Milton, go to the Milton Mustangs website.

* * *

Registration for the Milton Parks and Rec spring and summer programs can be found online here. 


The following item was sent in by Sara Truog, Assistant Children’s Librarian:

Spring fun continues in the Children’s Room at Milton Public Library.  In addition to our regular preschool story times on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, we have other upcoming programs for the young people in your life:

Saturday, May 25th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm: Reading Dogs!, Grades 1-5

Children in grades 1-5 are invited to come meet some lovable therapy dogs who just love being read to.   Each youngster will have the opportunity to read at least one book to one of our canine volunteers. Bring a favorite book with you, or choose from our shelf.  Registration is required.

Saturday, June 1st from 10:00 – 10:30 am: Sensory Storytime, Ages 3-5

These are story times created for children with Sensory Integration Issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders or other Developmental Delays ALONG WITH their typically developing peers and siblings. Join us for fine/gross motor activities, songs and stories. A predictable, visual schedule will guide our sessions. We ask that an adult accompany each child to foster success for all participants. This story time is geared for children ages 3-5.  If other story times have not been the right fit for your child, this may be just what you were looking for.  Registration is required.

Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar or call the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.

The following item was sent in by Emily Calkins, Young Adult Librarian:

Tuesday, May 28th, 6:30-8:00 pm: Nerf Battle. Join the Teen Services department for our first ever Nerf Battle, planned and put on by the library’s Teen Advisory Group. Three Nerf games, tons of snacks, and an hour and a half of non-stop fun. Admission is free. Some Nerf guns will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. Advance registration is required; the event is limited to 25 participants. The program is open to students in grades 6-12 and is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Friday, June 7th, 3:00 p.m.: After-school movie. Kick off the weekend with an after-school movie at the library. See the trailers on our Facebook page and vote for your favorite here, and then join us for the winning movie and snacks! This program is open to grades 6-12 and is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library

Monday, June 10th, 7:00 p.m: Teen Book Club: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend.  Our pick for June’s book is A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner. When Cass’s best friend Julia dies in a car accident, she leaves behind plans for a musical called “Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad.” Julia’s friends in the drama club are determined to put on the show, but Cass, who’s much happier behind the scenes, is conflicted. She feels even worse when Heather, who bullied Cass during middle school, is chosen as the lead. Cass decides to mourn Julia in her own way, by biking across the country with Julia’s ashes. The story alternates between Cass’s ride and the production of “Totally Sweet Ninja Death Sqaud” as Cass learns about grief, love, and most importantly, herself.

Put the book on hold by clicking the title above, then join us for a discussion and snacks at 7 p.m. on June 10!
As always, please contact Emily Calkins, Young Adult Librarian, at 617-698-5757 or for more information.


Summer Art camps at MAC just released! Registration is now open! Summer ART Camps 2013 courses and descriptions can be downloaded here.


It’s the first season for the new Challenger League (the Rockies and Brewers) for Milton Little League. There will be a night game on Friday, May 31st at 5:30pm at Shields Park Field (located at 392 Eliot St, Milton). Another game will be played on Sunday, June 9th at Gile Road at 1 pm. We expect another great turnout as we build on the fun and energy of our fan base, buddies and of course our superstar players.

Pierce Track Team: The first-ever Pierce Track Team has competed in two meets. More than 100 students have gone out for Track this spring, and both the Boys’ and Girls’ teams have done extremely well. Milton won its first home meet vs. Sharon and recently came out on top in a “quad meet” in Milford, competing against Sharon, Medway and Needham. Congratulations!

photo 2

Members of the Pierce Track team on their way to their first away meet

 The following update was provided by Steve Traister, Athletic Director: 

BASEBALL: The baseball team recently went on a 3-game winning streak with victories over Needham, Natick and Weymouth. Colin McCabe, Lloyd Hill and Conor Regan have led the team on offense, while Wes Kroninger, Mike Musto, and Bobby Freeman have been great pitching. Their record currently stands at 5-12.

SOFTBALL The girls’ softball team is honoring their 7 seniors this week at their last home game against Dedham; Cara Hogan, Liz Johnson, Nicole Bligh, Marissa DelConte, and Captains Bailey McDonnell, Sydney Fitzgerald, and Molly Farmer

BOYS LACROSSE The Boy’s Lacrosse team has just passed the halfway point in their season. Despite a record of 2-8, the team is working hard, with a couple of players emerging as quality team leaders. The offense is led by senior midfielder Brendan Kelley and senior attackman Conor Greaney; the defense is led junior Kenny Graham and Senior Andrew Hunt, and junior goalie Seadna Scanlon has had several games where he has made double-digit totals in saves. The team is in the middle of stretch of games that find them on the road nine of eleven games, but the team will end the regular-season with a four-game home stand. Coach Ben Midura’s team will be playing against Walpole at home on Friday night at 7:00 pm on Brooks Field.

GIRLS LACROSSE Coach Ashley Parker’s team currently has a record of 2-10-0. The girls are being led by Senior Captain’s Erin Higgins, Grace Driscoll, Olivia Phelan and Julie Rush. Senior Capt Erin Higgins leads the team in points with 15 Goals and 6 assists. The girls will travel to Weymouth today 5/20. Tuesday 5/21 is Milton’s senior game recognizing Erin Higgins, Grace Driscoll, Olivia Phelan, Julie Rush and Jennifer Berry.

BOYS TRACK The boys outdoor track team finished the season with a 4 and 1 record. The team was led by the veteran leadership of Nick Savage, Nick Orlando, Miles Holland and Kervens Jean Phillipe. The team also showed some promise for the future with great performances by John Lenane, Colin Kealey,and Anthony Wong. There are 12 boys qualified to participate in the Division 3 State Championships in Pembroke on May 27th.

GIRLS TRACK The girls’ team finished the season with a 1-6 record. The track team qualified 10 girls for the Class C, MIAA Meet, on May 26, 2012. They also qualified a relay team. The girl trackster of Molly Dempsey, Zion Theodros, Andrea Juzyca and Angie Higgins will participate in the Heptathlon on June 4 and 5. The heptathlon signals the end of spring track

BOYS TENNIS On Saturday May 4th, the Milton High School Boys and Girls tennis teams held a successful fundraiser at Kelly Field to benefit the American Cancer Society. The teams are participating in the Mini Relay for Life event taking place on May 18th at the Copeland Fieldhouse. The teams held tennis lessons for elementary school children with all proceeds going toward their $1,000 fundraising goal. The Boys & Girls Tennis Teams are currently more than half way there. The tennis lessons were organized by Captains: Dan Halloran and Ursula Beattie and supervised by the Boys Tennis Team Coach Paul Ajemian

GIRLS TENNIS Coaches Liz Mercer and Debbie Higgins are happy to report that the 2013 Girls’ Tennis Team has a 7–6 record, as of May 17th.  The team goes to Weymouth on Wednesday, May 22nd to play a double-header, as last Wednesday’s match was rained out.  Only one more win is needed to make the MIAA Team Tournament, and everyone is hopeful that the team will secure that one win, or more

RUGBY The varsity rugby team finished with a 6-2 record and our th3 number one seed in the Division 2 Rugby State Tournament.

CREW The crew team had a great weekend behind us. We raced at “The Moose on the Malden” regatta. The team is being much more competitive since the last year. The boys’ varsity four won the bronze medal in a very hard competition among 8 boats. We beat high schools from Massachusetts and Maine.


 As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Students: The Junior Book Awards have been a tradition at Milton High School for over 20 years. Books are given to members of the junior class who have demonstrated high academic achievement, strong leadership, and commitment to school community. Please join me in congratulating the following students who won these Junior Book Awards:  John Caljouw, Brianna Callahan, Devan Callahan, Camille Carpenter, Jonathan Carrera, Sophie Chase, Cormac Conners, Chanel Connor, Juliann Cosetta, Jillian Cummings, Devin DiManno, Olivia Done, Christopher Dsida, Julia Finnegan, Susan Fitzgerald, Allison Grassa, Emma Greenawalt, Victoria Grudem, Kali Guise, Phillipe Janvier, Nicole Lam, Magdalena Machowski, Shanaz Mahmood, Claire Mahoney, Abraham McCarthy, Julianinah Midy, Cailinn O’Carroll, Catherine Pappano, Chris Ricciuti, Michael Ricciuti, Michael Tobin, Christian Urbina.

Teacher: As I mentioned above in the “Curriculum” section, we piloted an innovative program this year called “Boomwriter.” I would like to recognize the following teachers who helped to get this program off the ground and into their classrooms: Sara Willis, Erin Power, Dave Querzoli, Jessica Royster, Liz Tahaney, John Radosta and Nick Fitzgerald.

Volunteer: Another person who was responsible for bringing the Booomwriter program to Milton is Chris Twyman, a MHS and Glover parent. Mr. Twyman is the co-founder and CEO of this program and we are very grateful helped to launch Boomwriter in the Milton Public Schools.

 The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.




May 7th – Quick Update

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - May• 07•13

May 8, 2013 is School Nurse Recognition Day. This day has been set aside nationally to honor school nurses for their critical and unique contributions to the educational achievement of children and adolescents.

This special day for school nurses provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge these hardworking professionals. I hope you will join me in honoring our school nurses who dedicate themselves to the health of the children in the Milton Public Schools.  Please take a moment to thank Margaret Gibbons (Milton High School), Barbara Perry (Pierce Middle School), Joan Traverse & Jeanne Sgroi (Collicot), Allison Joyce (Cunningham), Maureen LeBlanc (Glover) and Mary Lou Bradley (Tucker).

Below are some thoughts our students shared with me about their school nurse:

The nurses at Collicot (Joan Traverse & Jeanne Sgroi) are great because they always try to help everyone,” said Ryan McArdle, a second-grader at Collicot. His brother, Luke, said, “Whenever I’m at the nurse, they always help. Whatever happens, they always find a way to fix it. They’re both great nurses.”  Marguerite Renaud, Collicot first-grader added, ”They help you feel better. They heel your cuts. They are really nice.”

“All the kids like Nurse (Mary Lou) Bradley,” said Alex Paxhia, a Tucker student.  “She makes us feel better when we feel sick and helps us if we fall on the playground.  She’s real nice.”

 ”Mrs. (Maureen) LeBlanc is so nice,” said Cate Howley, a Glover student. ”Once I broke my nail & she fixed it. She takes care of my dry skin & lips,” and her sister Audrey said, “Mrs. LeBlanc is so good to me. She always helps with my bloody noses. ” Another student, Michael Sullivan advised his younger brothers that “You can’t fake being sick with Mrs. LeBlanc. She knows!”

“Mrs. (Allison) Joyce is a really good nurse,” said Reid Dexter, a first-grade at Cunningham. “She is super nice and is good at helping people.” Another student, John Gillooly, said; “Mrs. Joyce always has a very nice smile and helps all the children at the Cunningham School.” His sister, Rose, in Grade 3 says, “Mrs. Joyce helps us a lot. She is always nice and has a big supply of band-aids and ice packs.”

“Mrs. (Barbara) Perry is so nice at Pierce. She always call us honey.” said Courtney and Matthew Dunn, 7th-graders at Pierce. Another student said, “Nurse Perry is so great. She always lets us call home.”

“I have struggled with headaches for years and Mrs. (Margaret) Gibbons has always gone out of her way to help me,” said Milton High Senior Alex Barber. “She is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. She’s always ready to help, and I appreciate everything she does.” Another student, Matt Kibble, a junior, said: “Nurse Gibbons helped me through a difficult concussion. Nurse Gibbons made sure that all my teachers and my guidance counselor knew I was incapable of completing most school work. She was very caring and understanding about everything I was going through. Without Nurse Gibbons my grades would have plummeted; negatively affecting the rest of my schooling and possibly my life. Without Nurse Gibbons my concussion would have been unbearable.”


We are pleased to announce that Mitchell D. Chester, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, will visit the Milton Public Schools on Friday, May 10th.  He plans to observe the Full-Day Kindergarten program at Glover Elementary School and visit Milton High School. Thank you to Dr. Vanessa Calderon-Rosado, a Milton Public School parent and a member of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, who helped to arrange this visit.

* * *

The DPW Open House will be held on Saturday, May 11th from 10 am to 1 pm. This is a free and fun-filled event to help celebrate National Public Works Week. This week recognizes the thousands of men and women who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as Public Works.  At this free family event Milton residents can enjoy hot dogs and cotton candy as they learn about what the Milton DPW does every day to maintain our roads, water, sewage, drainage, and solid waste systems.  Children can climb aboard DPW trucks to honk the big horns and marvel at the recycling magic of BJ Hickman, who will be performing at 10.30 am and noon.

In addition, the tenth annual “Larry DeCelle Friend of the DPW Award” will be presented to an individual or organization whose actions exemplify outstanding community service in the public works arena.

In the spirit of reuse and recycling, BikeMilton ( will be at the yard, running a used bike sale from 10am-4pm.  Bikes may be donated Friday May 10th from 5 to 6:30pm and on the day from 8.30-10am.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to promote safe cycling in Milton.

Sustainable Milton and Cradles to Crayons ( will also be at the event, helping give a new lease on life to unwanted items.  As residents spring clean their home, they should keep an eye out for the following, which will be collected from 10am-1pm at the Open House:

* kids’ toys and clothing to help children in need through Cradles to Crayons
* inkjet cartridges and cell phones to raise funds for Milton Public Schools
*button cell batteries, thermometers and thermostats containing mercury (recycling these keeps hazardous substances out of our waste stream)
*worn out sneakers to be turned into sports surface by Nike Reuse-a-Shoe

For those wanting to reduce trash sticker costs and turn yard waste and veggie peelings into soil for the garden, subsidized Earthmover compost bins will be available for $42 (checks payable to Town of Milton please).

The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.



May 3rd Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - May• 03•13

Teacher Appreciation Week  begins Monday, May 6th and we plan to honor and praise the men and women who have devoted their lives and their careers to educating children. I can’t think of a better way to kick off this annual celebration of teachers than our own Milton tradition of the announcement of Outstanding Teacher of the Year, which took place this morning.

Seven Milton Public School teachers were chosen by the Milton Foundation for Education as this year’s winners. The ceremony will be held Wednesday, May 22nd at 6 pm in the Charles C. Winchester Auditorium at Milton High School. I am proud to announce the following Outstanding Teachers for 2013:

Milton High School: Dan Jarboe, Math
Pierce Middle School: John O’Leary & Colleen Queally , PE/Health
Tucker Elementary School: Mary Duggan, ELL
Collicot Elementary School: Zeina Hamada, Gr 2 French Immersion
Cunningham Elementary School: Helene Olken, Gr 2 French Immersion
Glover Elementary School:  Sara Willis, Grade 5 Co-Taught
Mary Grassa O’Neill Leadership Award: Tom Shaw, Science

Students, parents/guardians, administrators, and the public have admiration, appreciation and respect for teachers and school staff. The impact a teacher can have on the life of a student is immeasurable. For a teacher, the knowledge and feeling of having taught a new concept to a student is equally amazing.

We in the Milton Public Schools have always prided ourselves on the incredible talent of our teachers and staff.  They are professionals who are experts in their content areas and skilled in their instructional skills. I could not be more proud of each and every Milton Public School faculty member.

I ask you to join me in letting our Milton Public School teachers know how much we appreciate them during this special recognition week. I asked a few students from our schools to tell me something about their favorite teacher and I would like to share their heartfelt responses.

Cunningham Elementary School:Mrs. (AnneMarie) Quinn is my favorite teacher. She is super nice and we are best friends,” said Will Kelley. “Ms. (Erin) Power is my favorite teacher because she does not yell, and she treats everyone the same. I love that our class has a Community Board with every student’s picture on it. With her, our class is a community where everyone helps everyone.” said Arjun Sohur.

Tucker Elementary School:Mrs. (Alex) Sewall was my favorite teacher because she made learning fun while filling our brains with facts. I learned how rivers and oceans help to create landforms,” said William Reason.  “Mr. Lion (Mr. Alex Leite) is my favorite teacher because he is not one of those teachers who directs us, but is more like a helping buddy,” said Nicholas Reason. “Also, he lets us go outside if we’re good. He has these strips of paper and depending on our behavior he puts a stamp of a lion on it. Each month he checks our paper. Five stamps equals  a sticker. We put the sticker in a booklet. One hundred stickers equals a surprise at the end of the year. I also love how he makes contests. Now I don’t want my other teachers to feel bad, but of all them I would have to go with Mr. Lion.”

Glover Elementary School: “Mrs. (Kim) O’Leary is the best teacher because she always makes me laugh and she makes school fun!” said Lenny Wall. He also admired another teacher: “Ms. (Lea) Campbell is also the best teacher because she always helps me and she taught me and all my friends how to read!”

Collicot Elementary School:Mrs. (Anne) McIntyre is my favorite teacher because if I don’t think I can do something like adding fractions, she tells us, ‘I know you can.’ She makes learning easy and fun. She is funny, nice, and generous,” said Molly Murtagh. “Mrs. (Anne) Kelley was my favorite teacher,” said Mary Mitchell. “She helped us through our first year of English. She got me through reading and now I love to read. She makes learning fun for little kids.”

Pierce Middle School:Mrs. (Bernadette) McEvoy was the nicest teacher I ever had.  She thoroughly explained every science unit to our class and she always had a smile for everyone,” said Maddie Jrolf.

Milton High School:  “Mrs. (Nancy) Warn is my favorite teacher because she goes above and beyond what is required of her.  She has made herself available to me as more than just a teacher, but as a trusted adult whom I seek advice from about anything.  On top of that, she is very skilled at running a dynamic class, teaching in different ways and making history more exciting than I really think it is.”  Ailsa Jeffries


There have been two School Committee meetings since my last newsletter, on April 24th and May 1st. They are summarized below:

April 24th: The meeting began with a School Choice Open Public Hearing. Since no citizens came to speak at this hearing, they moved to the regular meeting. The following coaches and athletes were recognized for their successful seasons: Boys Hockey Coach Paul Noonan, MIAA Division 1 South Tournament; Girls Hockey Coach Bob Allen, MIAA Division 2 State Tournament; Wrestling Coach Ted Carroll; Ski Team Coach Paul Ajemian; Boys Indoor Track Coach Chuck Ajemian and Girls Indoor Track Coach Dale Snyder.

Next, Committee members heard from the Glover Site Council, which presented a School Improvement Plan. The most recent data was reviewed, along with many of the school’s accomplishments and programs. Students participated in the presentation by demonstrating Smartboard technology and the new “clickers” in use at Glover which work in tandem with the Smartboards. The presentation & plan are available at

Jerry Vitti of the Milton PAC spoke about Special Education issues. He said members of the PAC are interested in resuming the program of a joint presentation with the MPS administration, which he thought were very successful. He also said they would like to add to their membership and their board. Mr. Vitti also spoke about the new Challenger Division of Milton Little League and invited the community to the new league’s first game, which was held on April 28th. There are still openings in this league for students with disabilities as young as age 5 all the way up to seniors at Milton High School. For more info, please contact or

It was announced that Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Milton D. Chester, will visit MPS on May 10th. He plans to visit Glover Elementary school and Milton High School.

School Committee members voted unanimously to opt out of the School Choice program; voted to amend the existing contract with Wildcat Solar, a company which operates our off-site solar project; and voted to authorize the Chairman to sign a contract to replace the synthetic field surface at Brooks Field. Members also voted to approve the Policy Subcommittee Operation Procedures, which will govern how future policies are re-approved, deleted or updated.

May 1st:  This was a Re-Organizational meeting, which took place shortly after the swearing-in of newly-elected members Becky Padera and Mike Zullas. School Committee members voted to elect Lynda-Lee Sheridan as the Chair of the School Committee and Leroy Walker as Vice-Chair. No other agenda items were taken up.

The next Regular School Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15th.


I am thrilled to share some great news from Milton High School. After winning the State title, members of our LifeSmarts team recently earned a spot to compete at the National Championships for LifeSmarts in Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, one of our students, Jack Caljouw, won First Place prize in the Environment category. This is a huge achievement and an incredible accomplishment for Milton High School, for the team and for Jack and his family. Team Captain Mona Yuan and  Nick Juzyca, each tied for Fifth Place in the Health, Safety and Consumer Rights category at the National Championship, and overall, the Milton team earned 13th place.  Great job!

LifeSmarts is a program that develops the consumer and marketplace knowledge and skills of teenagers in a fun way and rewards them for this knowledge. LifeSmarts, operated by the National Consumer’s League, is open to all 6th-12th grade students in the United States. Teams from more than 30 states met in the National Competition from April 20th to 23rd.


On Thursday, May 9th, the Pierce Middle School will hold its Juried Art Show from 5-7pm

 * * *

The Pierce Players will be presenting Hello, Dolly! on Thursday, May 30th & Friday, May 31st at 7 pm; and Saturday, June 1st at 2 pm.  Hello Dolly! is an ebullient and irresistible story of the joy of living, glittering with happy songs, shining with loving scenes, alive with the personality of one of the most fabulous characters on the musical stage…Dolly Gallagher Levi! Classic musical numbers include “Put On Your Sunday Clothes”, “Before the Parade Passes By”, “Elegance”, “It Only Takes A Moment” and of course, “Hello, Dolly!”

* * *

Save the Date!  On Thursday, June 6th at 7 pm, there will be an Internet Safety Night in the Milton High School library. This event is for K-12 families and will cover internet, social media and cyber-bullying issues. Join Internet Safety Specialists Lynette Owens, Patricia A. Snell and other MPS families for a a night of information and discussion. This event is sponsored by Glover, Collicot, Cunningham, Tucker, Pierce and Milton High School PTOs.  View the flyer.

For those who may not be able to make the Milton event, Lynette Owens will be speaking at Natick High School as part of a “Digital Conversion to Digital Citizenship” evening on Tuesday, May 7th. The event will include national experts discussing digital citizenship. Ms. Owens has invited anyone who wishes to attend from the Milton Public Schools to this event.  More information about the Natick event, including a link to sign up, can be found here.


The next MHS Boosters ‘Cans for Cats’ monthly fundraiser at the high school will be held on Saturday, May 4th from 9 a.m. to noon. The golf team will be at the front entrance of the high school, 25 Gile Road, to collect your 5 cent cans and bottles to redeem for cash. All monies earned will directly support the golf program. Please stop by and drop off your cans and bottles. Go Wildcats!

* * *

The Milton School Food Service Program was just awarded a $300 grant from the Massachusetts Action for Healthy Kids organization.  This grant will be used to plan an “Iron Chef” competition in the elementary schools next fall. School committee member Becky Padera suggested this fun-filled event to the Health and Wellness committee a few months ago as her niece recently won a similar contest in her school district.  The Milton schools are going to work together with local chefs who live or work in Milton or surrounding towns. The Whole Foods chef and the marketing department of the Whole Foods store have just signed on to help organize the event.  Plans are still in the early stages but we are hoping to have eight teams of students working together with a local chef to create healthy and delicious meals that we can feature on our monthly menu.


The Milton Junior Wildcats Football and Cheer Club still has room for all age groups for both football and cheerleading and will be having an additional open registration soon. The Jr. Wildcats compete in the Bay State Conference against the same towns that the Milton High School Wildcats play.  The teams are set up by grade, which means that your child will compete with his/her classmates against players of the same age and ability.  Games at every level are played on a full size football field with professional referees and the same rules as high school and college.

The Jr. Wildcats Cheer program is the only youth cheer program in Milton.  Cheerleaders provide entertainment during the Sunday games and compete in conference and regional tournaments.

Sponsorships are still available for area businesses and individuals that would like to support of the Milton Jr. Wildcats! For registration or sponsorship information please visit our website at  or contact Kristen Lacasse at

 * * *

 The Town of Milton Parks and Rec department is currently accepting on-line registration for a variety of programs, including the Lamar Reddicks basketball clinics, tennis lessons, Bay State Baseball Academy and Summer Sports Clinics.  To learn more, click here:


Spring fun continues in the Children’s Room at Milton Public Library.  Our Wednesday story times are taking a brief hiatus on May 15, but our Monday and Tuesday story times will be going strong!  We also have other upcoming programs for the young people in your life:

Saturday, May 18th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Bookbusters Book Club, Grades 3-5

The Bookbusters is a book club for boys and girls in grades 3-5.  Led by Miss Sara, group participants are asked to read a book in advance of the meeting, then come together to talk about it with their peers.  The book we are reading for May is One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street by Joanne Rocklin.  Copies are available at the Children’s Room desk, or by placing a hold at  Come join us to discuss this intriguing mystery about the inhabitants of the Orange Street neighborhood, the really old tree in the lot on their street, and the mystery man who seems to be unusually interested in that tree.  Registration is required.

Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar  or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.

Also, the Children’s Room at Milton Public Schools  Library is looking for donations of your gently worn or unopened Legos, in anticipation of starting a Library Lego club/program.  Please feel feel to contact the Children’s Room at 898-4957.


 The following item was submitted by Athletic Director Steve Traister:

BASEBALL: First year coach Jim Moonan’s baseball team is off to a 2-9 start. They have had a couple of nice wins against Weymouth and Dedham. They have a night game at 7PM on Friday, and are home against Natick on Monday, May 6 at 3:45.

SOFTBALL: Milton Softball team, led by seniors Bailey McDonnell  Sydney Fitzgerald and Molly Farmer, has a current record of 0-9. Coach Kelly Losi’s girls are hosting Needham Friday and are hopeful to win!

BOYS LACROSSE:  The Boy’s Lacrosse team has just passed the halfway point in their season.  Despite a record of 2-8, the team is working hard, with a couple of players emerging as quality team leaders.  The offense is led by senior midfielder Brendan Kelley and senior attackman Conor Greaney; the defense is led junior Kenny Graham and Senior Andrew Hunt, and junior goalie Seadna Scanlon has had several games where he has made double-digit totals in saves.  The team is in the middle of stretch of games that find them on the road nine of eleven games, but the team will end the regular-season with a four-game home stand. Coach Ben Midura’s team will be playing against Walpole at home on Friday night at 7:00 pm on Brooks Field.

GIRLS LACROSSE:  First year coach Ashley Parker’s team currently has a record of 0-5. The girls are being led by Senior Captain’s Erin Higgins, Grace Driscoll, Olivia Phelan and Julie Rush. Senior Capt Erin Higgins leads the team in points with 8 Goals and 4 assists. The girls will travel to Walpole on Friday.

BOYS TRACK:  Coach Chuck Ajemian’s boys outdoor track team is 2 and 1 at this point of the season. The team is led by co captains Nick Orlando, Nick Savage, Mile Holland as well as junior standout Chiviskee Milcent.  If the boys win the next 2 meets, they will be Herget Division champions.

GIRLS TRACK: Coach Dale Snyder’s girls track team has a 1-2 record. Their next meets are the Freshman/Sophomore Meet on May 4th and at Dedham on May 7th. Molly Dempsey is rank 5 in the state in the 100M hurdles and 7 in the 400M Hurdles. The next 4 meets will determine the season.

BOYS TENNIS:  Coach Paul Ajemian’s  boys’ tennis team got their 1st conference victory by defeating Dedham 3-2.The Wildcats had dominate victories by senior co-caption Dan Halloran and the 1st Doubles team of Gustavo Arnal and Peter DeLuca.  Sophomore Chriastian Jumal sealed the victory with a dramatic come-from-behind 7-5, 6-4 victory at 3rd. singles. Milton is now 1-5 on the season.

GIRLS TENNIS: Coaches Liz Mercer and Debbie Higgins are happy to report that the 2013 Girls’ Tennis Team has a 5–3 record, as of April 30.  Tri-captains, all seniors, are Ursula Beattie, Molly Devlin, and Melissa Trinh.  Freshman Grace Wamester, at #2 singles, has a 5–3 record, and senior Ursula Beattie, at #3 singles, has a 6-2 record.  The other positions are doing well also.

RUGBY: The rugby team is off to a great start with a 2-1 record so far.  Coach Joe Dolan has high expectations for his team this year. More than 50 student athletes signed up to play rugby this spring!  One highlight of the season will be the 1st Annual Bay Sate Seven- a -Side Tournament, to be held at Brooks Field on Friday, May 10th , starting at 6pm.  Come out and cheer on the Wildcat ruggers!

CREW: The crew team had the first race of the season last weekend. The boys and the girls varsity 4s raced the Thayer Academy at the Neponset River. We will be racing every weekend in May. The biggest weekend for Milton crew is the 25th and 26th of May. We will race at MPSRA (Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing Association) and NEIRA (New England Interscholastic Rowing Association) Championships. We hope to perform well at these regattas.

Milton High School’s athletic schedules can be found here:

PIERCE ATHLETICS: The Pierce Middle School’s inaugural track season is off to a great start. More than 130 students in grades 6-8 have signed up for the co-ed team, which practices after school several days a week. Students will compete in seven running events and three field events at track meets, which are scheduled for Monday, May 13th at Milton High; Thursday, May 16th in Medfield; and Monday, May 20th at Lincoln/Sudbury. Parents/guardians and fellow students are welcome to cheer on their classmates at the home meet on May 13th at 3:45 pm.


As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition. Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Student: It’s not every day we have a nationally recognized student in the Milton Public Schools and, for that reason, I would like to be sure that Jack Caljouw is recognized for his first-place win at the National LifeSmarts Competition in Atlanta. Jack earned first place in the Environmental category. Congratulations to Jack, his teachers, teammates and his family.

Teacher: I would like to recognize Dan Jarboe, John O’Leary & Colleen Queally, Mary Duggan, Zeina Hamada, Helene Olken, Sara Willis and Tom Shaw as the 2013 Outstanding Teachers as chosen by the Milton Foundation for Education. They join an exclusive and illustrious group of educators who have been chosen for this honor and they should be very proud.

Volunteer: After serving for nine years on the Milton School Committee, Glenn Pavlicek has decided to step down. He is a thoughtful, intelligent and valued member of the Committee, a champion of every student in the Milton Public Schools and a great believer in public education. He will be greatly missed and we wish him continued success and happiness in his teaching career.

The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.


Milton Summer Enrichment

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Apr• 26•13

Families everywhere are busy making their plans for the upcoming summer.  I am pleased to announce that Cunningham Elementary School Principal Jonathan Redden will be the Director of the Milton Summer Enrichment (MSE) Program.

Although the MSE course brochure is still being finalized, we have included some program information in this blog post to help families as they begin to plan.

Where: MSE will take place this summer at Milton High School (25 Gile Rd) from July 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013.  When:  MSE will run from July 1st through August 1st.  There is a change to the schedule for MSE for the summer 2013 session: The program will be four (4) days  a week, Monday – Thursday, from 8am-12:00 pm.  This changed was made after reviewing the data (low attendance on Fridays) and surveying last year’s MSE parents for feedback. We have proportionally reduced the tuition based on this reduction in days and hope this fits your summer schedule needs.  Brochure/Registration: The brochure of class offerings is currently being finalized and will be posted online on Friday, May 3, 2013.

All program questions should be directed to MSE Director Jonathan Redden at

New Principal for Tucker Elementary School Named

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Apr• 22•13

I would like to welcome everyone back after a long –  and for many, a harrowing, —  vacation week. We are excited to be in the “final lap” of the school year and we are looking forward to a full schedule of academic and extracurricular events in the coming weeks.

I’m writing today because I have some good news to share. I have appointed Dr. Elaine McNeil-Girmai as the new Tucker Elementary School principal. I would like to thank the Tucker Principal Screening Committee,  which was comprised of Cunningham Principal Jon Redden, School Committee Member Becky Padera, K-12 Science Director Marilyn Decker,Tucker teachers  Elizabeth Spitz and Trish Leahy; and Tucker parents Steve Paxhia, Suzeanne Carty and Kymberly Terry; as well as myself and Assistant Superintendent John Phelan.

This committee worked tirelessly to review the resumes of 51 qualified applicants and conducted interviews with the top candidates. Their work helped to focus our attention on Dr. McNeil-Girmai’s qualifications and experience.

Dr. McNeil-Girmai currently serves as the Assistant Principal/Academic Director of the Empower Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. She has also served as an Educational Consultant and Dean of Students at two other educational institutes in New York. She was the Education Director at the Children Youth and Family Collaborative in Los Angeles, and also served as a program coordinator, second-grade teacher and learning disabilities teacher at other schools in Los Angeles.

Dr. McNeil-Girmai earned her doctoral degree from Loyola Marymount University; her master’s degree from University of Massachusetts/Boston; and her bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

Some of you may remember Dr. McNeil-Girmai from her four-year tenure as a second-grade teacher at the Collicot Elementary School from 2001 to 2005. She is a former Milton resident who attended the Tucker School and graduated from Milton High School.

“I was impressed by the way Dr. McNeil-Girmai demonstrated ‘outside the box’ thinking and by her ability to lead through creative ideas,” said Milton School Committee member Becky Padera, who served on the screening committee. “I saw in Elaine someone who will lead by example.”

Fellow screening member Steve Paxhia also commended the selection of Dr. McNeil-Girmai. “This was truly a nationwide search and among a pool of well-qualified candidates, one clearly stood out among the rest.” He said he was further impressed during a site visit to Dr. McNeil-Girmai’s current school and said, “I’m delighted we have been able to recruit an outstanding principal for our wonderful Tucker School.”

Elizabeth Spitz served as a teacher representative to the screening committee. She called Dr. McNeil-Girmai “a great asset to the Tucker School Community,” and described her as “a warm, friendly, affable person.” Ms. Spitz said Dr. McNeil-Girmai “has demonstrated a keen understanding of young people and their families and she appreciates their individual needs. “

Dr. McNeil-Girmai will begin her new position on July 1, 2013.

I would also like to be sure to thank current Tucker Principal Marcia Uretsky for her leadership of the Tucker School for the past three years and wish Ms. Uretsky and her family all the best in the future.

Further Administrative Personnel updates: The Glover Principal Screening Committee has been formed and has already begun the work of reviewing applicants.  In addition, the search for an Assistant Superintendent for Business is continuing. We will keep the Milton Public School Community updated as to the status of these positions.

Boston Marathon Tragedy

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Apr• 17•13

By now, I am sure you are all aware of the horrific events that occurred at Monday’s Boston Marathon. The fact that this tragedy occurred in our own backyard and that many young people were among the victims magnifies the impact on our own children.

I immediately reached out to Maria Trozzi, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. Ms. Trozzi, an author and nationally recognized grief counselor, has worked closely with the Milton Public Schools for many years in times of crisis.

In the spirit of what is so wonderful about the Milton Public School community, I was also contacted by Glover parent, Dr. T. Atilla Ceranoglu, who works in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Ceranoglu graciously offered to speak with Milton parents and guardians about the Boston Marathon tragedy.

As a team, we decided the best way to reach the largest number of families and citizens of Milton would be to participate in a live television broadcast.  This program will be aired tonight, Wednesday, April 17th at 7 pm on Milton Access Television, which can be viewed on Channel 22 for Comcast and Channel 15 for RCN.

The program is “My Town Matters,” and will be hosted by Frank Schroth. The guests will be Dr. Ceranoglu, along with Glover Adjustment Counselor Brian Powers, and School Committee Member Kristan Bagley Jones, who has worked as a professional social worker with young people and their families for 20 plus years. Ms. Bagley Jones currently serves as the program director of a school-based counseling program at Franciscan Hospital for Children and adjunct professor at Boston College School of Social Work.

If your family is unable to watch tonight’s program, I want everyone in the Milton Public Schools community to be aware that our teachers, staff, guidance counselors and adjustment counselors will be available to address your children’s questions in the days, weeks and months to come.

I have provided some important information below, which was generously offered by Ms. Trozzi and Dr. Ceranoglu.


-Mary C. Gormley


From Dr. Ceranoglu: 

We are all stunned with what happened at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Many were glued to various forms of screens in their homes, on which the moments of the two explosions and the aftermath is shown over and over again. In days to come, these images will likely continue to dominate screens, in addition to more will be avaialble on the Internet – unsuppressed and unsupervised. These horrific images will be coupled with their real-life components as our children meet friends and families mourning their loss. Our children will react to yesterday’s events and will need our help, support and guidance in processing their fears, worries and rage. As their adults, we play a key role in helping our children voicing their concerns and emotions.

As their adults, please join me in a discussion of how we can help our children through these difficult times and reassure their well-being. We will first review general concepts in talking to children of all ages about trauma, and then will look at different age groups, will discuss how they react to these events and what we can do to help.

In general, children of all ages need to have three fundamental questions answered even if they do not ask them openly:

  • Am I safe?
  • Are people responsible for my well-being safe?
  • How will this event change my daily life?

Every children of every age have these questions roaming their mind, once they come in contact with Monday’s events in any form – be it on a screen, big or small, or in a conversation among adults either in the same room or down the hall. Do not assume they hear or see nothing at all. We should expect to answer their questions several times over the next few days and perhaps longer.

  • Validate your child’s feelings. Acknowledge what they feel, especially when a child admits to a concern and refrain from responding with “Oh, don’t be worried.”
  • Try to answer your children’s questions at a level they can understand, but remember it is OK to not have an answer for everything such as who did it and why.
  • Make sure you limit and supervise your child’s exposure to media, including online social networks. There unfortunately is a porous filter for media material on TV, and there is no filter on the Internet.
  • Be ready for temporary accommodations. Do not overburden your child with tasks, or expect them to continue new learned or assumed responsibilities. In fact, prepare to lower expectations, to some extent, for some chores and tasks, sleep routines and perhaps even school demands, although set up a target date and time for return to normal arrangements.
  • Know when to seek help. Within first few weeks of a traumatic event, it is common for children to be distracted easily and not be responsive to request or cues given. After that, as the numbness wears off, some kids might start to experience more symptoms. Children who have witnessed injuries or death, lost immediate family members or close friends, experienced previous trauma, are at higher risk for developing severe reactions weeks or a month later. If your child seems to be constantly replaying the event in their minds, having nightmares or sleep problems, appearing irritable, angry or moody most the time, having difficulty concentrating, or regressing to earlier behavior in young children, (e.g. clinging, bed-wetting or thumb sucking) seek help from your family doctor or from a mental health professional.

When Bad Things Happen — from Maria Trozzi, M.Ed

For children, part of growing up is facing the stressors embedded in moving, watching playmates and friends change and shift, grandparents’ aging, changing schools.

However, many children may also face the threat of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and all children today face the fears and insecurities that accompany world terrorism. The feelings experienced by children, even very young children, include anxiety, confusion, fear, irritability, depression. Very young children may suffer symptoms of stress such as crying and whining, regressive behavior, separation anxiety and fear of being alone, sleep disorders, illness, changes in normal patterns of behavior, aggression, fear.

Why some children in a family appear to be resilient and others suffer permanent psychological scars is a subject of much inquiry. However, experts all agree what resilience is NOT. It is not rare; most children have the capacity to be resilient. Second, people are not born resilient. Resilience is developed.

What, then, are the strategies that parents can employ when children are facing threats that may be localized and imminent; such as a hurricane, and threats that are more nebulous, such as a “yellow alert” terrorism watch?

The following strategies are important for helping toddlers and young children manage the stress of world and natural disasters.

Infants and children under six years rely completely and exclusively on the emotional competence of their primary caregiver. How a parent communicates about escaping to safety from a disaster, the emotional tone that is set, and the age appropriate explanations about what will happen in the next few minutes or hours will determine the child’s reaction. Communicate in a clear, calm voice, hold the child close physically when possible, and reassure the child that you, the adult, are in charge and will make everything all right. Exposure to the media should be avoided at all cost since very young children have no capacity to distinguish from ‘real time’ and replays nor can they make sense of the unfolding dramatic pictures and language.

Nathan’s mother assumed her four year old was immune to the background television news of CNN at the outbreak of the war in Iraq when he stunned her with the question, “Mommy, why are we in a fight with a rock?”

Elementary-aged children will understand the life event or threat not just from their primary caregiver’s words but also their peers’ and other adults’. They worry about the safety of their limited “world” of home, neighborhood and school. It is critical to assure these children that you are in charge, you will do your best to keep them safe, that other helping professionals, such as police officers and mayors, will do their best to keep everyone safe as well; additionally, you must offer young children the perspective that they lack developmentally.

Seven-year old Ben was terrified when the family’s SUV was stopped and a police officer’s large flashlight peered into the windows as they were about to cross the Golden Gate Bridge to return home from their weekend at Nana’s. The nation was at Yellow Alert, which Ben didn’t understand. Why did he need to look in the back space and open the suitcases? Had his dad done something wrong? Would they be able to return home? Were the terrorists on the bridge? Would they be in his hometown when he got home?

Pre-adolescents view themselves as members of a more complex world; they are part of a family, a community of school and sports, a religious group, an ethnic group, a citizen of a town, a state and a nation. They have the capacity to worry in times of threat about their immediate safety but also how the event or the threat will change their future.

Eleven-year old Martha couldn’t sleep again and went into her mom’s bedroom looking for comfort. Everyone at the airbase was talking about who would be deployed next month and she was scared that her dad’s company was on the list. She had been born on a military base but had never really worried until now about facing her dad going to war. For the first time, she hated being a military kid.

Adolescents are caught in the middle between the understandable feelings of terror and their own imposed pressure to be mature in the face of a threat. They rely on the adults in their lives to make them feel safe and yet may want to participate in creating safety nets for others. They may be philosophical and/or political in their attempts to make sense of the event.

Sixteen year old Ali’s stomach kept doing sommersalts as she and her sister made emergency preparations for the mandatory 3 pm evacuation from her home to a neighboring community shelter. Her father had said she had to pack everything in her overnight roller suitcase and it was just not possible to choose what to leave behind. How could she leave Scout, her dog, behind? It wasn’t fair. It was too scary, but there wasn’t time to do anything but pack. Hurricane Ivan was coming, no matter what.

In summary, for any age child, adults whom they know and trust will provide the most safety and security in times of crisis and stress. Adults should never promise anything that they can’t control but should reassure children that they are doing everything to make them safe and secure. They should explain action plans, a crisis response, the immediate future events, in simple developmentally appropriate language. They should model confidence and competence. For older children who may want to watch and listen to the media, parents should accompany them so that they can respond to their child’s concerns. They should preserve whatever routines can be maintained in their children’s lives; such as bed time rituals. They should anticipate the symptoms of stress in their children and be available to comfort them. In the immediate aftermath, children will still need reassurance of their safety and may exhibit symptoms of stress until life’s routines are normalized.


Honig, A.S. 1986. Stress and coping in young children Young Children 41 (4):51-63;41 (5):47-59.

“When Disaster Strikes: Helping Young Children Cope,” 1996.  National Association for the Education of Young Children. 1995. Washington, DC.

April 12th Eblast

Written By: Superintendent Gormley - Apr• 12•13

I recently received the current list of colleges and universities to which our Class of 2013 has been accepted. This is an annual ritual which — for parents and guardians, is fraught with emotion, anxiety, pride and humility.   As Superintendent, I see the acceptance list as one of many indicators of our students’ academic success. The colleges to which a student is accepted defines neither the student nor our district. It is merely a “snapshot” of the moment and shaped by many factors beyond our control.

Still, we naturally feel pride when we see some of the nation’s top colleges and universities on this list. But the more important issue is that our students find the right fit for them. A large, prestigious college in an urban setting might not be the most comfortable place for some students. A small, rural campus may not be desirable to others. Prep schools, service academies, the military and vocational schools are also the best choice for some of this year’s graduates.

By the time Commencement ceremonies occur on June 2nd, most of our seniors will have their post-graduation plans in place. But it is important to remember that their education in the Milton Public Schools has not been a one- or two-year program.

My goal is for the Milton Public School system to provide a preschool through Grade 12 public school education that is second to none and maximizes the individual potential of each of our students. Every one of our staff members plays a role in creating an atmosphere that allows our students to fulfill their educational goals.  This year’s “list” is yet another indicator that our students are achieving those goals.

I am sure that you join me in congratulating each and every one of Milton High School’s seniors on successfully completing their 13 year elementary-, middle- and high school careers. These students have studied hard and developed from wide-eyed five-year-olds into mature and responsible young adults well-educated and ready to enter the next stage of their lives.

I personally and professionally could not be more proud of each of our 2013 Milton High School graduates.


The FY 14 Budget season is coming to its final lap as Town Meeting approaches.  The FY 14 Budget will be finalized during the course of sessions of Town Meeting held at Milton High School on May 6,7,9,13,14, & 16.  Recently the Superintendent presented a Budget Update presentation at school committee.  The presentation outlines some new initiatives as well as some budget reductions that are necessary.

There will be some new administrators in the Milton Public Schools next year.  Currently there are job postings for a Glover Elementary School Principal, High School Guidance Department Head, and a new Science Curriculum Administrator.  We would like to thank current Co-Principals Nephew and Concannon for their work this year.  Ms. Nephew is stepping down to spend more time with her family and Ms. Concannon will be returning to her full-time position of Elementary Mathematics & K-8 Technology Coordinator.  We send our sincere gratitude to Kenneth Aubert, MHS Guidance Department Head for his years of service and congratulate on his retirement.  Lastly, the current FY 14 Budget is providing funding for a new Science curriculum administrator.


There have been three school committee meetings since my last E-blast.

March 20th: There was an Open Budget Hearing scheduled, but no speakers were present. This was followed by a regular School Committee meeting, which led directly to an Executive Session.

March 27th: After congratulating the Future Problem Solvers from our elementary and Pierce Middle School schools (See item below, under “Curriculum News,”) the School Committee heard from Ada Rosmarin and Carolyn Lyons.   Ms. Rosmarin is an Early Childhood Consultant who has worked closely with the Milton Public Schools and Ms. Lyons is the CEO and President of Strategies for Children.  Ms. Lyons and Ms. Rosmarin spoke about full-day kindergarten programs, local and national budget issues regarding early literacy, and other issues facing Milton.

Among the data presented was the finding that 39% of third grade children in the state who took the MCAS scored below-proficient in English Language Arts. They also noted that the proficiency levels for low-income students has not improved in the past decade.

School Committee members next moved on to several votes. First, they voted to approve a 2% raise for Community Schools employees. Next, members voted to pay a stipend to Assistant Superintendent John Phelan for the extra duties he has taken on since the departure of Mr. Gillis. They also voted to approve a 3% raise for the Superintendent as the final portion of the administrative contracts.

A vote was taken to approve the appropriation of $70,000 from the School Building Committee fund to be used for increased security measures in the school buildings. This amount will be used to install card-reader access doors. A Finance Subcommitte report followed, which included a PowerPoint presentation on the FY14 budget. The presentation began with the time line of the budget preparation and included the original “cut list” of $1.46 million. It also detailed the restorations made after the Warrant Committee vote and the final “cut list” of $984,000. Members unanimously approved the cuts, though they expressed hope that additional funds may become available. To view the presentation and the list of reductions, click here.

The Facilities Subcommittee reported that the Brooks Field improvement job has gone out to bid. The total cost is not expected to exceed $460,000. The Copeland Family Foundation has pledged $302,000 to offset the costs; the Capital Planning gave $100,000 and the revolving account will pay for the rest.

April 3rd: The School Committee invited representatives from the Milton High School Boys Basketball team, along with Coach LoPresti, to receive congratulations. Next, they were shown a presentation by the Milton High School Site Council, which can be viewed here.  William Ritchie, Director of the Consolidated Facilities Department, made a presentation on his department’s work in the schools. Along with Operations Manager Robert Mayhew, he outlined the goals for the department. To view this presentation, click here.


Please note, the last day of school as of today is Monday, June 24th, which will be a half-day.

 * * *

 The 2013-14 school calendar has been approved and can be found here.

* * *

The Milton Public Schools’ K-12 Art Fair will be held on Wednesday, May 1st from 3:30 to 8 pm and Thursday, May 2nd from 8 am to 3 pm at the Copeland Field House at Milton High School.  The Milton High School After School Ensemble Concert will be held on Wednesday, May 1st at 4 pm in the Charles C. Winchester Auditorium at Milton High School.

* * *

Applications are still being accepted for the Milton High School Pre-K Program for the 2013-2014 school year.

Children must be four years old by September 1,2013 to be eligible for this on-site lab school. Pre-K Registration packets along with residency information are available in the Registrar’s office at Milton High School. Please contact Jane Barrett at 617-696-4478 ext.5510.

The sessions are half-day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (school year).  This program follows a Pre-K curriculum and fosters all aspects of development in order to ensure a smooth transition to the kindergarten level.

You may contact Eileen Mullen in the MHS Child Study office at 617-696-4478 ext 5513 or with any questions.

* * *

Hats off to the following Pierce students who had their work selected in the 2013 Cambridge Science Festival’s Curiosity Challenge. The competition received over 2000 entries this year!  The group will be honored at MIT on Sunday, April 21st, and their work will be published in this year’s book. Congratulations to Anthony Umeh, Claire Casey, Hue-Ninh Nguyen, Jack Raftery, Julia Francesconi, Kate Fahy, Kristin Rose, Lilly Tennyson, Luthea Dowdall, Madeline Gray, Maya Watanabe and Thomas Fish, along with their teachers, Jenifer Gilbert, Bernadette McEvoy, Christine Winchester, Nicole Hoyceanyls, Jeffrey Stoodt and Kathy Bertrand. Great job!

* * *

Congratulations to Eileen Mullen, our Milton High School Child Study teacher and head of our Pre-K program at Milton High School. Ms. Mullen recently learned that she has been named the winner of the 2013 Professional Recognition Award given by the Milton Early Childhood Alliance. Ms. Mullen has been invited to receive her award at the Eighth Annual Professional Recognition Awards Banquet to be held on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30 pm at The Common Market, 97 Willard Street in Quincy. To purchase tickets or for more information, click here.

* * *

The Milton High School Math Club recently hosted the first ever MHS Math Olympiad. The competition enabled all high school students the opportunity to experience a competitive math meet similar to the events the Math Club competes in every month.

The after-school contest was organized by teacher Dan Jarboe and it was a huge success. It featured 100 students participating in a math competition, consisting of five rounds of math quizzes. The competition mimicked the competition that Mr. Jarboe’s Math Team  has competed in throughout this year against neighboring school districts. Questions in the competition ranged from algebra to trigonometry. Students competed in teams of five as they completed a series of quizzes that tested their math acumen as well as their problem solving skills. The junior and senior students competed in teams to earn the coveted “Golden Calculator” whereas the sophomore and freshman students were striving to win the “Silver Protractor.”

At the conclusion of the day, the event was decided by one point!  The team champions in the 11th and 12th grade division were seniors Molly Devlin, Ellen Chow, Mona Yuan, Amanda Liberty, and Aria Perkins. The 9th and 10th grade champions were tenth graders Aman Negassi, Albert Enyeti, Alden Hebard, Harry Kong, and 9th grader Calvin Luong. The individuals with the highest scores (by grade) were 12th grader Anton Libsch, 11th grader Michael Riciutti, 10th grader Albert Enyeti, and 9th grader Liam Halloran.

The Milton High School Math Club is in its first year of existence. We look forward to a great second year of competition in the Southern Massachusetts Math League next school year. All students are welcome to join as long as they love math!


PHOTO CAPTION: The winning team from the Golden Calculator Division
From left to right: Aria Perkins, Amanda Liberty, Molly Devlin, Mona Yuan, and Ellen Chow

* * *

I wanted to share some exciting news about a team of our fifth-graders who competed recently in both an instant and technical challenge as part of the Destination Imagination program. Out of a field of 17 elementary teams, Milton students placed third and advanced to the State Tournament at Worcester Poly-Technical Institute.

The winning team includes Wallace Heller from Cunningham School; along with David Cichello, Kyle Hipp, Alex Malmstrom and Ryan Mazzotta from the Glover School.

To qualify for the states, the team faced an instant challenge allowing them six minutes to plan and perform a vacation using miming as their only method of communication. Next, they presented their technical challenge after months of work. The challenge was to build vehicles six inches or less that met propulsion requirements, earning points for creativity and reaching certain areas. During their allocated eight minutes, the team released their vehicles and performed a skit about a danger from the viewpoint of a vehicle.

The competition included 90 teams (534 students) from 3rd to 12th grade presenting amazing solutions to seven different challenges. During the state competition in Worcester, the fifth-graders placed 7th out of 17 schools. We are very proud of this group’s creativity, energy and  ability to meet challenges. Many thanks to Christine Cichello & Jean Mazzotta who worked with the Destination Imagination team.

* * *

Teams from two Milton elementary schools and a Pierce Middle School student recently scored the top spots in a Future Problem Solving State Bowl in Bourne.

Timothy Karoff placed first in the Individual Competition for the Middle Division and has been invited to Internationals. In addition, in the written competition, the team from Glover earned second place and the Collicot team earned third place. In the Action Plan Presentation, Collicot earned first place and Glover earned third place.

Future Problem Solving (FPS) is an academic program used in the Milton Public Schools and thousands of other public, private, and parochial schools throughout the world. All four elementary schools and Pierce Middle School have FPS teams.

The Future Problem Solving program helps students to work on their critical and creative thinking skills, encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares students for leadership roles. FPS engages students in creative problem solving within the curriculum and provides competitive opportunities. The State Bowl was held at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Bourne on March 23rd.

The following students competed on the winning teams:
The Collicot Team (coached by Anna Higgins): Jackson Humphreys, Kate Delaney and Shea Flanagan. Also, individual competitors Nora Kleiman and Molly Murtaugh assisted with the first-place win. The Glover Team (coached by Christina Reynolds): Ella Zimmermann, Hudson Smith, Kate Possi and Kelly Mackenzie.

Four individuals also competed: Grace Quijano from Tucker, Nora Kleiman from Collicot, Molly Murtagh from Collicot and Timothy Karoff from Pierce.

* * *

The Milton High School Debate Team not only hosted the Massachusetts State Debate Tournament recently at Milton High School, they also earned one of the top awards. Several hundred students from around the state packed the halls, classrooms, auditorium and library of the high school, competing in various debate events including Policy, Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum.

One of the Milton High School Debate Teams advanced all the way to the final round, finishing second in the state, out of 43 competing teams. This team consisted of Senior Ailsa Jeffries and junior Chris Dsida. Senior Isabelle Smith and Junior Cormac Conners also advanced to the elimination rounds. Individually, Chris Dsida earned third place and Cormac Conners earned fifth place overall out of the 86 competitors in Public Forum Debate.  Although it was Milton High School’s first time hosting this event, everything ran smoothly thanks to the many parent and student volunteers and the efforts of Debate Team coaches Nancy Warn and Nick Fitzgerald.  Milton High School’s Debate Team, now in its fourth year, has grown tremendously since its inception in 2009.  What started as a group of four students has evolved into a program of nearly 30 students who compete in approximately 12 local and national tournaments each year.  In addition to local competitions, students this year competed at Yale and Harvard Universities, as well as at the National Forensic League and Catholic Forensic League Qualifying tournaments.  As the team’s competition schedule has expanded, the students have simultaneously continued to achieve higher levels of success.

Three times in the last four years, a Milton High School team has advanced to a semi-final or final round in the tournament.


Photo Caption: Members of the MHS Debate Team, during the recent tournament hosted at Milton High School.

* * *

Three of our Tucker third-grade teachers, Catherine DesRoche, Kirsten Finnell, and Valerie Kelly recently presented at the Mass Reading Association Conference in Boston.

This opportunity was built from participating in the Commendation Grant. The teachers presented “Learning from One Another: Developing a Collaborative Professional Learning Community.” This session shared the process of bringing two Title One schools together with the goal of developing a Professional Learning Community through the use of school visits, learning walks, and professional inquiry groups. Participants learned the protocols for conducting learning walks and inquiry groups in order to harness professional curiosity and the value of inquiry and reflection as essential to the culture of teaching in order to grow instructional practice.

* * *

Milton Shake! Milton High School’s Class of 2013 recently produced a School Spirit/Pride Video and sent it into WCVB-TV (Channel 5). The video is scheduled to be shown on April 25th at 5:10 a.m. and 6:10 a.m. as part of the “Good Morning Eye-Opener”. Special thanks to Sean LoPresti, Amy Tom, Ben Kelly and our Senior class! The students were magnificent! Their enthusiasm for this initiative was unbelievable.  To view the video, please click here.

* * *

Recently, our Pierce drama teacher, Bill Deschenes, graciously hosted two playwrights in his Grade Seven drama classes. Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour  are two award winning artists based in New York City. They are currently working on a project called “Milton” where they are collecting the thoughts, experiences and unique things that connect different Miltons around the country. To read more about this specific project, their website is

Mr. Deschenes, along with Katie and Lisa developed multiple sessions revolving around play writing, story-telling and acting. The theme or inspiration for each of these sessions was MILTON and we hope that the words and experiences of our own students will be evident in the final play produced by Katie and Lisa.  It is unique and enriching experiences like these that students remember. Thanks again to Bill for all of his hard work!

* * *

The Forbes House Museum recently announced the winners of the 2013 Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest. In total, 994 entries were received, including 676 essays and 318 drawings.  An awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 14th at 2pm at the Pierce Middle School Auditorium. All are welcome.

Contest winners are from the four public elementary schools in Milton (Collicot, Cunningham, Glover, and Tucker Schools) and Pierce Middle School. The winners are:

Drawing Contest- Grades K- 3

1st Place: Mae McKenna, Collicot School
3rd Place: Olivia Hart, Collicot School

First Grade:
1st Place: Greer Woodward, Cunningham School
2nd Place: Emma Buckley, Cunningham School
3rd Place: Molly Lovett, Collicot School
Honorable mention: Isaac Moy, Collicot School
Honorable mention: Malcolm Frank- McNight, Cunningham School

Second Grade:
1st Place: Liam McLaughlin, Cunningham School

Third Grade:
1st Place: Chris Barrett, Glover School
3rd Place: Jalyssa Lynette Reis, Glover School
Honorable mention: Nora Biagiotti, Collicot School

Essay Contest- Grades 4-8

Fifth Grade:
1st Place: Alisa Lorden, Tucker School
2nd Place: Kelly MacKenzie, Glover School
3rd Place: Jeremy Val, Cunningham School
Honorable mention: John Walsh, Cunningham School

Sixth Grade:
2nd Place: Christopher Kenney, Pierce Middle School
3rd Place: Taylor Condon, Pierce Middle School

Seventh Grade:
1st Place: Genevieve Connelly, Pierce Middle School
2nd Place: Alyssa Foster, Pierce Middle School

For inquiries about the Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest, call the Museum office at 617.696.1815. For more information on other programs, special events and group tours, visit the Forbes House Museum website here.

* * *

The Foods classes at Milton High School sponsored a Food Drive for the month of March.  The drive, which benefited the Milton Community Food Pantry, was done to mark National Nutrition Month.  Students and staff brought in a wide variety of canned goods and non-perishables that will help to stock the Pantry. Students were entered into a raffle for a $50 iTunes gift card for each item brought in.  Kelly Gemma’s name was drawn by Mr. Jette at the conclusion of the drive for the gift card.  Another card was also awarded to Daniel Francis for the best participation. Congratulations to all who participated!


P1000787 P1000786


Photo Captions: Kelly Gemma (left) and Daniel Francis (right) are the winners of the Food Drive Contest at Milton High School.

* * *

 The following item was submitted by Lauren Brennan, who co- chairs the Booster Scholarship Committee with Donna Carrera.

Its that time of year, as The Milton High School Boosters Scholarship program is underway again.  We are excited to be offering 17 scholarships this year. We expanded the program last year since our membership has grown and we want to touch as many seniors as possible who are involved in Athletics. More details are available on our website.

* * *

 The following announcement was submitted by Technology Director Bob Pattison.

I am excited to announce that the Milton Public Schools’ wireless network is now complete and operational. This feat would not have been possible without the support of the MPS administration and the generosity of the Milton Foundation for Education and the Copeland Foundation.

Wireless network access is available in every classroom, office, gym, auditorium, cafeteria, and hallway in all schools. This will give Internet access ONLY and users will still be filtered by our content filter and be expected to follow the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Access to any school resources, such as files, software, printers, is still restricted.

This wireless network is a great addition to our infrastructure and should provide the backbone for new methods of accessing educational content on the Internet and increased collaboration among teachers and students alike. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by calling (617)696-4470 x5509 or emailing


The Pierce Players will present the classic musical comedy HELLO DOLLY! on the Pierce stage on Thursday May 30 and Friday May 31 at 7PM and Saturday June 1 at 2PM.

The cast is led by 8th grader Julia Butler in the title role and features Andrew Flaherty, Stephen Tan, Abigail Jean-Baptiste, Henry Dolgoff, and Grace Varela along with 110 other 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in the cast and crew.  Tickets ($10 adults, $8 children) can be purchased at the door or by calling 617.696.4570.  Don’t miss this spectacular production!

 * * * 

The following event was submitted by Milton High School senior, Liana Massey-Green.

For my senior project, I am organizing a Relay For Life event at Milton High in the Copeland Field House on Saturday, May 18th from 2-9 pm.

Relay For Life is an event hosted by the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research and to assist cancer patients with the support they need. For the event, teams raise money from pledges and fundraisers. During the event, team members take turns walking around the track, with at least one team member on the track at all times. Teams can also participate in on-site fundraisers, in which they have a booth where they can have a bake sale, face painting, raffles, etc. There will also be various forms of entertainment and activities during the event.
This year, the theme for Milton’s Relay For Life is “Kick Cancer to the Curb,” promoting cancer awareness, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating habits. There will be different activities offered during the day, such as kickboxing, yoga, and Zumba classes. My goal is to get the whole Milton community involved in this event. I believe that cancer affects almost everyone in some way, and I would like the Milton community to join together to help end the fight against cancer. I am also looking for cancer survivors and caregivers to be honored and guest speakers. There is also an opportunity to remember those who have lost their fight with cancer. If anyone would like to be a part of the survivor and caregiver recognition, or would like to honor someone they have lost, they can also participate. To register, visit
For more information or questions, I can be reached at


The new Challenger League for Little League players in Milton is still accepting registrations.

The Challenger Division is a division of Little League that enables boys and girls with physical and mental challenges, ages 5-18, or up to age 22 (if still enrolled in high school), to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide. Today, more than 30,000 children participate in more than 900 Challenger Divisions worldwide.  Challenger games will be played as a combination of tee ball and coach pitch.

The Challenger players wear the same uniforms, shoulder patches and safety equipment as other Little League players. In a Challenger game, each player gets a chance to bat. The side is retired when the offense has batted through the roster.  Score will not be kept.

One of the benefits of having a Challenger Division is that it encourages the use of “buddies” for the Challenger players. The buddies assist the Challenger players on the field, but whenever possible, encourage the players to bat and make plays themselves. However, the buddy is always nearby to help when needed.

Parents and teenagers are strongly encouraged to become involved in this uniquely-rewarding division of Little League. After completing a Little League volunteer application and passing a required national background check, teenagers may become buddies, while parents may become involved in practices, and be eligible as coaches, managers, umpires, local league board members and other volunteer positions within the league. Registration will remain open through April 1st. Please direct questions to  To register a child click the “Registrar Now” and go through the same steps as you would for your Little Leaguer. Other contacts: or or visit the Milton National Little League website here


The New England Dairy & Food Council announced today that Milton High School has been chosen to receive $7,700 through two grants to support its new school breakfast initiative. Milton High School was selected for these competitive grants to help them jump start and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements at school. The grant program, Fuel Up to Play 60, offers schools funds to help them increase awareness of and access to nutrient-rich foods and physical activity opportunities for students.

In early 2013, Milton High School was awarded $3,700 from Smart Choice Whole Grain Products to support the school’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program and add more whole grains to breakfast.

The school has used the funds donated from J.S.B Industries to create and promote a new Grab n’ Go breakfast service model.  Students can now enjoy a quick, convenient, nutrient-rich breakfast from the mobile “Smart Start Breakfast Cart” located at one of the school’s main entrances. Student leaders created posters to help promote the breakfast cart during National School Breakfast Week and the school’s Wellness Week.  Since the launch of the new Grab n’ Go breakfast service last month, the school has seen an instant increase in school breakfast participation.

In December 2012, Milton High School received $4,000 from Fuel Up to Play 60 in support of the Massachusetts School Breakfast Challenge, a partnership between the New England Dairy & Food Council, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts, and Child Nutrition Outreach Program at Project Bread.  Funding for this competitive program is provided by New England Dairy & Food Council and the dairy farmers of Massachusetts.

“On average, only 8% of our high school students were participating in the breakfast program daily. With these two grants, we are confident that we can accomplish the goal set forth by the Massachusetts School Breakfast Challenge and increase school breakfast participation at Milton High School up to 43% (an increase of 35%) by 2014,” said Jackie Morgan, Food Service Director for the Milton Public Schools.

Schools, parents and students can learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60 here. There are several application windows each year, including the upcoming deadline on June 4th.


Did you graduate from Milton High School? Is any member of your household a Milton High Alum? If so, we are asking all Milton High School Alumni to visit our website to add their name, email, and current address to their class list. 
 Here’s how: Click here, click year or name and search. Check for your name and if it is not listed add to class list. To make changes to existing name, click Edit to add email and current address. That’s all!

Also, the Alumni Association is looking for a volunteer to write our Milton High School Alumni Newsletter. Contact  Gary Kelly at for more details.


Help make the 13th Annual MFE Outstanding Teacher Awards program a success! Recognize the extraordinary contributions made by our teachers in the Milton Public Schools by submitting nomination papers for a teacher who deserves this special recognition. Award recipients will be honored at a special ceremony on May 22nd. Deadline for submission is today, Friday, April 12th. To be eligible for nomination, a teacher must:

  • Have completed three consecutive years teaching at MPS and currently teach at MPS
  • Teach students on a regular basis (40% of the time)
  • Be aware of and in agreement with this nomination

Nominees must be teachers who meet most of the following criteria:

  • Instills in students the desire to learn/achieve
  • Understands the individual needs of students, encourages their talents and fosters their self-esteem
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to share it effectively with students
  • Fosters cooperative relationships with colleagues and the community
  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership
  • Participates in school, professional, civic and/or extracurricular activities

Nomination packets can be downloaded here or send completed nomination packages to:

Milton Foundation for Education
PO Box 223
Milton, MA 02186  … or drop them off at your school’s office.


The Town of Milton has embarked on a new comprehensive community planning (Master Plan) project that will help guide Milton’s approach to managing change for the next ten years and beyond. So far, two sessions have been held, with incredible input from members of the Milton community.

The result of the Visioning effort will be a consensus of many voices within Milton that establishes the framework for the analysis and the subsequent  recommendations of the Master Plan. The next session will be held on Thursday, April 25th at 7 pm at the Milton High School Auditorium.

Milton’s Master Plan Committee is overseeing this process and has engaged community planning firm Brown Walker Planners, Inc. to assist the Town in the Visioning effort. Please check back frequently to get updates on upcoming meetings, master plan reports, and how you can stay involved. The Master Plan Committee is asking for your final review and comments on the three elements of the Phase One Report:  Community Vision, Goals and Key Issues.

  • What is your vision for Milton?
  • What issues are priorities for the town?
  • Does this Plan represent your views?

The Milton Master Plan Committee is being  advised by Director of Planning, William Clark and by the Town’s consultant Brown Walker Planners. For more information, please click here: 

 * * *

Girl Scout Troop # 74134 is holding its Second Annual Kids Road Race on Sunday, May 19th at Cunningham Park.

Participants, ages 4-14, will run 2.2 miles, consisting of two loops through the park, beginning and ending at Cunningham Hall. The race kicks off at 9:30 a.m.
There will be food and water, along with raffles and other activities.

Participants can register for the race online here by May 15th (credit cards are accepted) or by mailing in an entry form and check to Milton Kids Road Race, 95 Hudson St., Milton, MA 02186, postmarked by May 16th.

Entrants can pick up their numbers at Cunningham Hall between 8:45 and 9:15 a.m. the morning of the race. The cost is $17 for preregistration. Registration will also be held the day of event between 8:45 – 9:15 a.m., but the cost then will be $23 and only cash and checks will be accepted. There will be a complimentary yoga warm up at 9:20 a.m., sponsored by Petit Papillion. A post race awards ceremony will begin at 10:45 a.m.

The race is designed to promote health and proceeds from the race will help refurbish the Scout house and help finance trips and other activities for troop #74134. More information can be found here. 

* * *

 The following item was submitted by Mass Audubon.

Calling Volunteers to Work for Wildlife! Mass Audubon is hosting our annual Statewide Volunteer Day on Saturday, April 27th from 9 am to noon.

Join us for a day of family fun as we spruce up our trails, gardens, and nature centers and dive into other spring cleaning projects. See our list of participating wildlife sanctuaries for more details (below) and sign-up online today.

There are plenty of activities planned for all ages and abilities, whether you’re looking for kid-friendly work (preparing gardens for spring planting) or more strenuous activities (trail restoration). We can also provide a community service verification letter for your three hours of volunteering. Bring a picnic lunch and spend time exploring (and enjoying) the sanctuary when the morning’s work is done.

Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton: The Great Invasive Pull; Light Spring Landscaping; Spring Housekeeping and Maintenance
Boston Nature Center, Mattapan: Gardeners and Green Thumbs; Butterfly Garden, Nature Nook, and Surrounding Landscaped Areas; Trail Restoration
Drumlin Farm, Lincoln: Garlic Mustard Pull
Habitat, Belmont: Trail, Gardens, Ponds, and Meadows

* * *

 Sustainable Milton and Artspace Milton submitted the following two events:

 Earth Day Movie Night and Bottle Cap Magnet Making at the Milton Public Library, Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm. While the adults watch “One Beach” in the community room, the kids will have a chance to create bottle cap magnets in the conference room.

Recycle Art Challenge at Turners Pond, Sunday, April 21st at 1:00 pm. Did you know that your recycling bin is a treasure trove of art supplies? To help celebrate Earth Day 2013, dig into your recycling bin and create a unique piece of art. Let your imagination go wild! Students are encouraged to create works of art using recycled materials. bring your work to our Earth Day Celebration at Turner’s Pond on Sunday April 21, 1:00 Pm. Prizes will be awarded for creativity! Something wondrous and exciting is to be unveiled at the Pond that day….. don’t miss out!  Open to all students in Milton. For more info, email

 * * *

 The following item was submitted by our friends at MECA:

We are excited to bring the Story Walk project to Milton during April School vacation. Come enjoy this week-long rain or shine, free event. Visit the Trailside Museum at 1904 Canton Ave in Milton during school vacation week (April 14th through April 21st) from 10 am to 5 pm and enjoy a story posted along the way as you walk around the grounds. This is a terrific opportunity to enjoy a wonderful children’s book while talking a healthy walk. Stop at each post and read the page with your child. For more information, contact Milton Early Childhood Alliance at

* * *

The Town of Milton’s Department of Public Works sent the following item: 

The Annual DPW Open House is being held 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday, May 11th at the DPW Yard, 629 Randolph Avenue.

The DPW Open House celebrates National Public Works Week and the thousands of men and women who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as Public Works.  At this fun-filled, free family event, Milton residents can enjoy hotdogs and cotton candy as they learn about what the Milton DPW does everyday to maintain our roads, water, sewage, drainage, and solid waste systems. Children can climb aboard DPW trucks to honk the big horns and marvel at the recycling magic of BJ Hickman, who will be performing at 10.30 am and noon.

In addition, the tenth annual “Larry DeCelle Friend of the DPW Award” will be presented to an individual or organization whose actions exemplify outstanding community service in the public works arena.

In the spirit of reuse and re-cycling, BikeMilton will be at the yard, running a used bike sale from 10am-4pm.  Bikes may be donated Friday May 10th from 5-6:30pm and on the day from 8.30-10am.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to promote safe cycling in Milton. Sustainable Milton and Cradles to Crayons will also be at the event, helping give a new lease of life to unwanted items.  As residents spring clean their home, they should keep an eye out for the following, which will be collected from 10am-1pm at the Open House:

  • kids’ toys and clothing to help children in need through Cradles to Crayons
  • inkjet cartridges and cell phones to raise funds for Milton Schoolsbutton cell batteries, thermometers and thermostats containing mercury (recycling these keeps hazardous substances out of our waste stream)
  • worn out sneakers to be turned into sports surface by Nike Reuse-a-Shoe

Residents wanting to save money on their water bills and conserve water can order rain barrels through the DPW/Sustainable Milton’s annual rain barrel sale for collection at the event (special pricing for Milton residents – $60/$65). Orders should be placed before May 6th via phone 1-800-251-2352 or online at There will be no extra barrels available for sale at the event. So please plan on pre-ordering. For those wanting to reduce trash sticker costs and turn yard waste and veggie peelings into soil for the garden, subsidized Earthmover compost bins will also be available for $42 (checks payable to Town of Milton please).

* * *

The following item was sent by Eleanor Fusoni, Publicity Chairman for the Milton Historical Society:

A great way to celebrate Patriot’s Day – Tour the house where Dr. Joseph Warren and Paul Revere made history! Come to the Milton Historical Society Annual Open House from 1 to 3 pm on Sunday, April 14th at the Suffolk Resolves House located at 1370 Canton Avenue, Milton.

Members of the Historical Society will be available to answer questions about the history of the house and the Suffolk Resolves. Members of the 9th Massachusetts Regiment will perform drills and share what life was like in a colonial militia.

A special treat: Rarely open to the public and unknown to most visitors, a stairway under a trap door in the parlor leads to a granite room of uncertain purpose and origin. Visitors will be able to examine the room and Curator Steve Kluskens will be on hand to answer questions. Check their website for more information.

 * * *

Some members of our Milton Public School community may not be familiar with the Milton Residents Fund.

Diane Ferrari is a social worker and administrator of The Milton Residents Fund. This program helps Milton residents in need primarily with fuel, utilities and rent assistance, however, it also helps with child care, summer school and many other types of assistance on a case by case basis.  Diane’s office is located at First Parish Church, 535 Canton Ave. and the office telephone is 617-696-1214.

Ms. Ferrari has worked with several of our school guidance counselors, nurses and teachers over the past several years and has been of great assistance to some of our families. If you or someone you know may be in need of her services, please contact her at

* * *

The Town of Milton’s Parks & Rec program is currently holding signups for a variety of spring sports programs, as well as other exciting events. Please visit their website for details:


Reserve Free or Discounted Museum Passes for School Vacation: Library cardholders now can reserve free or discounted museum passes from the Milton Library thirty days in advance, so start planning for school vacation. Reservations can be made on-line on the library’s website, or call the reference desk, 617-698-5757. The Friends of the Milton Library sponsor the following museum passes:

Boston Children’s Museum, Fuller Craft Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, John F. Kennedy Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, Peabody Essex Museum, Roger Williams Park Zoo, U.S.S. Constitution Museum, and Zoo New England.

The following item is from Sara Truog, Children’s Librarian:

April Vacation Week is almost here, and the Children’s Room at Milton Public Library is ready to keep your kids busy all week long! We will be closed on Monday, but the rest of the week is jam-packed with our regular preschool storytimes on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as several other upcoming programs for the young people in your life:

Tuesday, April 16th from 2 to 3 pm, Make Your Own Flat Stanley, Grades 1-5
Originally published in 1964, Jeff Brown’s famous book Flat Stanley is about a boy who accidentally gets flattened by a bulletin board, but then discovers that being flat isn’t so bad after all.  A series was born, spinoff books continue to be written, and these books about a flat boy are still as popular as they were in the ’60s.  The current Flat Stanley craze is to make your own flat person, and then send that person on an adventure around the world, courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service.  Sound like fun?  Come join us for a craft session where we will provide all of the materials and instructions so you can make your own flat person and send him/her on a journey just like Stanley’s!  Registration is required.

Wednesday, April 17th from 2 to 3:30 pm, Cooks ‘n Books, Grades 3-5
Join Miss Debbie for a cooking adventure. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Thursday, April 18th from 2 to 3:30 pm, Mad Science, Grades 3-5
Experience the pull of magnetism! Ever been an atom in a magnet? Find out exactly what magnets like to “hang” out with, visit the North and South poles, build cool magnet chains and play with some of the wildest forces in the universe. Registration is required. Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Library.

Friday, April 19th from 11 to 11:45 am, Sparky’s Puppets, All Ages
Join the fun as Sparky’s Puppets perform “Springtime Stories.”  The show features tales of rabbits, gardening, and springtime. See what happens when Brer Rabbit sneaks into the vegetable garden. Meet a hard-working chicken and some lazy farmyard animals. And see if you can guess who will win the race between a sassy rabbit and a slow-moving turtle! Sparky’s Puppets dramatize favorite children’s stories with lively humor and plenty of audience participation.  They have performed for children and family audiences throughout New England for over 30 years. For children of all ages with a parent/caregiver.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Friday, April 19th from 1 to 4 pm, Family Game Time, All Ages
Drop in and spend some time playing board games. Our selections include Scrabble Junior, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Monopoly, Clue, and more. Or bring along a family favorite and some friends to share it. Board games have a long history in Massachusetts. Did you know that both Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley got their start here? Come on by for some family fun.

Saturday, April 20th from 2 to 3 pm, Bookbusters, Grades 3-5
The Bookbusters is a book club for boys and girls in grades 3-5.  Led by Miss Sara, group participants are asked to read a book in advance of the meeting, then come together to talk about it with their peers.  The book we are reading for April is The Problem with the Puddles by Kate Feiffer.  Copies are available at the Children’s Room desk, or by placing a hold at  Come join us to discuss this humorous and heartwarming story about an eccentric family and their adventurous dogs.  Registration is required.

Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar found here, or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.

The following item is from Emily Calkins, Young Adult Librarian:

Friday, April 12th, 3-5 p.m.: After school movie
Kick off April vacation week with an after school movie! Check out the choices on Facebook, vote for your favorite, and then join us for the winning movie and snacks!

Saturday, April 20th, 1:30-4 p.m. Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament
It’s tournament time again! Join the Teen Services department for an afternoon of snacks, trash talk, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the library’s Wii. Winner gets a GameStop gift card and bragging rights! Space is limited, so advance registration is recommended. Play begins at 1:30; late players may not be admitted to the tournament, so please be on time. ** The tournament is open to students in grades 6-12. Admission is free; this program is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 6:30 – 8 p.m.: Anime and manga club
Join the Teen Services Dept. for our monthly Anime & Manga Club. Meet other anime and manga fans, enjoy Japanese snacks, make art and more! This is the club’s final meeting for the school year. ** This program is open to students in grades 6-12 and is sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.


As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:

Students: I would like to recognize Jack Caljouw and Mona Yuan, two of our Milton High School students who compete on our LifeSmarts team. The pair recently visited the after-school program at Glover Elementary School to help teach a safety lesson for the students in Grades K-2. This was a wonderful collaboration between schools and a great opportunity for our younger students to be exposed to such wonderful role models at the high school level. Thank you to Jack and Mona.

 Teachers: For those of you who do not know this, Milton High School has not always had a debate program. Now that our Debate Team is in full swing, competing in and hosting state tournaments, I would like to thank the two teacher/coaches/advisors who have helped to make Debate such a huge success at Milton High. Nick Fitzgerald and Nancy Warn have been tireless advocates of this program and have dedicated countless hours to helping our students succeed. This is the classic case of our faculty going “above and beyond,” and I am very pleased with the results.

Volunteer: I would like to thank a group of volunteers who have been assisting with two very important jobs. As in the past, we have formed screening committees to fill the positions of Assistant Superintendent for Business and Tucker Principal. Along with myself and John Phelan, the following individuals have been working hard on these screening committees. Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs Committee: James Jette, Becky Padera, Bill Ritchie, Jackie Morgan and Steve Traister.  Tucker Principal Committee:  Jon Redden, Becky Padera, Marilyn Decker, Elizabeth Spitz, Trish Leahy, Steve Paxhia, Suzeanne Carty and Kymberly Terry.

The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.