June 6th E-blast

From: Mary C. Gormley
To: Parents/Guardians and Staff
Re: E-blast Update
Date: Monday, June 6th, 2016


Please read this very informative and timely article written by MHS student Josh Kery about the history of Milton High School:

MHS Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary
By Joshua Kery

The Seniors of 2016 were the 150th class to graduate from Milton High School. While there is no specific ceremony being held to recognize this historic year, Milton High School’s employees and oldest graduates celebrated its arrival.

John Cronin, who served as Milton’s Town Administrator for 34 years and was a member of the Class of 1955, notes that the anniversary marks “Milton’s 150-year commitment to providing an excellent public high school education.”

“As we think about this 150th Anniversary it’s important for students to understand the importance of public education,” comments MHS Humanities Department Head Barbara Wright, “As Americans we may sometimes take for granted the public education we are afforded, but that was not always the case.”

“It was just a year after the Civil War that Milton High School was opened. I can only imagine a fair share of students enrolled in those first classes were young men who returned from fighting to face an uncertain future. Imagine the benefits of knowing they were able to advance their education and train for a profession.”

Milton established its first public high school in 1866, just before the rise of the United States’ high school movement. This movement popularized public secondary education across the U.S. as a ticket to better employment as the service industry and white collar jobs expanded in the country’s economy. The high school movement reached its peak in the early twentieth century, according to Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz of Harvard University.

“Americans devised the secondary school for the masses to train youth ‘for life’ and not just ‘for college,’” wrote Goldin and Katz in a 2008 paper.

This expressed purpose for high school — making its students ready “for life” — is a far cry from the goals of high school today. Milton High School, like many public high schools in the United States, is one in which college admissions tests like the SAT are the norm for students, of whom the majority are expected to use their high school education to prepare for college. For the graduating class of 2016, the value of any one of their high school diplomas has been eclipsed by that of a college degree, in much of the same way secondary education diminished the value of primary schooling in the late nineteenth century.

“College opens more doors,” writes Robert Farrington of Forbes Magazine, “But even then, it just gets you what a high school diploma did twenty years ago.”

And in terms of salaries, a college degree continues to win out: “A college graduate now makes about 1.8 times as much as a high-school graduate, up from about 1.4 times as much in 1979, according to the EPI [Economic Policy Institute] data,” writes the Huffington Post’s Jillian Berman.

Regardless Milton High School does offer an excellent secondary education; U.S. News ranks it 30th out of 353 public high schools in Massachusetts, and it has a 5-year graduation rate 97.2% as of 2012, according to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

But of those leaving Milton High that year, 85.3% were moving on to higher education. College has become the true runway for students seeking to take off into employment while high school, as AT&T South Carolina President Pamela P. Lackey said to the New York Times, “‘prepares [students] for a different type of work than we have as a reality today.’”

Milton High School itself predates the highest rates of public high school founding during the U.S.’s greater high school movement. The “enormous expansion” of public high schools in the country began with an increased demand for white-collar jobs as twentieth century automatization replaced blue-collar laborers, according to Harvard’s Goldin and Katz. Additionally, a high school education brought greater wealth to workers who remained blue-collar laborers or farmers in addition to those working in the rising retail and service industries.

Milton’s creation of a public high school was motivated by many of the same needs; public primary education was no longer considered “adequate” in preparing students for work, according to Dr. Anne Coghlan, MHS Class of 1944. Many secondary schools were established in the 1820’s in the cities in the East that were industrializing the most rapidly. In Milton as in many small, wealthier towns in the U.S., private academies were first popularized to meet the demand for better trained students. Milton Academy began teaching in 1823.

With the end of the American Civil War, public education increased in popularity across the country. When a lack of financial benefactors required Milton Academy to suspend its work in 1866, the Town of Milton employed its staff and leased its building to establish the Town’s first public secondary school: Milton High School.

When the Town finally bought Milton Academy’s land in 1885, the high school building was demolished and replaced by the second Milton High School. Then, nearly 130 years ago, Milton High School students were taking many of the same classes as they are today — English, History, Physics, Latin, French — according to historian A. K. Teele. The second building was in turn replaced by a third building near the same site in 1896, much larger than the previous two. The Vose Elementary School, where Pierce Middle School stands today, was converted into the fourth High School in 1917, and a School Building Committee, established in 1998, saw the completion of the fifth and current Milton High School and its facilities by 2010.

The high school’s anniversary this year appears to be a significant juncture in the value of its graduates’ diplomas, but the rise in importance of a college degree has been long-coming. Like Milton and the East’s turn to high schools after the American Civil War, the country has frequently promoted college education — the G.I. Bill provided postsecondary schooling to WWII veterans in 1944, and university students were exempted from military service during the Vietnam War.

Today college is well ingrained in people’s minds as a crucial step on a path to success; high school is often only the step just preceding it, and “most students,” as Forbes’ Robert Farrington notes, simply “transition from a free education to a paid education.”

Yet the college degree appears to be well worth the potential for student debt. And as a stepping stone, Milton’s, like all other high school educations, is crucial for students seeking a higher level of financial and occupational success.

“The individual best equipped to evaluate what an education has offered,” notes Dr. Anne Coghlan, “Is the graduate who translates the educational experience to work and personal satisfaction, family, citizenship and concern and help for others.”


There have been no School Committee meetings since my last E-blast. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, June 8th at 7 pm in the Milton Access TV studio, Room 245 of Milton High School.


The week preceding graduation has always been a very special week for our senior class. The celebration of Senior Awards Night, our Boosters Banquet and the Junior/Senior Prom —  as well as Commencement yesterday — all made for a very busy and rewarding week for all.

More than $110,000 worth of scholarships were awarded as part of Senior Awards Night, which is a testament to our incredible community. The following seniors were recognized at Senior Awards Night.

Awards Night
Julie Affanato Wallace Memorial Award: Shannon FitzGerald
AFL-CIO Scholarship: Owen Walsh
Julian S. Alexander Memorial Award Alexis Belash
American Learning International Exchange Scholarship Caroline Johnson & Colin Rooney
American Legion – Paul W. Curran Memorial Award Cole Kroninger
American Legion – Post 114 Scholarship Amanda Thorne & Michael Wyatt
ARTDante Scholarship in memory of Dante Fugazzotto Mairead Dambruch & Josh Kery
Asian Culture Club Award Dylan Bahn, Emily Chow & Xiaoging Deng
Edward H. Baker Scholarship Harry Kong
Jesse B. Baxter Scholarship Sindhu Banerjee
Carol A. Blute Memorial Scholarship Sindhu Banerjee
John and Nina Bombaci Memorial Scholarship Calvin Luong
Heidi Wolensky Bradley Memorial Scholarship Aisling Desmond
Jay A. Brown and Edward Leahy Class of 1972 Memorial Scholarship Anna Mahoney
Caroline F. Carter Memorial Scholarship Emma Heller
Clougherty Family Scholarship Isabel Belash, Robert Fleurissaint, John Mazzarella & Antonina Welz
Mark L. Coles Memorial Scholarship Lydia Horan
Leo E. Cook Memorial Scholarship Rudy Chase
Charles L. and Gladys Copeland Memorial Scholarship Matthew Aldrich, John Clifford, John Cremmen, Shannon FitzGerald, Lauren Hogan, Brendan McManus, Jacqueline Sullivan and Henry Wells
Copeland Family Foundation Scholarship Shannon Conley, Mairead Dambruch, Danielle Dumais, Hope Huban, Chris Jean Baptiste, Kathleen McAuliffe, Kate Riccuiti, John Viveiros
Olympia Haveles Crowley Scholarship Hope Huban & Hailee Sullivan
Leonard V. and Dorothy A. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Kalyani Twyman
Cunningham Park Men’s Bowling Scholarship Madison Brown & Ashley Vaughn
James M. Curley Class of 1976 Memorial Award Michael Fallon
John M. Curley Memorial Scholarship Tyler Volpe-Knock
Mary Louise Daly Community Service Award Sarah Monderer
Daughter of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award Audrey Erickson
Debra A. Davis Memorial Scholarship Ariana Ferrante & Sabrina Najarian
Michael A. Devin Memorial Scholarship Kailey Allen & Ja Maurie Coakley
Dr. Frank J. Giuliano Jr. Award Charles Karoff
Charles S. Pierce Middle School Award Derek Perkins
John D. Glover Elementary School Award Hope McDonald
Mary A. Cunningham Elementary School Award Kristen Mills
Richard Collicot Elementary School Award Jamie Donahue
Robert Tucker Elementary School Award David Perkins
Paul Dorsey Baseball Scholarship Matthew McAuliffe, Cullen McMurray & Brandon Musto
Esther P. Edwards Fund Scholarship Mackenzie Abbott
Kate Lisa Etienne Memorial Scholarship Levinia White
FAME Scholarship for Band Simon Eder
FAME Scholarship for Chorus Hope Huban & Colette Nourie
FAME Scholarship for Jazz Michael Wyatt
William T. and Lenore Fidler Memorial Award Kourtney Smith
Gino M. Fiore Memorial Scholarship Simon Eder
Robert E. Forde Memorial Scholarship Monica Woods
Diallo B. Fuller Memorial Scholarship Nia Pinto
Emily McLaughlin Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Joseph Stroud
Reuben A. and Lizzie Grossman Memorial Citizenship Award Lydia Horan & Kendall VanAllen
John Hagan Memorial Scholarship Mikalia Jackson
Henrietta T. Hallowell Citizenship Award Shannon Conley
Mark G. Hamilton 22nd Annual Memorial Scholarship Henry Wells
Jack M. Hanley Memorial Scholarship Penelope Taylor
Charles E. Hardison Memorial Scholarship Jacquelyn Bertram
John Phelan Community Service Award Owen Walsh
Nancy J. Johnson Memorial Music Scholarship Emily Dsida
John J. Karol Memorial Scholarship Daniel Costello
Rabbi Nathan and Helen Korff Memorial Scholarship Nathan Liberty
Barbara Anne Holub LaCambria Memorial Scholarship Ava Urkevic
Donald P. Lake Memorial Scholarship Mary Cronin
Jack Lanigan Memorial Scholarship Cullen McMurray
Elliot and Esther Levine Scholarship Maryanne MacIsaac
Christine Marie Linehan Scholarship Miranda Czwakiel
Baron Hugo Lira Music Scholarship Matthew Nolan
Edith Hamilton Lira Business Scholarship Brandon Musto
Louis Armstrong Award Liam Hines
Joseph F. Lynch Jr. Class of 1972 Memorial Scholarship JaMaurie Coakley
Robert “Bubba” Maloney Scholarship Shannon Conley
Rachel B. and Robert J. Mantica Award Ava Berg
George C. Marsden Memorial Scholarship Matthew McAuliffe
Gerald D. Martin Scholarship Allegra DeNooyer
Elaine McFadden Scholarship John Cremmen & Ariana Ferrante
Jennifer McManus Memorial Scholarship Kristyn Swift
Dr. Alan Barrie Meisler Memorial Scholarship Megan Caljouw
Milton Amateur Gardeners Club Award Katherine Driscoll, Elizabeth Murphy  & Liam Halloran
Milton Animal League Scholarship Taylor Avery
Milton Educators Association Scholarship Anna Mahoney, John McGrath
Milton Fire Department Scholarship Elizabeth Murphy & Rudy Chase
Milton for Peace Gerda Conant and Jean Curry Memorial Peace-Builder’s Award Kalyani Twyman
Milton High School Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship Matthew McAuliffe & Hailee Sullivan
Milton High School Class of 1988 in memory of Alex Losordo Scott Cummings
Milton High School Dramatics Society Award Audrey Erickson
Milton High School English Excellence Award Allegra DeNooyer & Simon Eder
Milton High School Journalism Award for Scholastic Editing and Reporting Joshua Kery
Milton High School Music Theater Award Samantha Antoniewicz, Emily Dsida, Colette Nourie & Michael Wyatt
Milton High School Spirit Scholarship
(funded by Teens in Need) Kailey Allen & Chinedu Nzepuome
Milton High School TRI-M Music Honor Society Award Emily Dsida
Milton Historical Society Scholarship Simon Eder
Milton Junior Wildcats Scholarship Michael Fallon & Kendall Van Allen
Milton Junior Woman’s Club Scholarship Shannon Conley, Hope Huban & Simon Eder
Milton Kiwanis Club Scholarship Jacquelyn Bertram, Hope Huban, Elizabeth Lawless
Milton National Little League Scholarship Colin Rooney & John Walker
Milton Performing Arts Award Madeline Scott
Milton Players Scholarship Joshua Kery
Milton Police Association Scholarship John Clifford
Milton Retired Educators Award Leah Bohmbach & Tyler Volpe-Knock
Milton Rotary Club Scholarship Sindhu Banerjee
Milton Softball Scholarship Ashley  Vaughn
Milton Times Scholarship Taylor Avery & Shoshanna Onyiriuka
Milton Woman’s Club Scholarship Matthew Aldrich, Jacqueline Bertram, Maeve Doyle, Danielle Dumais & Josh Kery
John Brendan Moore Scholarship Megan Caljouw
Morosini Memorial Scholarship Ky-Nam Dang, Amena El Sayed, Colin Keally, Erica Poon & Kate Ricciuti
Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators  Association Achievement Award Danielle Dumais
Jeffrey D. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Nolan Carvalho
National Choral Award Samantha Antoniewicz
National Orchestra Award Allegra DeNooyer
Lawrence R. Neret Jr. Memorial Scholarship Dane Matejka
Norfolk County Teachers’ Association Book Award Danielle Dumais
Pearce – Riordan Memorial Scholarship Kendall Van Allen
Peter Muse Memorial Scholarship Anna Mahoney, Evangelos Pesiridis, Colin Rooney & Jacob St. Fort
Pierce Middle School PTO Scholarship Joshua Kery
Anne Power Memorial Scholarship John McGrath
George F. Ramacorti Memorial Award Sarah Dragon
Alison Mae Regan Scholarship Liam Hines & Colette Nourie
Susanne M. Ruicis National Honor Society Memorial Scholarship Lydia Horan
Dominique Sade Samuels Memorial Scholarship Paola Charles
Charles Hamilton Savage Memorial Award John Walker
Richard J. Scopa and Family Scholarship John Lenane
Kurt P. Shannon Memorial Scholarship Maeve Lydon & Hailee Sullivan
Shoolman Family Scholarship Daniel Costello
Michael A. Siciliano Memorial Scholarship Tatiana Perez
Cynthia J. Smith Memorial Scholarship Anne Grudem, Mikalia Jackson & Sabrina Najarian
Arthur L. Sneider Memorial Scholarship Meaghan McDougall
John Philip Sousa Award Liam Hines
Julia D. Stackpole Memorial Scholarship Shareen Alsebai & Sindhu Banerjee
Superintendent’s Awards for Academic Excellence Joshua Kery
Marc. A. Susi Memorial Scholarship Sophia Cousineau, Greta Freking, Joshua Kery, John Lenane & Owen Walsh
Sustainable Milton Green Student Leadership Award Alexis Belash& Chris Jean Baptiste
James E. Sweeney Memorial Scholarship Olivia Chin
Francis W. Tatro Memorial Music Award Lara Nasser
Marylou Trojano Memorial Scholarship Isabelle Bongiorno
Tucker PTO Scholarship Shoshanna Onyiriuka
Hiram Tuell Citizenship Award Simon Eder
Mathys J. and Maxine Pearce Van Dam Memorial Scholarship Akeem Smith
Charles C. Winchester Memorial Scholarship Sindhu Banerjee & Lydia Horan
Winter Valley Scholarship Max Harris & Vincent Nguyen
Michael J. Young Memorial Scholarship Maximilian Welz

On Wednesday night (June 1st), we enjoyed the annual Milton High School Boosters Banquet, where many of our students were honored for their athletic abilities, as well as sportsmanship and integrity. Please join me in recognizing the student-athletes from the following categories:

MHS Booster Awards

Most Accomplished and Outstanding Athletes Scholarship: A point system was used to score each applicant; a score of 1 was counted for each accomplishment. Student athletes with the highest scores will be awarded scholarships, without any league violations. Congratulations to: Katherine Driscoll, Mairead Dambruch, Timothy Lynch, Sophia Cousineau, Patrick McDonnell, Meaghan McDougall, Colin Rooney and Michael Fallon.

Athletic Achievement Award: Applicants were evaluated on the basis of their athletic success, dedication, sportsmanship, and leadership, as well as academic achievement and character. A point system was used to determine achievement level. One letter of recommendation demonstrating your dedication, sportsmanship and leadership is required as part of the selection process (Head Coach or position coach). Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and no league violations: Alexis Belash, Katherine McAuliffe, Sara McMenamin, Akeem Smith, John Walker.

Impact Award

Any student/athlete participating in any sport while at MHS, with a 2.0 GPA. This Athlete set an example with their hard work, dedication, undaunted determination, no matter from the field, bench or bleachers. This award is an example of the athletic community the MHS Boosters likes to see make an impact. It is not always about the most gifted athlete or scholar. The individual’s association can be through direct or indirect participation. Evaluation will be on the level of participation in each activity: Madison Brown, Kailey Allen, Caroline Johnson, Greta Freking, Sarah Dragon, Benjamin Donahue, Scott Cummings, Zachary Fischer.

MHS Athletic Awards

Unsung Hero Award
Alexis Belash & Michael Fallon

Sportsmanship Award
Katherine Driscoll & Kendall Van Allen

Outstanding Female Athlete
Sophia Cousineau

Outstanding Male Athlete
Derek Perkins

Mickarl Thomas Spirit Award
Isabel Belash & Matthew McAuliffe

Peter Muse Scholarship Award
Mairead Dambruch & Joseph Walker Stroud

Evan Jones Scholarship Awards
Michael Fallon & Meaghan McDougall

MHS Individual Team Awards

Volleyball Award
Coaches Award – Sarah Dragon & Elizabeth Murphy
Most Improved Player Award – Haley O’Brien
Outstanding Senior Award – Madison Brown

Girls Cross Country
Outstanding Senior Award – Mairead Dambruch

Boys Cross Country
Outstanding Senior Award – Tim Lynch

Boys Tennis
Outstanding Senior Award – Michael Wyatt

Girls Tennis
Outstanding Senior Award- Mikalia Jackson

Rugby Award
Coaches Award – Patrick McDonnell
Outstanding Senior Award – Ameil Marc

Baseball Award
Harry E. Carlson Award – Colin Rooney
John Morosini Baseball Award – Scott Cummings
Outstanding Senior – Jake Walker

Outstanding Senior Award – Walker Stroud

Ski Team
Coaches Award – Niamh Lynch
Outstanding Senior Award – Georgia Bell & Owen Walsh

Boys Lacrosse
Groundhog Award – Max Fitzgerald
MVP Award – Max Fitzgerald
Coaches Award – Bobby Lesenechal
Outstanding Senior Award – Joseph Binda

Coaches Award – Bailey Cook
Outstanding Senior Award – Monica Woods

Boys Crew – Spring
Outstanding Senior Award – Liam Hines

Girls Crew – Spring
Outstanding Senior Award – Grace Wamester

Baldwin Award – Patrick McDonnell
Outstanding Senior Award – Dane Matejka

Girls Soccer
Outstanding Senior Award – Sophia Cousineau

Boys Soccer
Tom Herget Award – Cole Kroninger
Outstanding Senior Award – Alden Rosa

Boys Ice Hockey
Marc Susi Award – Colin Rooney
Steve Wilkie Boys Hockey Award – David Cunniff
Outstanding Senior Award – Elliott Chauvet

Girls Indoor Track
Outstanding Senior Award – Sophia Cousineau

Boys Indoor Track
Outstanding Senior Award – Derek Perkins

Girls Lacrosse
Outstanding Senior Award – Morgan Begley

Hilltoppers Award – Shannon Fitzgerald
Outstanding Senior Award – Ashley Vaughn

Field Hockey
Outstanding Senior Award – Kate Driscoll

Girls Outdoor Track
Outstanding Senior Award – Alexis Belash

Boys Outdoor Track
Outstanding Senior Award – Colin Keally

Coed Swim Team
Outstanding Senior Award – Emma Heller

Girls Ice Hockey
Steve Wilkie Hockey Award – Meaghan McDougall
Outstanding Senior – Kate Driscoll

Patrick Bowes Memorial – Akeem Smith
Sgt John T. Carota Memorial – John “Mac” Feeney
Daniel E. Duggan Trophy – Jack Clifford
Perry Thanksgiving Award – MVP Mac Feeney & David Brundage
Outstanding Senior Award – Mike Fallon

Girls Basketball Award
Coach Jack Sullivan Award – Sarah Dragon
McMann Family Award – Olivia Chin
Outstanding Senior Award – Sara McMenamin

Boys Basketball
Edward Carlson Basketball Award – John Cremmen, III
Outstanding Senior Award – JaMaurie Coakley

* * *

I am also very proud to announce the list of colleges and universities that our Class of 2016 will be attending:

Anna Maria College, Assumption College, Auburn University, Babson College, Bates College, Bentley University, Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University, Bridgewater State University, Bryant University, Bryn Mawr College, Bunker Hill Community College, Carnegie Mellon University, Catholic University of America, Champlain College, Clark University, Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston, College of the Holy Cross, Columbia College Chicago, Curry College, Emerson College, Emmanuel College, Endicott College, Fairfield University, Fitchburg State University, Flagler College, Fort Hays State University, Framingham State University, Franklin Pierce University, George Washington University , Hamilton College, Harvard University, Hofstra University, Howard University, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson & Wales University, Keene State College, Lasell College, Lesley University, Manhattan College, Marymount Manhattan College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massasoit Community College, McGill University, MCPHS – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Merrimack College, Mount Holyoke College, Mount Ida College, Nazareth College, New York University, Newbury College, Northeastern University, Pace University, Pennsylvania State, Providence College, Purdue University, Quincy College, Quinnipiac University, Regis College, Roger Williams University, Rollins College, Russell Sage College, Sacred Heart University, Saint Anselm College, Salem State University, Simmons College, Skidmore College, Smith College, Spelman College, Springfield College, Syracuse University, Temple University, Trinity College, Tufts University, Union College, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Delaware, University of Maine, University of Maryland/College Park, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, University of Massachusetts/Boston, University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts/Lowell, University of Michigan, University of New England, University of New Hampshire/Durham, University of New Haven, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rhode Island, University of Richmond, University of Texas/ Austin, University of Vermont, Ursinus College, Vassar College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Western New England University, Westfield State University, Wheaton College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Yale University.

In addition, we have students who have enlisted in the US Navy and the US Marine Corps; and students who will be attending Hotchkiss Prep and Brewster Academy.

* * *

Also, I am often asked for a list of colleges and universities where our seniors have been accepted, but are not necessarily attending. Please see below for this list of colleges and universities that accepted members of the Class of 2016:

Adelphi University, American International College, American University, Amherst College, Anna Maria College, Arizona State University, Assumption College, Auburn University, Ball State University, Bard College, Barnard College, Baruch College of the CUNY, Bates College, Bay Path University, Bay State College, Becker College, Belmont University, Bentley University, Berklee College of Music, Borough of Manhattan Community College of the CUNY, Boston College, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Bowdoin College, Brandeis University, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater State University, Bristol Community College, Brown University, Bryant University, Bryn Mawr College, Bucknell University, Buffalo State College of SUNY, Bunker Hill Community College, California Institute of the Arts, California State University/Fresno, Carnegie Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, Catholic University of America, Central Connecticut State University, Champlain College, Clark Atlanta University, Clark University, Clarkson University, Clemson University, Cleveland State University, Coastal Carolina University, Colby College, Colby-Sawyer College, College of Charleston, College of the Holy Cross, College of William and Mary, Columbia College Chicago, Columbia University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Connecticut College, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, Cornell University, Creighton University, CUNY-Macaulay Honors College, Curry College, Dartmouth College, Davidson College, Dean College, Denison University, Dickinson College, Dominican University, Drexel University, Duke University, Duquesne University, Durham University, Eastern Connecticut State University, Eastern Nazarene College, Eckerd College, Elon University, Emerson College, Emmanuel College, Emory University, Endicott College, Fairfield University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Fisher College, Fitchburg State University, Flagler College, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Southern College, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Florida State University, Fordham University – Lincoln Center Campus/Rose Hill Campus, Fort Hays State University, Framingham State University, Franklin Pierce University, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Gettysburg College, Gordon College, Goucher College, Grinnell College, Gulf Coast Community College, Hamilton College – NY, Hampton University, Harvard University, Hawaii Pacific University, High Point University, Hofstra University, Hollins University, Howard University, Husson University, Iona College, Ithaca College, Jacksonville University, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson & Wales University (North Miami), Johnson & Wales University, Juniata College, Keene State College, Kenyon College, La Salle University, Lasell College, Lehigh University, Lesley University, Lewis & Clark College, LIM College (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising), Louisiana State University, Loyola Marymount University, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Maryland, Loyola University New Orleans, Lyndon State College, Macalester College, Make Up For Ever Academy New York, Manhattan College, Marist College, Marquette University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Marymount Manhattan College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massasoit Community College, Massasoit Community College – Canton, McDaniel College, McGill University, MCPHS – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Medgar Evers College of the CUNY, Merrimack College, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Middlebury College, Morehouse College, Morgan State University. Mount Holyoke College, Mount Ida College, Muhlenberg College, Nazareth College, New England College, New York University, Newberry College, Nichols College, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Nova Southeastern University, Occidental College, Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Pace University, New York City, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Pennsylvania State, Plymouth State University, Pratt Institute, Princeton University, Providence College, Purchase College State, University of New York, Purdue University, Queens College of the CUNY, Quincy College, Quinnipiac University, Reed College, Regis College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rhode Island College, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhodes College, Rice University, Rivier University, Roger Williams University, Rollins College, Roosevelt University, Russell Sage College, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Sacred Heart University, Sage College of Albany, Saint Anselm College, Saint Joseph’s University, Saint Michael’s College, Salem State University, Salve Regina University, Sarah Lawrence College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Seattle University, Seton Hall University, Siena College, Sierra Nevada College, Simmons College, Skidmore College, Smith College, Southern New Hampshire University, Spelman College, Springfield College, St. John’s University – Queens Campus, St. Lawrence University, Stanford University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Stonehill College, Stony Brook University, Suffolk University, SUNY College at Oneonta, SUNY Oswego, Swarthmore College, Syracuse University, Temple University, The New School, Trinity College, Tufts University, Tulane University, Union College, United States Naval Academy, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Bridgeport, University of Bristol, University of California/Berkeley, University of California/Los Angeles, University of California/San Diego, University of California/ Santa Barbara, University of Chicago, University of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, University of Colorado/Boulder, University of Colorado/Denver, University of Connecticut, University of Dayton, University of Delaware, University of Denver, University of Georgia, University of Glasgow, University of Hartford, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign, University of Kentucky, University of Maine, University of Maryland/Baltimore County, University of Maryland/College Park, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, University of Massachusetts/Boston, University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts/Lowell, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota/Twin Cities, University of New England, University of New Hampshire/Durham, University of New Haven, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina/Asheville, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, University of Puget Sound, University of Redlands, University of Rhode Island, University of Richmond, University of San Diego, University of San Francisco, University of Scranton, University of Sheffield, University of South Alabama, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, University of St Andrews, University of Tampa, University of Texas, Austin, University of Tennessee/Knoxville, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, University of Utah, University of Vermont, University of Virginia, University of Washington, Ursinus College, Vanderbilt University, Vassar College, Villanova University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University, Washington College, Wellesley College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Wesleyan University, West Virginia University, Western Connecticut State University, Western New England University, Westfield State University, Wheaton College, Wheelock College, Wichita State University, Widener University, Williams College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Worcester State University, Xavier University, Yale University and Youngstown State University.


Please note that the last day of school will be June 23rd. This will be a half day.

* * *

For those of you who attempted to solve the Continental Math problems provided in the last E-blast, here are the answers:

Marcy has 28 pennies and Tom has 21 pennies. If Marcy gives Tom 5 pennies he will have _____ more pennies than Marcy will have. Answer: Tom will have 3 more pennies than Marcy will have.

George spent $22. This is half as much as Maria and Harriet spent together. Maria spent $15. How much did Harriet spend? Answer: Harriet spent $29.

Pedro lives 3 miles from his Aunt’s house. He can walk a mile in 17 minutes. If he leaves his house at 9:15 a.m., he will arrive at his Aunt’s house at ______a.m. Answer: 10:06 a.m.

Tyshawn needs $90. He worked 6 hours on Thursday earning $7 an hour.

He worked 4 hours on Friday earning $8 an hour. How much more money does he need? Answer: $16


It seems like every day we hear about teens dying behind the wheel because of texting and driving. The Arbella Insurance Foundation and DPS Insurance Group, Inc. are committed to stopping this problem. How?

The Arbella Insurance Foundation created and funds Distractology a mobile simulator experience, designed to show new drivers exactly how dangerous it is to text and drive. New drivers will get firsthand experience of how distractions interfere with their ability to react on the road, see hidden hazards and avoid accidents while safely behind the wheel of a driving simulator. It’s real. It’s useful. And it’s memorable.

This opportunity is available to new drivers with their learner’s permit or license. The program is FREE and participants also receive a $15 gas card! Milton High School is proud to be hosting Distractology Monday, June 13th through Friday, June 17th.

If students would like schedule an appointment, they must sign up in the Milton High School’s Main Office.


The 39th annual Milton Road Race will be run Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 starting and finishing at Cunningham Hall. The race is hosted and organized by the Milton Junior Woman’s Club. The first 500 registered runners receive a swag bag with fun goodies in it. The last 3 years we have had more than 700 runners participate in the race between the 5K and 10K runs. All the proceeds for the race go back into our community in the form of grants to local non profits and scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are Milton residents.

The link to register is www.miltonroadrace.racewire.com Online registration is $30 for adults (19 and older) $20 for youth (18 and younger).  In person registration is $35 for adults- the youth rate is the same.

* * *

Our Park & Rec Department has plenty of summer programs available for Milton residents. Please check their website here for more information.

* * *

The following item was sent to us by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass:

Have you thought about enrolling your daughter in Girl Scouts, but want more information prior to doing so? Have you ever considered being a troop leader, but don’t know where to begin or what’s involved?  The Milton Girl Scouts Service Unit is here to help!  The Service Unit’s purpose is to provide support town-wide as new troops are formed, existing troops evolve, and to share best practices along the way.  The Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass also support our town troops, so there is more help available than you may realize!

If you want to learn more, let us know you’re interested by Friday, June 24th by completing a brief interest form online at goo.gl/qnDWSA. The Milton Service Unit will follow up with you in accordance with your specific interest.

If you already plan to register or re-register your child for Girl Scouts, you can do so directly on the Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass website. Registration information is located at http://www.gsema.org/en/about-girl-scouts/join.html. A registered Girl Scout, even if not yet placed in a troop, receives access to many camp, outdoor, and family activities throughout the year.


Children with a sick or injured Teddy Bear can have their bears evaluated by Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton’s Emergency Department staff at the hospital’s seventh annual Community Health Walk and Health Fair on Saturday, June 11, from 9:30 am – 2 pm, at the hospital located at 199 Reedsdale Road, Milton.

The family-oriented, health and wellness event starts at 9:30 am with registration for a 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) or a one-mile walk which will start at 10 am from the hospital’s Highland Street Parking Lot.

The walks will be followed by family-oriented events including face painting, children’s obstacle course, tours of several emergency response vehicles and DJ entertainment. A free barbeque lunch will be available starting at 12 noon.

A new family feature this year will be a Teddy Bear Clinic. Hospital Emergency Department staff members Erin Ryan, CNA, and Deirdre Michalski, PA, will staff a “Teddy Bear E.D.” where children can have their bears checked out and professionally treated for an assortment of common Teddy Bear illnesses and injuries.

Boston Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster will once again stop by and be available to meet and be photographed with kids of all ages from 11 am to 12 noon.

A community health fair in the hospital’s main lobby will begin at 10:30 am. Health screenings and checks will be available as will displays and information from area health and wellness providers.

The American Red Cross’ Blood Mobile will be onsite to accept blood donations from the community. Individuals who are interested in donating should call the Red Cross at 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to schedule an appointment. Those who donate blood will be entered into a raffle to win a special prize.

Funds raised at the event will go towards facility improvements and new equipment for the hospital’s cardiac testing service. Visit the hospital’s website at www.bidmilton.org/walk to download registration forms. Registration is $5 per walker, except children under the age of 12 who are free.


Summer is almost here – so get ready by joining us for fun family activities at the Milton Public Library! Books, programs, coloring, games, puppets and more are available every day for you to check out. Also, have you signed up for the Library’s Summer Reading Challenge yet? This year’s Challenge, entitled On Your Mark, Get, Set… Read! kicks off on June 23. Children ages 3-11 are eligible to participate. Keep up your skills over the summer, win prizes, and have fun! Visit our website at www.miltonlibrary.org to register now.

In addition to our regular storytimes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we have these exciting programs for the young people in your life happening during the week of June 12 – 18:

Friday, June 17, 2016 from 10:00 – 11:00 am
Yoga with Jill, Ages 3-5

New name, same program! Children ages 3-5 are invited to come to this fun time learning yoga with Jill Pokaski Azar, certified yoga instructor. Registration is required (separate sign up for each session). Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Don’t forget to check the library web calendar for a listing of the many programs we offer year-round. Information about and registration for all of our programs can always be found on our online calendar at www.miltonlibrary.org, or by calling the Children’s Room at 617-898-4957 during business hours. Also, like the Milton Public Library on Facebook and get updates right in your news feed! Please contact the Children’s Room if you have questions about any of our programs or services.

To see a complete listing of library events, please click here: http://www.eventkeeper.com/code/events.cfm?curOrg=MILTONPL


The following item was submitted by the Milton Art Center:

Summer — time to go deeper into what matters. Exploring new worlds and artists. Children learn skills to make vivid their ideas and bring them to life. Strengthening the ability to create gives children the confidence they need to draw from every day to succeed in shaping their world.

Our art teachers at the MAC engage children’s imaginations and feelings using open-ended instruction to teach art skills. Children enjoy the process of creation and the pride of accomplishment.

The 2016 Summer Arts @MAC program will take place from June 27 through July 28th for children in Grades K-5. Five weeks: June 27 – July 29, 2016  9:00AM – Noon http://www.miltonartcenter.org/

* * *

Also, the MAC will be hosting a Backyard BBQ Music & Arts Festival on Saturday, June 11th from noon to 7pm. Spend the afternoon playing games and doing art projects like T-shirt printing, rock painting and much more. Buy a treasure from our local artists on our front lawn and attend the opening of our Celebrate Summer Art Show in the main gallery. Take in some of the best of MAC’s Open Mic talent, and then it’s the Roy Sludge Trio at 6pm to wake up your rockabilly. Hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and Italian ice will be served all day. Bring a blanket or a chair and we’ll see you there! Milton Art Center, 334 Edge Hill Road.


Our spring seasons have all wrapped up, with the exception of the Girls and Boys Outdoor Track Teams. Last weekend, the Girls Outdoor Track Team won the D3 Outdoor Championships in Burlington — and on Saturday, June 4th, the team pulled off a stunning victory at the MIAA All State Outdoor Championship in Westfield. After trailing behind the meet leaders most of the day, the Milton girls rallied in the final few events and finished the meet tied for first place with Tewksbury. The victory was a true team effort with amazing performances by the Milton girls, including a 3rd place finish in the 400M by freshman Elise O’Leary, a 4th place finish in the mile by sophomore Bridget Mitchell and a 4th place finish in the Pentathlon by Jessy Iwuala. However the big moments in the meet came down to the last two events, the 4x100m and 4x400m relays. The 4x100m relay of Abigail Jean-Baptiste, Atheana Pierre, Paola Charles and Jaliegha Williams pulled out a huge 2nd place performance that provided a much needed 8pts for the team. Then the 4x400m relay of Alexis Belash, Josie Cousineau, Colette O’Leary and Elise O’Leary won the 4x400m with a state-best time of 3:54, sealing the tied victory. Congrats to these girls, as well as Coaches Tom Shaw, Dion Crichlow and George Daly.

On the Boys side, freshman Smith Charles placed first in the 100M dash, and the 4x100M relay placed third in the state. The team overall finished sixth in the state.

* * *

Also, the Pierce Track and Field team completed their season with a successful performance at the South Shore Middle School League Championships. Nosa Iyamu finished first in the high jump, John Barros finished first in the 100M and Luke Botsford finished third in the 100M hurdles. The boys’ team finished third overall. The girls’ relay teams came in second in the 4X100, 4X400 and the 4X800. Crystal Dai was fourth in the long jump and Ava Duggan was second in the high jump. The girls’ team finished 5th overall. Congratulations to these Pierce athletes for another great season!

As part of our E-blast, we highlight students, teachers and members of the community whose hard work deserves recognition.  Please read about some of their outstanding accomplishments below:


Staff: It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Dawn Sykes as the Director of Milton Public Schools Fine Arts. Included in this department is K-12 Music, K-12 Visual Arts and 9-12 Family & Consumer Studies. Ms. Sykes has served since 2004 as the Choral Director at Pierce Middle School. She recently completed the Principal and Supervisor Licensure Program at Curry College. Ms. Sykes earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta; and her Masters of Arts from San Diego State University. Prior to joining the MPS, Ms. Sykes taught music and was a chorus director at all different grade levels in California.

I have every confidence that Dawn Sykes will continue the tradition of excellence created by Dr. Noreen Diamond Burdett over the past three decades. I am sure that you will join me in congratulating and thanking Dr. Noreen Diamond Burdett for her years of service and in welcoming Ms. Sykes to this important leadership position within the Milton Public Schools.

Students: Congratulations to each and every member of the Graduating Class of 2016. We are very proud of all you have accomplished!

Volunteer: I would like to thank and recognize the tireless volunteers who have organized this year’s All Night Party for our seniors. This annual tradition in Milton is not only a wonderful opportunity for our seniors to spend time together before the summer begins, it is also an excellent way to keep our students safe. The party takes a great deal of planning and volunteer hours and was organized this year by Annellen Lydon and Trisha Sullivan. Thank you to both of these women and all of this year’s volunteers for their hard work.

The Milton Public School system is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the provision of quality educational programs for all students.  The Milton Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, age or sexual orientation.


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